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The subject of this article appeared after the Super Genesis Wave.
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Sonic Universe
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Archie Comics

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This article is about an unpublished issue.

Archie Sonic Universe Issue 97 would have been the ninety-seventh issue in the Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.


"Freedom Fighters" Part Three: Amy Rose and Cream join Sally Acorn as they seek the components needed to repair Nicole’s systems, but during their quest an old adversary reemerges! Featuring cover art by Jamal Peppers and a "Sonic and the Freedom Fighters variant" by Tyson Hesse!

Background Information[]

Titan Metal Sonic makes his Post-Super Genesis Wave debut in this issue.

Cameos and References[]

  • The main cover art resembles the boxart of Sonic Jam, more specifically the North American variant.
  • The "Sonic & the Freedom Fighters" logo on the variant cover is based directly on the logo for the Sonic the Hedgehog (AKA: SatAM) TV series.