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This issue takes place prior to Sonic/Mega Man Free Comic Book Day 2015. [1].
Sonic Universe
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Date Published 

January 13, 2016

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 82 is the eighty-second issue of the Archie Sonic Universe comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

ENTER THE FINAL FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE! "The Silver Age" part four: The finale to Silver's latest adventure! Silver simply doesn't have the might to stop the creature menacing his time. Maybe the combined brain power of Gold and Prof. von Schlemmer can help! It's a knock-down, drag-out fight for the fate of the future with a shocking ending you'll never see coming-even if you're psychic! Featuring cover art by the "Silver Age" writer herself, Evan Stanley, plus a special "Movie Poster Variant" by the terrific T. Rex!

Story One[]

The Silver Age: Part Four

The issue begins with Silver and Gold discussing how they could beat the Second Devourer. Realising they could only defeat the monster with the aid of Professor Von Schlemmer, Gold uses her telepathic powers to wake him up. The professor did not see what he could do to help but Silver informed him he still had the ability to do so.

The professor then figures out that he could use The Bigger-Maker Machine on Silver so he could gain the power to close the portal and defeat The Second Devourer. However, the professor then realises he had never actually used the machine on a living person but Silver tells there was no time to do any further modifications. Instead, Gold comes up with a new plan.

Gold has everybody join hands in order to link everyone's mind with hers and combine the brain power in order to enlarge Silver quickly. Professor Von. Schlemmer quickly starts up the machine through which Silver jumps through before Gold's connection is lost. He grows bigger and The Second Devourer pulls a fast one on him before he figures things out.

Silver makes sure that his battle does not harm any civilians but realises that the monster was still bigger than he was. Silver tries trapping the monster in a telepathic tornado but it fails. He then tries to lead The Second Devourer back to the Genesis Portal but is pinned down by the monster, unable to move.

Silver almost gives up trying but the professor, the Bits and Gold cheer him on, believing he can win. Silver then gains the strength to throw the monster back into the portal. Silver uses all his power to close the portal but discovers that he is shrinking back to his regular size. He almost believed he would not obtain the strength again but was able to use all his might to finally seal off the portal.

Silver falls to the ground, depleted of his energy and is caught in the blast radius of the portal's closing. It knocks him into The Bigger-Maker Machine which destroys it. Professor Von. Schlemmer and Gold cheer for Silver's heroism. The professor realises that all the while he did not once ask of Silver's name and so Silver informs him of it. The gang understand the Onyx City Council will make a return but not for a while until they fix the damage done onto their building. Gold also asks about the fate of the Genesis Portals but the professor knows they have not seen the last of them. Silver jokes that they would deal with these problems after he naps for two years in an armchair.

Silver is interrupted, however, by an earthquake. The ground opens up to form a Genesis Portal into which Silver, Gold, Professor Von. Schlemmer and The Bits fall into with no idea where they may end up.



Professor Von. Schlemmer stops Silver from using The Bigger-Maker Machine, telling him there is one more thing he would need to defeat The Second Devourer. It is a basketball and Silver uses it to play a match of basketball against the monster.

Key Events[]

  • Professor Von Schlemmer uses his Bigger- maker machine to enlarge silver.
  • Silver defeats the Second Devourer
  • Silver, Professor Von Schlemmer, Gold and the Bits were thrown into a genesis portal.


Schlemmer: Vha...vhere am I? Who am--
Silver: Professor Von. Schlemmer!
Schlemmer: Oh ja!
Schlemmer: Ve just don't have anything zat can deal with something that big...
Silver: You've got me.
Gold: Keep fighting! You can do this!
Schlemmer: Teach zat mathematical improbability a lesson!
Yellow Bit: 0100011101001111!!
Gold: You believed in us! So we believe in yo--

Background Information[]

  • This issue was originally scheduled to be released on November 25, 2015, but was delayed.
  • This issues Off-Panel is the final one to be drawn by Jonathan Gray, before his departure from Archie Comics.

Cameos and References[]

  • The cover title "Attack of Titans" is written in the same way as the logo to the popular Japanese franchise Attack on Titan. The creature looms over the wall the same way the legendary promotion pictures have shown the titular Titans doing the same.
  • The lines in the final panel of the Off-Panel strip are lifted from the main theme of the 1996 basketball-themed movie, Space Jam.


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