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Sonic Universe
Publication Details


Date Published 

May 2014

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Tracy Yardley! (main)
  • Sega (variant)
  • Ian Flynn
Assistant Editor
  • Vincent Lovallo
  • Paul Kaminski
Editor in Chief
  • Victor Gorelick
  • Mike Pellerito
  • Jon Goldwater
First Appearances
Only Appearance

Archie Sonic Universe Issue 64 is the sixty-fourth issue of the Archie Sonic Universe comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

'The Great Chaos Caper,' Part Two. The chaos continues! It's hijinks and high explosives galore with Knuckles caught in the middle of all the action! The Chaotix and the Hooligans are falling over each other to get to a Chaos Emerald - the key to saving (or dooming) the world! It's up to Knuckles to power through the madness and complete his own mission, and in his travels, you'll never believe who he finds! Featuring new cover art from Tracy Yardley and a rad red SEGA Variant cover!

Story One:[]

The Great Chaos Caper: Part 2 - "The Usual Suspects"

InPumpkin Hill Zone, Knuckles and the Chaotix find themselves face-to-face with the Hooligans. As Charmy accuses them of taking the Chaos Emerald the Chaotix were hired to retrieve, Nack tries to get his team's competitors to leave with taunts and smug threats. Predictably, the Chaotix and Knuckles attack them instead: Knuckles fights Nack, who is angered by both their resistance and the threat it poses to his beloved bike, while Bark brawls with Espio and Vector, the latter of whom he grabs by the snout and throws onto the ground. Charmy, meanwhile, goes after Bean, who tries to keep the bee away so he can get his speech bubbles (which are inverted) upright. After he does so, Bean guesses, correctly, that neither side has the Emerald, which immediately causes his teammates and the heroes to stop fighting out of embarrassment. Nack, annoyed, calls a temporary cease-fire before realizing where the Emerald might be.  Bean covers their escape by performing a "ninja-vanish" move with his bombs, much to Espio's aggravation as he yells that's not how one "ninja-vanishes". Elsewhere, on Angel Island, Relic and Fixit detect a strange energy signature and go to check it out.

Knuckles, using his Emerald-sense ability, leads the Chaotix into the nearby Aquatic Mine, but as the group treks through the mine, Knuckles grows increasingly aggravated with "playing tour guide" for the detectives. Elsewhere in the mine, Bark seems to show some regret for what he's doing, but Nack talks him out of it. Vector, getting desperate, grabs Knuckles and starts slamming him against the floor, yelling for him to find the Emerald.

Knuckles finally snaps and shouts at Vector that he had his own mission to accomplish, and declares he will assist the Chaotix no further. Vector, taken aback by the red Echidna's outburst, apologizes and asks him to point them in the direction of the Emerald so they can take it from there afterwards. Knuckles uses his Emerald-sense one last time, and it turns out to be be just around a nearby corner. He and the Chaotix look around said corner to find not only the Emerald, which is revealed to be held by a small winged creature who, in a frightened tone, asks if someone is there...


Key Events[]

  • Knuckles and the Chaotix and the Hooligans battle each other before coming to the realisation that neither group has the elusive Chaos Emerald.
  • Both groups race to the Aquatic Mine where the Chaos Emerald is headed.
  • Back on Angel Island, Fixit detects a strange energy in Mushroom Hill, and he and Relic go to investigate.
  • After exploring the mines, Knuckles and the Chaotix discover the red Chaos Emerald in the possession of the "weakened spirit", Chip.


Background Information[]

  • Bean breaks the forth wall in this issue: when he speaks his first line of dialogue, he's laying upside-down, with his word bubble also being flipped upside-down. When he turns upright however, his word bubble is still stuck in the upside-down position, prompting him to request a time-out so he can get it back the right way up again.
  • Also, in Bean's parody of "This Old Man," he replaces the line "paddy whack" with "Cadillac." So far, Cadillac and Buick are the only real-life car manufacturers to be shown in the Sonic comic series (with the Buick showing up in the Sonic Adventure adaption). Both also happen to be owned by General Motors.

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