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Sonic Universe
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September 28, 2016

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Archie Comics

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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 90 is the ninetieth issue of the Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.


Official Solicitation[]

The fate of Angel Island is revealed in”Shattered” Part Four: Time is running out for Knuckles and Amy! The vile wizard Walter Naugus has made his big move, which means certain doom for our heroes! And as the Shattered World Crisis comes to an end, Angel Island begins to fall! Can Red and Rose snatch victory at the last second? Featuring cover artwork by the legendary Tracy Yardley and an “and Knuckles” variant by the exceptional Evan Stanley!

Story One[]

Walter Naugus laughs gleefully over the totally crystallized Knuckles, Amy and Team Dark. Wanting to gloat about his victory, Walter once again uses the power of the Master Emerald, this time to contact his sister, Wendy, who, much to Walter's shock, horror, and overall disgust, reveals that she has joined the Eggman Empire. Walter, determined not to let this betrayal set him back, ends the transmission and leaves, taking both the Master Emerald and Amy with him.

Just as he does so, Knuckles, still trapped, begins reminiscing on his and Amy's trip to Westside Island, during which Knuckles pessimistically doubts his worthiness and guardian of the Master Emerald (and Angel Island). Amy gives Knuckles a pep talk, reminding him of his unyielding commitment to his job, which is enough to lift the echidna's spirits.

Back in the present, this same pep talk proves enough for Knuckles to muster the strength to break free from confinement. After noting the absence of Walter, the Master Emerald, and Amy, he breaks out Omega, Shadow, and Rouge, the former of which opts to make them a shortcut three hundred feet underground, to where Knuckles has sensed the location of the Master Emerald.

Down below, the evil wizard is essentially considering turning all five of his opposers into a vanguard for his ambitions, up until he notices a hole in the ceiling being blown into being. He tries shielding the Master Emerald from its seekers until Shadow engages him and flatly declares that he has already lost.

After scolding Omega for having nearly obliterated both the Master Emerald and Amy, Knuckles breaks the latter out. She effectively deflects and an energy blast fired by Walter, which, as noted by Rouge, seems to have 'upgraded' her hammer. Amy uses this as an opportunity to attack Walter as payback for kidnapping her before the wizard, out of pure desperation, disguises himself as Sonic in a last ditch effort to stop his enemies, by which Amy is clearly unimpressed. Claiming that Walter does not deserve to be hurt by her, she simply decided to let Knuckles and Shadow beat the imposter up instead.

Omega is confused as to why Walter has not yet immobilized them again, just as he had done earlier. Rouge claims that, despite what innate abilities he may have left, he is no match for the others without the help of the Master Emerald.

Rouge calls Knuckles and Amy over to take away the Master Emerald, while she, Shadow, and Omega take care of Walter. The pair complies, using a nearby Teleporter to transport themselves to the Sky Sanctuary Zone.

After much traversing, and after much battling with the vile Walter Naugus, Amy and Knuckles, at last, return the Master Emerald to its rightful location, raising Angel Island back up to where it belongs, moments before the shattered world below could fully reassemble itself. A worn-out Relic, joined by Fixit, then arrives and Knuckles introduces her to Amy, and vice versa. Amy contacts Rouge via her MilesElectric, notifying her that Angel Island is safe. Rouge in turn lets Amy know that Walter is officially down for the count, and Amy asks for a ride back, preferably without any Teleporters.

Now settled down, Knuckles thanks Amy for all her assistance, and after claiming that even she had her moments of doubt, she embraces him, after which Relic welcomes Knuckles back.

Sometime later, down in Castle Acorn, Amy is enjoying some tea with Sally, King Acorn, Cream, Cheese, and Sonic. Amy lets the king know that Walter is imprisoned, although she and Cream appear downhearted over the fact that they could not bid Chip farewell. Sonic assures them that, as long as Chip is the Light Gaia spirit of the world, he will always remain by Sonic and his friends' side in spirit.

Sally informs Amy that the caverns will remain under constant watch by the royal guard until they are properly surveyed. King Acorn reveals that Rouge had chosen to keep one of the giant, Master Emerald-looking gems to herself as a souvenir, and also that Knuckles had declined his offer to supply him with guards to aid him with his guardian duties. Sonic assumed that Knuckles would refuse backup, calling him stubborn and hard headed like a rock. Sally notes that Sonic makes too much fun of Knuckles, to which Sonic cheekily replies, "No, I tease," and, with Amy, "There's a difference," followed by the group sharing a good laugh.

Back on Angel Island, it is revealed that Knuckles had also taken at least one of the gems from the mines to supposedly confuse any would-be thieves, opting not to let anyone know the location of the real Master Emerald. After Relic and Fixit depart for the night, Knuckles, glad to have the real, true Master Emerald right next to him, reflects on the final state of Angel Island, and mentally vows to keep all of it safe for as long as he can.

Off Panel[]

Knuckles, Amy, and Relic are at the Shrine Isle to return the Master Emerald to where it belongs. To Knuckles and Relic's horror, Amy trips and drops the Master Emerald, shattering it again. However, Amy reveals that it was only a gem from the mine and the real Master Emerald is safe and sound. However, Amy soon realizes that Knuckles is frothing at the mouth and Relic has fainted.

Key Events[]

  • Knuckles and Amy get the Master Emerald back to Angel Island right as the world repairs itself.
  • Naugus is taken into custody by G.U.N.
  • Knuckles is revealed to have also taken a gem from the mines to use as a Master Emerald decoy.


  • Walter Naugus: Hhhahahaha! So much power! And it's mine! ALL MINE!

  • Knuckles: ...he's gone... and so is the Master Emerald... and Amy...

  • Omega: I will create a shortcut.

  • Knuckles: You almost blasted Amy and the Master Emerald, you hunk of junk!
  • Omega: You do not specify an angle for the shot.
  • Knuckles: There's no way I could've known that!

  • Walter Naugus: Metal Golem! Serve me again!
  • Amy: NOPE!

  • Walter Naugus: Ahh! NO! You... You...!
  • Walter Naugus, after changed to Sonic: Y-you wouldn't hit your true love, would you?
  • Amy: Oh, that is low. And insulting! You think I won't clobber you just because you look like Sonic? You don't deserve to get hit by me. Besides, I know others who wouldn't even hesitate! Fellas?

  • Omega: Logic Error. Enemy target previously immobilized us all with one shot. Why is he not doing so now?
  • Rouge: We're keeping him away from the Master Emerald. He's got some power on his own, but we've taken away his trump card. With that in mind... Knuckles! Tag out!
  • Knuckles: I'm in the middle of something!

  • Amy: Where are we?
  • Knuckles: This is...This is the Sky Sanctuary!

  • Relic: I'm glad you had such a productive holiday. Welcome home.
  • Knuckles: Thanks, Relic. It's good to be back up here--where I belong.

Background Information[]

  • Although the Shattered World Crisis ends in both this issue and Sonic #287, the last four pages of this issue take place afterward; therefore, this issue is the one marking the end of the comics' Sonic Unleashed adaptation.
    • By extension, this issue also concludes the last remaining after-effects from the Sonic/Mega Man Worlds Collide crossover (except the reboot prompted by Archie Comics' legal problems).

Cameos & References[]

  • The variant cover depicts the mini boss battle against Knuckles in Sonic and/or Tails' story of Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
  • Amy's hammer is given an upgrade thanks to being hit by a blast of Naugus' crystallization blast, and in the most recent game in the Sonic Boom sub-series, Amy can upgrade her hammer.

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