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Sonic Universe
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November 16, 2016

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Archie Comics

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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 92 is the ninety-second issue in the Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.


Official Solicitation[]

ENTER the DEPTHS of DANGER in “The Case of the Pirate Princess” Part Two: The Chaotix have tracked down the princess of Meropis and the pirates that kidnapped her – but now they’re prisoners as well! And Vector’s daring plan to escape… is to join them?! It’s mysteries and revelations galore as the Chaotix hit the high seas! Featuring cover art by Sonic comics veteran Tracy Yardley and a “Shinobi” variant by monster-talent T-Rex!

Story One[]

Vector once again narrates his current situation as a good detective where he and the Chaotix, alongside Echo the Dolphin, Razor the Shark and Crusher the Chao, have come face-to-face with the pirates who kidnapped Princess Undina.

The leader of the pirate crew, Captain Shellbreaker, identifies Echo and Razor but questions as to who the others were. Boldly stating that they were the Chaotix, Vector rushes to throw one of the crew members across the deck. Espio proceeds to join him in fighting the pirates while Charmy cheers them on. Echo quickly orders everyone to stand down until she spots Princess Undina, unharmed and safe. Razor suddenly holds his dagger up to Echo's throat ordering her to drop her weapon. He then begs Shellbreaker to let him rejoin the group, realizing he made a mistake and everyone in Meropis did not treat him too well anyway. He then states that when he discovered the Chaotix and Echo, he arrived to intercept and make amends. Razor then slyly says "Hopefully these three are smart enough to surrender."

Noticing that there was a change in Razor's tone, Vector quickly acts upon his words and requests Shellbreaker to let him and the Chaotix join the pirates as well, much to the shock and surprise the captain, Espio, Echo and Razor. His reason being for this was their detective work did not receive that much pay and with Undina being captured, it was not likely they would receive pay from their current case either. Espio protests, stating he would not become an "honorless thief" to which Vector replies that he will as he was still his boss and he knew exactly what he was doing. Realizing that Vector was planning something, Espio gives in and Charmy excitedly asks if he could get a cool hat.

Shellbreaker questions if Vector was truly prepared to join his crew and after realizing they were short on crew due to Abyss the Squid and many others leaving, he allows Razor and the Chaotix to join, warning that he would keep an eye on them. Shellbreaker then almost suggests a way to deal with Echo as she did not seem like she was planning on joining but Undina instead orders her to do so, making the situation easier. Undina then suggests putting a ransom on Echo and then send her home. With that, Shelbreaker orders fellow pirate Mr. Bristles to take Echo to the brig and tells Vector and Undina to follow him. He then leaves the rest of the crew to get acquainted with each other.

Vector learns that Undina truly was kidnapped as she was traveling the world. During the trip, Undina ran into some money trouble but with the help of a fashion designer Undina made earnings enabling her to travel once again. However, people started to notice her and soon found herself kidnapped by the pirates. She was told that she would be returned home after the ransom was paid but never did as Shellbreaker needed her to translate some old sea charts that could not be read by former member, Abyss. Shellbreaker then requests for Vector to step away for a moment as he and Undina needed to finish plotting their course to the island, telling him he would not let anyone have access to the ship's control board.

Espio and Charmy are introduced to Mr Bristles, Opal and Dive. They are told that their last member, Blade, is actually Razor's sister and they were found by the crew on the Knives trying to steal from them. The pirates took the siblings in and Bristles mentions that with a whole fleet of ships to the crew, they were like one big family. However, Bristles tells them that he was heartbroken after Razor left the way he did. Razor discovers from Blade that almost all of the crew went to side with Dr. Eggman, going against everything the pirates once believed in. The siblings then begin to argue about their morals on if it was correct to steal medical shipments from those who needed it and making them pay in return for it. Razor and Blade slowly stop their squabbles and the latter expresses her satisfaction for Razor returning to which Razor replyies that he now knew where his loyalties were.

Shellbreaker announces that they would arrive at their destination in the morning and tells Vector to secure Echo's car with Dive in order to make up for throwing him. Charmy joins Opal in making supper while Mr. Bristles suggests a game of cards to Razor and Blade. Shellbreaker then praises Undina for her reading of the sea charts before walking off. After Vector finishes securing the car and finds out about Dive's odd love for the sea, Espio quickly informs Undina that they were pretending to join the pirates in order to save her. Espio also tells her that Coral was worried about her, which slightly upsets the princess as Coral would believe that they were betraying her. Espio tells her that he will find a way to reach the princess and rescue Undina, though the latter mentions that she was only translating sea charts and no harm was coming from it. Espio frustratingly tells her that they had only stopped their mishaps for Undina was setting them on treasure hunts. The princess mysteriously replies that it was a coincidence and in addition to this, she would get to tour the world for free. Before anything else can be said, everyone is called for supper.

At night, after Blade warns the Chaotix not to snore, Vector and Espio quietly discuss how they would be able to get Undina to cooperate with them and rescue Echo. Espio also states that they would have to make sure that Razor was still on their side. While trying to fall asleep, Charmy asks if he could be a detective again if he got bored of being a pirate. Vector silently replies that once they get to the island they would think of something then.


Off Panel[]


Opal asks Vector if he really was an detective, to which he confirms. Opal then asks if Vector dressed in a hat or a vest, joking that it would make him an "in-vest-i-gator". Vector is annoyed by her joke and after an awkward moment of silence he tells Opal that he's a crocodile, to which Opal replies that he's a killjoy.

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