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Sonic X
Publication Details


Date Published 

February 2007

Production Staff
  • Ian Flynn

Archie Comics

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Archie Sonic X Issue 16 was the sixteenth issue of the spin-off Sonic X comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

Love is in the air, not to mention other factors that could give Amy a big chance to finally win Sonic's heart. What is the evil threat that could force Sonic to go on a date with lovesick Amy? Could the evil Eggman be behind this scene? And will Knuckles and Tails ever stop laughing at Sonic's misfortune? It's romantic comedy as only Sonic can deliver it with plenty of action and intrigue to rub shoulders with!

Story One[]

"Valentine's Fray"

Amy Rose cheerfully announces to everybody in the Thorndyke Mansion that Sonic is going to take her on a date for Valentines' Day. Sonic explains that he's decided to be nice and give in for once, then grudgingly admits that he lost a bet to Knuckles, thus forcing him to date Amy.

However, Sonic has no real clue how to treat a lady on a date, so he goes to the Chaotix for some suggestions. As Sonic makes a list, they are secretly watched by Bokkun, who reports the news to Dr. Eggman. Eggman gleefully admits that he's waited a long time to see Sonic and Amy together so he can ruin their happiness, and begins to establish "Operation Heartbreak".

The date begins with Sonic taking Amy on a stroll through Station Square, which Vector has suggested, and Sonic turns it into a wild run through the city. Up above them, Eggman and Bokkun begin to fire missiles and bombs at the young couple, but their munitions keep hitting each other instead of the hedgehogs, giving them an impromptu fireworks show.

Next on the date is dinner, and Espio has suggested a Japanese restaurant. Decoe and Bocoe, disguised as chefs, plan to distract Sonic and Amy with a knife-juggling show while a jar of oil is "accidentally" dropped on their hibachi, flash-frying them. When the robots practice, though, the oil gets dropped prematurely and the hibachi roasts them, just as Sonic and Amy arrive.

After dinner, Amy admits to Sonic that, so far, this date hasn't been to impressive for her. Sonic is then left with Charmy's suggestion: a visit to Twinkle Park. This literally dazzles Amy as she drags Sonic through the park's attractions. In the haunted house, Eggman and his robots try to ambush the couple in the Hall of Mirrors, but Eggman's laser only bounces off the mirrors and strikes Bokkun's bomb-bag, blowing everything up while the hedgehogs continue on their merry way.

Just before the park's closing time, Amy talks Sonic into riding the city's fastest roller-coaster (which Sonic naturally doubts), while Eggman and his robots grab the rear cars and climb to the front. A loop sends Decoe and Bocoe falling off, and Eggman is petrified in fear from the speed. As Bokkun loads the cars with bombs, the ride ends and the hedgehogs get off, leaving Eggman stuck in his seat as the explosions rocket him into the sky.

Unaware of all of Eggman's antics, Amy admits that she had a great time and goes with Mr. Tanaka back to Thorndyke Mansion. Sonic, though, makes a run to the shore, where he thanks a bruised and angry Eggman for making a "boring" date enjoyable for him.


Key Events[]

Background Information[]

  • The Chaotix return in this issue, after mysteriously disappearing back to Sonic's world in Sonic X #10. When and how they returned to Station Square would eventually be explained in Sonic X #33.
  • When Sonic takes Amy to Twinkle Park, it resembles the level Twinkle Park in both Sonic and Amy's stories in Sonic Adventure. Amy is shown with a big balloon used as her "goal" at the end of the level and on entering Twinkle Park, Amy quotes that "Cute couples get in free" as said before the level.
  • Knuckles appears on the cover, even though he's only mentioned in the actual story.