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Sonic Universe
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This article is about an unreleased issue.

Archie Sonic Universe Issue 95 would have been the ninety-fifth issue in the Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics. Although never published, the full issue was completed prior to its cancellation, and would eventually be shared in its entirety by artist Matt Herms on his Patreon account.

This issue would have taken place after StH #287


It’s Sonic's Super Team, the “Freedom Fighter”: They’ve been Sonic’s closest friends in the comics for years! Now it’s their time to shine! Antoine takes the stage, traveling to his homeland to find some closure to his past. But he and Sonic find a new foe in the empty halls of Castle D’Coolette, and the beginning of a mystical new adventure! Featuring cover art by jammin’ Jamal Peppers and a “Team Blast” variant by Lamar Wells!


At Castle D'Coolette, Sonic and Antoine are brawling against a mysterious swordsman. While Antoine demands that he leave or else he'll force him to, the latter laughs, mocking him by saying that this would be threatening if it were someone else saying this, for while Sonic is a worthy opponent, he's just a "sad little man from a sad little family" and uses his unorthodox-looking sword to subdue Antoine, slamming him down to the bottom room level. After receiving this attack, Antoine reminisces about earlier and how this battle began. Earlier that day, Sonic and Antoine had arrived at the location, only to find his father's grass sculpture beheaded. While Sonic suggests that the staff might fix it, Antoine explains that his parents maintained the castle and it's surroundings themselves, and Bow and the Woodland Kingsmen had taken over duties since their passing. Inside, Antoine reminisce about the Hall of Banners, to which Sonic jokingly points out that he must know all about them. Seeing that this is his friend's attempt at cheering him up, Antoine appreciates the gesture and obliges: In ancient times, Arthur Sylvannia united the land and the noble families from across the nations, forming the Knights of the Round. Among his oldest allies were Kay Acorn and Antoine's ancestor, Bédoier D'Coolette, with the former being rewarded by his service in assisting the former in retaking his homeland and rebuilding the Kingdom of Acorn, while the latter remained behind as the king's close knight while maintaining his friendship with Kay. This in turn led to a tradition where a D'Coolette is sent to the Kingdom of Acorn, whereas the kingdom sends a noble heir to stay under a family loyal to Avalon, leaving Sonic suprised by how far back it goes.

As a shadowy figure watches them, Sonic wonders about the noble kid he's supposed to trades place with, to which Antoine explains that she's with the Kingsmen, as Eggman's takeover disrupted tradition. Sonic questions if this has something to do with what happened above, leaving Antoine shocked at seeing that the painting has been vandalized. Enraged, Antoine barges into a room decorated with Eggman Empire propaganda, realizing his home had been invaded. Behind them, the stranger brings attention to the two heroes, mocking at the speed to that Antoine has arrived, claiming that no one took so long to defend their home. Introducing himself as Inigo Cortez, servant to Lord Mordred Hood, he explains that he searched the place for the Sacred Sword Antoine's family holds, and while he hoped to interrogate the Kingsmen for it, they ran away before he arrived. Therefore, he decided to wait until Antoine returned, coldly remarking that he expected for him to build his courage to return, but not needing Sonic's help to do so, causing both Sonic and Antoine to charge at Cortez. As they fight, Antoine claims he's searching for a myth, only for his foe to mock that his parents never told him the truth while he discovered it all by himself. Overpowering Antoine, he explains that the sword he's carrying is one of the Sacred Swords and that he'll get his and find the rest so that the true ruler of Avalon takes the throne before Sonic brushes him aside in order to help Antoine get up, getting Cortez excited at the challenge, which is where Antoine's recollection ends.

As Antoine gets up, he admits to himself that he has been a coward as he shouldn't have stayed away for so long before he finds a sword in a case, with a letter from his parents. In it, they ask for forgiveness in not telling them about the sword for they did not wish to burden him with it as he was battling Eggman, but that he had earned it and their only regret was not giving it to him in life, leaving him sorrowful, yet grateful. Above, as Sonic calls out for Antoine, Cortez tells him to forget about the latter as he wants a real challenge. In response, Antoine climbs up with the sword (along with a makeshift "cape" that was wrapped around him from a banner that ripped as he fell on the bottom floor) saying he'll give both it and the sword. As they clash, Cortez taunts him that he cannot hope to harness the sword's power after dismissing it as a myth, but Antoine replies that he will since the blade think he's worthy and so does he, overwhelming and ultimately subduing Cortez. Sonic then questions what to do with him, to which Antoine says that for insulting him and his family, invaded his home and serves a villain, he's sparing Cortez. When Sonic gets confused by this, he explains he's forcing him to leave instead of finishing him off since he can tell his master how the "coward" found the sword he couldn't, unlocked it's power and defeated him by himself in a very short time. He then proceeds to order him to leave before warning him that the Sacred Swords are under his protection, an offer that Cortez takes, but points out that he has to find the swords first for that to happen as he departs.

When he's gone, Sonic questions whether they should start looking for the Sacred Swords. Antoine claims he doesn't even know where to look, pointing out that if Cortez waited this long for him to come, it probably means he knows as much about this as himself. He then concludes that the priority is the Death Egg, and once that is done, he will need to research them before truly starting his quest. Sonic then points out how Antoine's new look suits him, leaving the latter embarassed since it's in tatters and his hair is in a mess, though Sonic insists he needed a change in look, while adding that Bunnie will likely like it, leaving the coyote blushing at the thought.

As the two finish cleaning the castle, Sonic says that he can't do much about the broken wall, wondering if Bow's group can handle it if they can find them, though Antoine refuses, claiming they have already done plenty and is merely glad they escaped before Cortez' arrival. As they leave the premises, Sonic hops onto the plane's cockpit, leaving Antoine confused as he was the one who flew then in. Sonic then states that he's flying them back, claiming he can't miss the opportunity to show off his new cape and has earned it. A little hesitant, Antoine accepts it, showing his new look with pride as they go.

Background Information[]

Cortez debuts in this issue.

Cameos and References[]

  • The main cover art resembles the "Start" screen from Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II, with Antoine in place of Tails.
  • The variant cover is named after the "Team Blast" ability from Sonic Heroes.