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Sonic Universe
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January 2017

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Archie Comics

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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 94 is the ninety-fourth and final issue in the Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.


The PIRATE PLUNDERING reaches its peak in “Case of the Pirate Princess” Finale: The Chaotix Detective Agency’s deep cover in the pirates’ ranks may be too deep to escape! In the heart of a long-lost temple, Cpt. Shellbreaker stands poised to find an ancient power. Can the Chaotix finally rescue Princess Undina? Can they rescue themselves? Or will the Chaotix turning pirates be their saving grace? It all comes to a head in this frantic finale! Featuring cover art and an “Excitement Under the Sea” variant by Mr. Sonic comics, Tracy Yardley!


At the entrance of an ancient tomb on a forgotten island, Vector recalls Captain Shellbreaker forcing Princess Undina to lead the way to a weapon of destructive power. During his thoughts, Vector becomes confused as to whether he was an archaeologist, a pirate or a detective but quickly remembers the situation that he is in. Blade notes that the tomb did not look like the others that they had raided, with Opal adding that it looked more polished. This makes Shellbreaker believe that they were closer to the weapon.

The group arrives at a central room with nothing but a cracked orb in the center. Shellbreaker does not believe that it was the weapon and orders everyone to continue to search. Blade finds another writing, which Undina is ordered to read. As she does so, Vector is quietly alerted to Echo's presence. The crocodile asks Charmy, Espio and Razor if they were ready, telling them that they just had to get the Setting Dawn's keys. Charmy then takes it upon himself to retrieve the key, despite the others being against the idea. As Shellbreaker begins to point out how the tomb had already been robbed, Charmy asks for the keys to the ship to go to the bathroom. Shellbreaker does not find this a valid excuse to take the keys, but Charmy takes them anyway.

The Chaotix, Razor, Crusher and Echo are then forced to enact their attack with Espio throwing smoke bombs to separate both sides. Razor tries to take Undina but is hit by Opal's stinger. Undina then delivers a hit on Opal with her umbrella, impressing the jellyfish. Echo shoots out a barrage of attacks with her trident so that the others could begin to run outside, leaving Shellbreaker to yell at them, calling them traitorous cowards. Once outside, Undina is asked to close the tomb so that the Pirates of the Setting Dawn would be stuck inside to later be collected by the proper authorities. Though Undina does so, Mr. Bristles arrives in time an uses his claw to keep the door open. The heroes continue to run but Razor is stopped when Blade tells him that they were the only family he has. After a moment of consideration, he turns around and disagrees, properly saying goodbye to his sister.

The heroes arrive at shore to meet Echo's convertible. Despite a tied up Dive's protests, they drive away to the Setting Dawn. Echo tells them to pick up the car using the ship's winch; Vector points out that the pirate crew was following them. As the pirates try to swim to the Setting Dawn, Vector tries to start up the ship with the key but it is revealed that a password was needed. The heroes are frantic to start moving until Vector realizes that there was only one person who could have been paying attention the entire time: Undina. She the enters the password, which is "chowder" spelled backwards, and the ship begins to move. Undina then reveals that her secret was pretending that she was not worth paying attention to so that she could pull off all kinds of things right in front of said person.

With their ship lost, the pirates bitterly walk back to shore. Opal complains about how all her stuff was on the Setting Dawn and how she believed Charmy would have made a good mascot. She then asks Blade if she will be okay, to which the shark replies saying that she stupid believing things could go back to the way they were. Shellbreaker tells Mr. Bristles that the Chaotix were found to be fine pirates in the end and asks him if he will betray him too, seeing as the universe still wanted him to be betrayed again. Bristles tells him that he would never do that and despite all their setbacks, they could still walk away from this defeat like they had done before. Shellbreaker is encouraged by this, soon interrupted by Dive who asks to be untied.

The Chaotix, Razor, Crusher and Echo are seen thanking and giving respect to Undina for secretly aiding them on their journey. However, Undina refuses to go home as she did not want to be held back by her father and mother, both of whom did not want Undina going to a surface school in the first place. She believes she wants to become an official ambassador of Meropis one day and until then she would keep traveling. Though Echo tells Undina that she was sent to find her, Undina replies saying that it would put some minds at ease if her parents knew she was accompanied by a personal bodyguard. Undina then thanks Razor and the Chaotix for their help, asking for Coral to receive her best wishes, and thus they use the Amphibious Vehicle to depart from the ship.

Razor returns to the Eusebes Shrine grounds where he is warmly welcomed home by Pearly the Manta Ray and Coral. Back in Westopolis, the Chaotix are at a currency converter office to exchange their Meropan Sand Dollars. While the team think of what they may get with their money, they are told the current conversion rate was only enough to get them small bills. This shocks the Chaotix, ultimately convincing Charmy to keep his share and Espio exchanging his to buy new lightbulbs. Vector does one last narration about how the detective life was tough, being that in the end it was not about the money, but about doing the right thing: bringing justice to those who deserve it.

Key Events[]

Background Information[]

  • This was the final Archie Sonic title released overall, before the series was abruptly cancelled due to SEGA ending their partnership with Archie Comics, as well as the only Archie Sonic issue to be released in 2017.
  • Both covers, like all other Archie Comics publications at the time, feature an advertisement for the then-upcoming Riverdale TV series.

Cameos and References[]

  • The variant cover is a nod to the famous prom scene that appears in the first two Back to the Future movies. The artist, Tracey Yardley, has confessed to being a huge fan of the series.
    • Two Sonic's can be seen in different places on the cover, a nod to the series' main protagonist, Marty McFly. The Sonic playing with the band on the stage represents Marty in the first movie, who had travelled back in time to the event, while the second Sonic, hiding behind the punch bowl table, represents the Marty from the second movie, who had once again travelled back to the same place but from a later point in his timeline.

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