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Sonic X
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Date Published 

September 21, 2005

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Mike Pellerito
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic X Issue 1 was the first issue of the spin-off Sonic X comic series. It was originally published on September 21, 2005.



"Savings and Groan"

Not long ago, a battle between Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr. Eggman accidentally sent them, along with Sonic's friends and the Chaos Emeralds, to an alternate planet Earth. In the present, Sonic and Sam Speed race in the desert outside of Station Square. Tails, Amy, Cream, Cheese, Chris and Chuck Thorndyke stand among the crowd of spectators.

The race looks close and Amy demands that Tails should throw Sonic a ring; Cream objects, reminding Amy that Sonic would not want to cheat. Meanwhile, Sonic thinks about how he'd like a ring to help him out but convinces himself that Amy would be disappointed in him for cheating. Sonic just barely manages to cross the finish line before Sam, earning excited cheers from the crowd. Sonic's friends congratulate him on his victory while the Speed Team tries to cheer Sam up. Sam brushes their compliments aside and decides to go back to his garage to build an even faster car to race Sonic with.

Meanwhile, at Eggman's Fortress, Dr. Eggman complains to Decoe and Bocoe that the people of Station Square won't give him the parts to build his robots for free. The hench-bots ask their master what he plans to do next; Eggman explains that he's learned that Station Square's residents use "money" to barter for goods and orders Decoe and Bocoe to rob an ATM machine outside the Twelfth National Bank of Station Square. They futilely try to understand the machine but eventually try to just break it open. Officer Albright, standing guard nearby, threatens to arrest them.

Later that day, Sonic and his friends return with Chris to the Thorndyke Estate. The butler and cook, Mr. Tanaka and Ella, urge them to rush inside. There, Chris finds that his father and mother have returned home. Meanwhile, Eggman explains to his lackeys that he has discovered that banks hold money within their vaults. The mad doctor selects his new creation, Ben-728 Packratbot, to rob the bank.

The next morning, the Thorndyke family plans to head to the beach after a quick stop by the local bank. Everybody decides to go except Sonic, who thinks their plans sound boring. Later, while Eggman and Packratbot raid the bank, Sonic heads to Angel Island and asks Knuckles the Echidna to go for a run with him. Knuckles refuses, saying that he won't abandon his duty to protect the Master Emerald unless he is given a good reason to do so.

Back at the bank, Mr. Tanaka tries to fight but is easily slapped aside by Ratpackbot. Amy decides that she has to stop Eggman since Sonic isn't around and attacks the robot, causing it to launch its missiles at Eggman. Furious, Eggman changes his focus from stealing money to attacking Amy and the others. Sonic runs back to Station Square, hears about the robbery from a police car, and makes his way to the bank just in time to save Amy and Tails from Eggman's robot.

Sonic runs in circles around Patrackbot, but is slapped aside by its tail. Tails tries to throw Sonic some rings, but is attacked and drops them. Sonic manages to grab one of the dropped rings and destroys Ratpackbot, freeing the rat that was forced to pilot the machine. Meanwhile, Eggman gathers all the other rings lying around and makes his escape. The Speed Team arrives soon after. Frustrated about missing the action, Sam silently vows to one day reclaim his position as Station Square's hero.

A few days later, Sonic is visited the President, Topaz and Rouge the Bat. The President thanks Sonic for foiling Eggman's diabolical plan and asks him to take on an important mission for him. Meanwhile, at Eggman's fortress, Decoe and Bocoe ask what exactly they were ordered to hide in a sunken ship. Eggman explains that it's part of his plan to finally defeat Sonic and that the rings he stole will play a key role.


  • Tails: "Go, Sonic, go! This is no time for relaxation!"

  • Amy: "Why don't you throw Sonic a ring, Tails?"
  • Cream: "That would be cheating, Amy. Sonic wouldn't want to cheat.
  • Sonic: Boy, I sure wish I had a ring right now...but Amy would be upset with me if I cheated.

  • Bank Employee: "Comic book writer? I can't give you a loan unless you have a real job."

Key Events[]

  • Sonic takes part in a race against Sam Speed.
  • Sonic and his friends defeat a giant mouse robot.
  • Eggman steals some of Sonic's rings.

Background Information[]

Cameos & References[]

  • At the beginning of the race, Tails shouts at Sonic that "This is no time for relaxation!" This is a reference to the English theme song of the Sonic X TV series.
  • When Tails drops the rings everywhere, they all appear to be balancing upright when on the ground. This could be seen as a nod to the games, where when Sonic drops his rings they all remain positioned upright as they bounce away rather than simply dropping on their sides.


  • Eggman's Fortress, a location from the Sonic X anime, was introduced in this issue by mistake. The fortress was destroyed after the thirteenth episode of the animated series, but the Archie Sonic X comic series takes place at a later point in the anime's continuity. This error was addressed Sonic X #6, where Decoe and Bocoe discuss having rebuilt the base after the destruction of the original.

Continuity with Anime[]

This section deals with content from outside of Archie's Sonic comic publications
  • These first four issues have no specific placement in relation to the episodes of the anime. They are at least known to be set at some point before "Defective Detectives" (EP39), and no earlier than "Depths of Danger" (EP16), as Chris refers to the episode in issue 2.