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Sonic Universe
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Date Published 

August 31, 2016

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist

Ian Flynn


Adam Bryce Thomas


Jack Morelli

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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 89 is the eighty-ninth issue of the Archie Sonic Universe comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

Knuckles is about to crack in “Shattered” Part Three: Time is running out for Amy, Knuckles and all of Angel Island! As our heroes fight for their lives, the evil wizard Walter Naugus inches closer to completing the Master Emerald and regaining his full power! Can the gang pull through to stop the wacky warlock? Featuring cover art by Sonic comics veteran, Tracy Yardley and an “& Knuckles” variant by jamming Ryan Jampole!

Story One[]

Knuckles, Amy, Shadow and Rouge are seen battling Crystal Omega in the Hidden Palace Zone, which annoys Knuckles as he did not want to deal with him but Walter Naugus instead. Shadow throws a Chaos Spear at Omega, stunning the robot. Amy's MilesElectric then starts to ring as Sally Acorn tries to reach them. This slightly frustrates Amy as she did not think it was the best time to talk to her.

Omega suddenly gets up again and punches Shadow, surprising the ultimate lifeform as he believed the effects would last longer. While Knuckles and Rouge once again join the fray, Amy gets a status update concerning the shattered world. The message is cut short and Amy informs Knuckles and Rouge of the new info, increasing the pressure for the fate of Angel Island.

Naugus hears the fighting from inside the chamber and wishes that he kept Knuckles longer so that the process of assembling the Master Emerald would be a bit faster. He then has second thoughts on this, fearing the echidna would have triumphed in retrieving the Master Emerald. Naugus was definitely sick of suffering set-back after set-back.

Naugus recalls the time that Dr. Eggman first tested his Genesis Wave technology, which resulted in the split of the world into pocket dimensions. Sonic had intervened and returned the world to normal. However, the wave had depleted Naugus of his powers. He tried to gain them back through the use of the emeralds in the Hidden Palace Zone but to no avail. Eventually, Naugus gave up and went to ask for Eggman's help. While under the mad scientist's radar, the troll wizard stole technology from him and had his sister, Wendy Naugus, teach him how to use it. Naugus then assumes the role of King Nigel Acorn using the tech and locks the actual king away. Sally grew suspicious of the king's odd behavior, to which she sent Nicole to Mobotropolis and eventually found out that it was Naugus all along. She was then forced by the evil wizard to make a special Power Ring in hopes that he'll regains his powers again. This had almost worked until Eggman sent Tails Doll to attack Mobotropolis and when he got memories of an alternate reality.

Naugus then succeeds in assembling the Master Emerald and commences the return of his power. Knuckles falls to his knees in despair as he senses that Naugus has succeeded. However Amy encourages Knuckles to keep going on as Naugus has done half of the work for him, the other half being setting it back in its rightful position. Rouge suggests that Shadow goes all-out on Crystal Omega but Shadow feared of a cave-in, however, he didn't mind doing it if it meant stopping Naugus.

Knuckles spots a small crack in Omega's crystalline armor and all four proceed to smash it until Omega is free of Naugus' command. Omega then proceeds to destroy Naugus' crystalline barricade and all rush in to attack him before he could tap into the Master Emerald's full power. However, they are immediately crystallized by Naugus, who seems to have finally gotten his full powers back.



Shadow scolds Knuckles for allowing Naugus to fool him so easily. Knuckles retaliates by saying that Shadow did not know what it felt like being the last of his kind and not being too sure where he came from but eventually meet someone who may have ties to his past. Knuckles then remembers that Shadow had gone through the same thing and suggests that they may both be idiots.

Key Events[]

  • Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, and Rouge battle Crystal Omega, and manage to revert him back to normal.
  • Naugus finally reassembles the Master Emerald.
  • The heroes confront Naugus, but are Crystallized.


  • Walter Naugus: O ancient controller! You that unifies the chaos! Repair my broken essence! Return my magical power!
  • Omega: ... You have rescued me. I am obliged to feel grateful.
  • Knuckles: ... You're welcome?
  • Amy Rose: Any time. You'd do the same for us, right?
  • Omega: Negative.

Background Information[]

  • This issue finally reveals the events that led up to Naugus' occupation of Castle Acorn at the beginning of Sonic the Hedgehog #252.
  • This issue also reveals that, in the Post-Super Genesis Wave Timeline, the first Genesis Wave kicked off the events of the game Sonic Advance 3.

Cameos and References[]

  • The name of the variant cover is a reference to the Genesis game Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles: an extended version of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 that could only be accessed by attaching the cartrigde to a copy of Sonic & Knuckles using the latter's famous "lock-on" feature. The "& Knuckles" part of the title has become a meme among Sonic fans.
  • The variant cover contains numerous references:
    • The claw machine that Knuckles is using is the one from the game Knuckles Chaotix, which the player character uses to select their parter during the game. Additionally, the sidebar on the cover is styled after the border used on the American boxart of SEGA 32X games, the console Knuckles Chaotix was released on.
    • The order in which Team Chaotix are hanging off of eachother mimics their flight formation from the game Sonic Heroes.
    • Espio's exclamation of "Why am I connected to the bee?!" is a reference to the internet animation "Awesome Chaotix" (WARNING: contains strong language).
  • The flashback panel of Eggman pushing the button to initiate the Genesis Wave is a recreation of a shot from Sonic Advance 3's opening movie.
  • On the main cover, Shadow seems to be doing a nearly identical pose to his appearance on the cover of Sonic Universe #3, but his position is mirrored.

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