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Sonic X
Publication Details


Date Published 

November 2006

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Pat "Spaz" Spaziante
  • Joe Edkin
  • David Hutchinson
  • Jim Amash
  • Joe Edkin
  • Josh Ray
  • Mike Pellerito
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater

Archie Comics

Special Thanks

Special thanks to SEGA, Robert Leffler and Dyna Lopez at SEGA Licensing and SEGA Studio USA

First Appearances

King Boom Boo

Only Appearance

Archie Sonic X Issue 14 was the fourteenth issue of the spin-off Sonic X comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

Last issue found Sonic and Tails falsely blamed for a robot attack and thrown in the clink with that rotten Eggman and his cronies! Now, Sonic's friends are left to the mercy of someone who has no mercy, namely the ghastly ghost King Boom Boo and his poltergeist pals. With Sonic and Tails incarcerated and Knuckles nowhere to be found who will save Chris, Cream and Cheese from this awful apparition? Features Creepily-cool manga art from fan favorite David Hutchison (Antarctic Press's "Wizard of Oz")!

Story One[]

"Hare-um Scare-um!" Part Two

Chris Thorndyke, Cream and Cheese are confronted by Lindsay Thorndyke and Vanilla who have been possessed by ghosts. Chris, Cream and Cheese try to escape from their summer mansion, but are surrounded by hundreds of possessed people. They escape into the attic of the mansion, and hide in a cupboard, but are soon surrounded by Lindsay and Vanilla. A mysterious voice calls them away and Chris, Cream and Cheese are safe. Chris calls Chuck to get Sonic there, but Sonic and Tails were arrested for attacking the city.

Meanwhile in jail, Sonic and Tails are working with Dr. Eggman, Decoe and Bocoe to fix appliances and electronics.

Cream thinks that the stone hourglass that they used on the ghosts last time could work against the ghosts. Chris, Cream and Cheese sneak down to stop the ghosts, but a ghost possesses Cheese, who turns evil against them. Cream finds the hourglass and uses it to stop the ghosts from possessing Chris. All of the ghosts have gathered on the tennis courts to summon the king of the ghosts, King Boom Boo. Cream approaches the ghost and asks why he is doing this. King Boom Boo's sleep has been disturbed and if his ghosts have possessed enough people, he can cross over into life. Chris realises that the ghosts' sleep has been disturbed by the pounding of the tennis courts. Chris and Cream promise to remove the noise if the ghost goes away, but King Boom Boo wants the hourglass to return to its resting place by dawn.

Luckily, Sonic and Tails are released from jail and Sonic puts the hourglass back to its resting place. All of the people have been returned to normal and Lindsay changes her tennis court to a garden to give the ghosts a resting place. Vanilla says to Cream that she never wants Cream to move away from her friends in Station Square and would never want to move away from the action and her friends.


  • Cream: If we're lucky, it will lead to another world.
Chris: That only happens in books or movies.
Cream: That's what I used to think until Cheese and I wound up on your world.
Chris: Hmmm... Good point.
  • King Boom Boo: "Nightfall is nearly upon us! It is time to serve your master... Come to me!"
  • Chris: I thought you were scared.
Cream: I am, but we'll never stop the ghosts hiding in the bushes!
  • Eggman: "Actually, I'm finding it quite relaxing. I should have been locked up years ago!"
  • Cream: "Excuse me, Mr. Ghost. I have a question!"
  • Vanilla: "No, dear. I would not want to move away from our very good friends who would risk their lives to save us. We all need each other!"

Key Events[]

  • Sonic and Tails are released from prison.
  • Chris and Cream save the population of the island (including their mothers) from King Boom Boo and his minions.

Background Information[]

  • King Boom Boo and his ghost minions originate from the game Sonic Adventure 2. The ghosts appear as enemies in the Pyramid Base levels and most of Knuckles's stages, while King Boom Boo appears as a boss fight exclusively for Knuckles.
  • The ghosts also appeared in the Sonic X anime itself, in episode 19 "Sonic's Scream Test".
  • The stone hourglass was also an important plot element in the aformentioned episode, where the ghosts could be stopped from returning to the realm of the living if the hourlgass is placed on its pedistal with the sun symbol facing up, while the opposit happens if the moon symbol is facing up. At the end of the episode, Chris had incorrectly placed the hourglass with the moon side up, which is most likely what led to the ghosts return in this story. Sonic once again returned the hourglass at the end of this story, this time making sure to place it "sunny-side up".
  • In prison, Eggman and his robots are seen repairing electronic devices as part of their sentence. This is a foreshadowing of what would happen in episode 43 of the anime, "Mean Machines".
  • In the cell with Sonic and Tails, Eggman is shown reading his grandfather's diary, foreshadowing of what happened in the Shadow arc of the anime.
  • As Chris suggests to hide in a wardrobe, Cream says "if we're lucky, it will lead to another world". This is a reference to Chronicles of Narnia, and Chris also answers back that it only happens in books and movies, refering to the media around Chronciles of Narnia.