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Sonic Universe
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October 26, 2016

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Archie Comics

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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 91 is the ninety-first issue in the Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.


Official Solicitation[]

Vector, Espio and Charmy are on the job in “The Case of the Pirate Princess” Part One: The Chaotix are back! Our favorite detectives are hired to find a missing princess from the bottom of the ocean! There will be pirates! There will be ninja! (At least one, anyway.) There will be a car that drives underwater! Don’t miss the beginning of a new, wacky adventure! Featuring cover art by Sonic comics veteran Tracy Yardley and a “Super Sleuths” variant by super-talent Jason Piperberg!

Story One[]

Vector the Crocodile is seen dreaming about his good life as a detective, as well as how it has shaped him up over the years, but is suddenly interrupted by a visit from Echo the Dolphin. After introductions are made, she explains that she was looking for Princess Undina, fearing that she may have been kidnapped as the princess stopped checking in with both her father and mother. They later received a note demanding money for her return but no one came to collect the ransom when it was delivered.

Vector believes that the culprit may have been a "wannabe opportunist" and decides to go ask around at the last place Undina was seen, Spagonia University. However, Echo reveals that she had already been there and was told by the professor there that she may have gone to Empire City. Vector then suggests looking there but Echo reveals she had already visited the city and found a clue leading to a businesswoman who apparently knew Undina well. Vector then suggests contacting the businesswoman but asks Echo if she had already done that, to which she confirms. The businesswoman told Echo that Undina decided to tour the world on her own. Echo would then look into reported sightings and was informed by an anonymous tip that the princess was last seen in Westopolis and the ransom was sent by pirates.

Vector gets slightly worried to hear this and decides to head to the docks, only for Echo to reveal that she had already been there. Growing impatient and exasperated, Vector asks the lieutenant why she needed the Chaotix's help, to which she replies that she did not know the city and that the dock workers knew something but did not want to say. Echo also reveals that she had found their "advertisement", though Vector was surprised to see it for himself. Echo then tells the crocodile that the king and queen would be very generous with payment if they assisted. This excites Vector just as Espio and Charmy walk in. Charmy is delighted to see that someone found his advertisement and asks if Echo was a new client. Vector confirms this and says that their first order is to check out the docks once more but with leverage this time. Vector then orders Charmy to check the couch cushions for spare change so that they could hire a cab but Echo reveals that she already has a vehicle.

At the docks, the Chaotix and Echo meet the dock workers who refused to say anything about the princess' predicament. Vector shows the worker named Daryl a printout of changed timestamps for a missing cargo they failed to transport. Paranoid, Daryl reveals that they had taken a dangerous shortcut near an island called the "Knives" and out of the blue they were robbed by pirates, accompanied by Echo. As losing cargo to pirates did not bode well with their business or their insurance, Daryl had a friend make some alterations to their records. Surprised, though satisfied, the Chaotix and Echo left with their new information and Vector generously gave Daryl the printout but reveals that he made copies, much to the latter's horror.

Echo congratulates Vector on his discovery, though Espio warns the crocodile not to get full of himself as they did not even need to interrogate anyone. The Chaotix find out that Echo's car could also drive underwater and since they could not afford a boat, they decide to use it. On the journey to the Knives, Echo tells a story of why she is not eager to go back to Spagonia. Charmy then asks if the windows will break, to which he is answered with a no and Espio states that they would not drown but be crushed by the change in pressure before so. Echo quickly explains that the car has a pressurization field and she had Air Charms in the glove box. After Charmy taunts Espio, Echo expresses her worry for Undina's safety and reveals that she was not chosen as the priestess to the surprise of everyone in Meropis and even with her sheltered upbringing, the dolphin believed she may be very scared.

Vector tells her not to worry as Undina sounded quite resourceful and Charmy reminds her that Daryl had stated that she looked okay. Echo then questions why the pirates would make an offer and then suddenly go back on it, to which Vector replies that the princess may have become a pirate herself. Echo does not believe this and Espio informs them that they were approaching the Knives while hoping not to get wrecked. Echo argues that the car was perfectly safe as Vector tells her to look out. They crash and the car starts to collect water. The Air Charms are then quickly handed out and the four quickly rush out of the car. Vector is then attacked by Crusher the Chao and Razor the Shark. Echo takes hold of him and asks him what he was doing there. Razor then reveals that he was sent by Coral to find Undina and then mocks Echo for having to hire help, which makes Echo bicker with him.

After Espio ceases this fight from continuing, Razor explains that Coral was upset over Undina's disappearance as she was a dear friend and she found out from the queen that no one had shown up to collect the ransom. Coral then stated that if she did not have her duties at the shrine, she would go and look for the princess herself. However, Razor saw how worried she was and decided to take the task upon himself. Vector then asks how Razor knew that he had to come to the Knives. Razor hesitates upon answer and Echo quickly asks how he knew that pirates were involved. Razor weakly answers with "lucky guess" but Echo does not buy it, asking if he just happened to come across the base or if he already knew about it. Echo finally asks if her captain was right about him but Espio warns everyone that something was approaching them with a very bright light.

It is revealed to be a submarine, which causes Echo, Razor, Crusher and the Chaotix to fall back to the car. Unfortunately they do not drive away in time and they are caught by a larger metal cage. They are brought on deck and are met by a pirate crew and Princess Undina herself.

Off Panel[]


Espio finds Charmy making an official Chaotix feed on social media. However, Espio finds it filled with pointless memes, to which Charmy replies that they were "meme-ingful". Espio considers revoking the bee's computer privileges and Charmy asks him how he could be so "meme". With this, Espio removes the computer's cable.

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