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Sonic Universe
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May 25, 2016

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Archie Comics

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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 85 is the eighty fifth issue in the Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.


Official Solicitation[]

Dr. EGGMAN gets CRACKING in "Eggman's Dozen" Part Three: Dr. Eggman has assembled his evil Egg Bosses to take back his Egg Refinery from the Naugus Twins! The plan seems straight forward enough, but what happens when the Eggman's minions can't work together? Can the mad doctor scramble to survive or will his shaky alliances leave him fried? Featuring egg-tastic cover art by dynamite Diana Skelly and a wonderfully "Wicked" variant cover by artist supreme Dan Schoening!

Story One[]

Eggman's Dozen: Part Three
(this story occurs between Sonic the Hedgehog #279 and #280)
The issue begins right where the previous issue left off, with Eggman screaming in terror as he in his drill plummets toward a stretch of lava. Suddenly, chain is cast from unknown source, and hooks on to the back of the drill. Eggman is confused, as the drill is being drawn upwards. Once it reaches the top of the pit, it is revealed that Axel is the one pulling on the chain, as he had set his Egg Monster on autopilot to distract the Dark Gaia Titan. He assures Eggman that he's got him, which Eggman acknowledges, surprised that the Buffalo saved him. However, the Titan finally destroys the Egg Monster, with Axel mentioning the autopilot lasted longer than he expected. Eggman tells Axel to hop on the drill, which he quickly does. As the drill drives away, Axel uses his chain to trip the titan. Seizing the opportunity, Eggman charges his drill straight through the titan, effectively destroying it. Axel questions Eggman, as he said there wouldn't be any Dark Gaia Creatures to deal with. Eggman explains that the Naugus twins have access to all the Dark Gaia energy in the refinery, allowing them to conjure the beasts. He then asks why Axel saved him, as he knows most of his Egg Bosses hate him. Axel explains that both before and after joining the Egg Army, he and his crew looked out for each other whether they liked the other members or not, stating: you take care of the crew, and crew takes care of you., and that failing him is also failing the entire Eggman Empire. Eggman notes these words as something to ponder later, and continues driving, asking the teams to report. None of the first four teams report, as they are each facing an immediate problem. On team one Akhlut the Orca and Tundra the Walrus are fighting each other, on team two Thunderbolt piloting her mech suit is trying to stop two wall panels from crushing her, while Clove the Pronghorn readies her scythe, on team three Nephthys the Vulture and Maw the Thylacine are fighting several crystallized Egg Fighters, and on team four Lord Mordred Hood is seen hiding from an energized Falke Wulf while Conquering Storm tries to dodge the Witchcarters' attacks. Annoyed that none of his teams have reported, Eggman angrily asks for team five's report. A panicked Abyss the Squid responds from an Eggman Land computer, stating she is currently trying to shut down the backup generator, but has run into some trouble, which is revealed to be several Dark Gaia Creatures Kukku is fending off. Kukku asks Aybss to hurry up, as even he has limits. In response, she states that she's a pirate, not a hacker, as she is having trouble getting the computer to shut down. Annoyed, he asks her to cover him. Aybss reluctantly agrees, asking what he's going to do about the situation. Kukku states he will "Handle it", and draws eight bombs. He then hurls them all at the creatures, creating a massive explosion which destroys the monsters and the backup generator. Aghast, Abyss asks Kukku what he is. Stating he is "perfection", Kukku informs Eggman of the generator's destruction. Eggman then asks team four what the delay is, as they still haven't defeated the Witchcarters, and the generator's destruction would've robbed them of their powers. However, he does not get an immediate response, as Conquering Storm is currently fighting Bearenger. Carrotia then launches several Dark Gaia Energy missiles at Conquering Storm catching her in an explosion. Cowardly fleeing from an energized Falke Wulf, Mordred Hood states that the Witchcarters are too powerful to fight, as team one hasn't shut down the Summoning Spire yet. Angry, Eggman tells Akhlut and Tundra that they had better not be fighting, but they pay no attention to his statement and continue attacking each other. Akhlut launches a psychic attack at Tundra, who barely resists, exhaling a large gust of freezing freezing air, which encases Akhlut's head in a chunk of ice. Eggman then interrupts, repeating the speech about loyalty originally said by Axel, adding that if they fail the Eggman Empire, he'll permanently lock their cybernetics, and those of their units. Akhlut shatters the ice around his head, saying he would never let that happen to his warriors. Surprised that Akhlut has even even a shred of honor, Tundra helps him shut down the spire. Back with team four, a wounded Conquering Storm is about to be crushed by an empowered Bearenger. However, at that moment the Summoning Spire is deactivated, causing the Witchcarters' powers to vanish. Severely weakened, Bearenger and Carrotia are easily defeated by a foot sweep from Conquering Storm, while Falke Wulf is defeated by Hood. Hood states that their actions must be slowed by the Naugus twins' mind control. Conquering storm asks if wizards can actually do that, to which Hood replies that they can also shape-shift and utilize Crystalmancy, however the mind-control only works on weak-willed targets. Hood suddenly realizes that he might be able to use his Vertigo-Inducers to break the Naugus twins' control over them. Hood activates them, saying "Let's see what happens, mmmm?". Thanks to the Vertigo-Inducers, the Witchcarters are freed from the mind-control, with Bearenger replying "What happens? What happens is we finally get revenge on Wendy". Back with team two, Clove manages to cut the top off of Thunderbolt's mech, and barely manages to rush her to safety before the panels crush it. Seeing the door about to close, Thunderbolt tells Clove to aim her at it, and she'll short it out. Clove does as she says, and Thunderbolt shorts out the door, allowing them to make it through in time. As they come to a halt, Clove states that Thunderbolt does not get to judge her sister, as she didn't choose to become an Egg Boss. Thunderbolt says that still doesn't excuse her behavior in front of "Lord" Eggman. Clove nervously replies that that some of the Egg bosses are to shy to express themselves, and that Thunderbolt is obviously the one most worthy of Eggman's attention. Apparently believing this, Thunderbolt apologizes and smugly thanks Clove for staying out of her way. Both of them then cooperate to shut down the reactor, with Thunderbolt contacting Eggman apologizing for the delay and informing him of the good news. Back with team three, several crystallized Badniks are advancing towards Maw and Nephthys, with the former asking the latter to take down the broadcasting tower while he fends off the Badniks. Nephthys takes flight, asking Maw how he'll manage that, to which he replies that he has a trick, but she had best get out of range before he tries it. Stating he has never tried said trick in front of such a large audience, a strange glow forms around his mouth. With Nephthys safely out of range, Maw activates his experimental cybernetics, creating a mass of blue energy that appears to suck up all the Badniks. With the opposition out of the way, Nephthys cuts down the control tower with her right wing, and informs Eggman of its destruction. Aghast, she lands and asks Maw what he did to the Badniks, to which he replies that he took care of them. Nephthys repeats her question, asking what happened to all the Mobini trapped inside them. Maw assures her by stating that while the specifics of his experimental cybernetics are classified, thanks to the Badniks, the animals trapped inside will live forever. Meanwhile, at the base of the Summoning Spire, the Naugus twins have inserted some Emerald Shards into a tap of Dark Gaia Energy, with Walter bragging that thanks to the combined effort of the shards and the energy, his magical powers will soon be restored. He then begins chanting (seemingly to himself) for the energy of Ixis to rekindle him. Wendy corrects him, stating that this is the energy of Dark Gaia, not Ixis, and jeers at him for mistaking them. Confused, Walter reminds her of all the mutations and power-boosts the energy granted, to which she smugly asks if he missed the part where the planet split apart, a hallmark of Dark Gaia's return. She explains about the rarity of Ixis energy, and that Eggman having a tower full of it would be highly improbable. Walter retaliates, telling her not to lecture him about his heritage, as she barters with Eggman for tech on occasions. Wendy states that technology a tool, no different from the wands and totems they use, and that Eggman might be his sworn enemy, but now hers. Angry, he reminds her about how Eggman banished him to the Special Zone and robbed him of his powers using his Genesis Wave, to which she replies that that's his problem, as she'll gladly trade relics with him for his technology, and is only helping him because he's family. She then tells him to use the energy he stole from the spire to bring his powers back, which much to Walter's annoyance, has no effect. Wendy, however, notices the cause: the spire has been shut down. Walter asks what happened to the backup generator, with Wendy stating it is also offline. He asks her to summon the crystallized Badniks, but she tells him that she can only do so individually, as the command signal is down. The realization that they are under attack dawns on them, and Walter hastily grabs the Emerald Shards while Wendy unsuccessfully tries to reach out to her Witchcarters. Suddenly, a bellowing laughter is heard, and Eggman, his Egg Bosses, and the freed Witchcarters approach. Eggman mockingly tells the Naugus twins not to try activating the defenses, as those too are offline. He boasts about how, thanks to his Egg Bosses, he's cut them off from using the Dark Gaia Energy and made the use of crystallized Badniks almost impossible for them, and whether his they want to be there or not, all his subordinates have joined with him to stop them. Wnedy praises his comeback, but reminds him of three problems he forgot, the first being she can still summon Badniks individually, of which she summons several, the second being the Witchcarters are hers to control, which she retakes now that they're back withen range, and the third oversight charges towards Eggman, revealing itself to be a crystallized form of Metal Sonic: Crystal Sonic.



Key Events[]

  • The Egg Bosses complete their respective missions given by Eggman.
  • The Witchcarters are revealed to have been brainwashed by Wendy Naugus.
  • Metal Sonic has been transformed into Crystal Sonic by the Naugus Twins.


Background Information[]

Cameos and References[]

  • The variant cover is an homage to, and named after, the Broadway musical "Wicked".

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