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This issue takes place during Sonic the Hedgehog #252-#255

SU 56
Main Cover

SU 56 V1
SEGA Variant Cover

Sonic Universe
Publication Details


Date Published 

September 18, 2013

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Tracy Yardley! (main)
  • Jim Amash (main)
  • Sega (variant)
  • Vincent Lovallo (variant)
Cover Colorist
  • Steve Downer (main)
  • Tracy Yardley!
  • Tracy Yardley!
  • Jim Amash
  • Jack Morelli
  • Steve Downer
Assistant Editor
  • Vincent Lovallo
  • Paul Kaminski
Editor in Chief
  • Victor Gorelick
  • Mike Pellerito
Special Thanks

to Anthony Gaccione, Cindy Chau, and the Character Business and Licensing Department of Sega Corporation

First Appearances
Only Appearance

Archie Sonic Universe Issue 56 is the fifty-sixth issue of the spin-off Sonic Universe series.


Official Solicitation[]

Ahoy, ye mateys! Tharr be trouble on the high seas! Blaze—a pirate prisoner! Amy, Cream and Marine—lost! Bean—an oddball, but we knew that already! It’s a race against time as Cpt. Metal begins his plan for the Sol Emeralds and his new, completed Egg o’ War! And now that ye mention it — there's something REALLY familiar about that battle station, but I just can't put me hook on it! There’s mystery and mutiny a'foot in Pirate Plunder Panic Part Two! Featuring new cover art from Tracy Y'ARRRR-dley, and a special Sega variant cover!

Story One[]

Pirate Plunder Panic - Part Two

Captain Metal and his crew-including Bean and Bark-carry the captured Blaze ashore to their island stronghold, as Blaze contemplates the loss of her friends and her intention to take revenge on Captain Metal. As she conjures a small flame in anticipation, one of the native Sprockets dubs her "fire cat" before being chased away by Swash. Captain Metal anticipates her plans to escape, and informs her that her cage will be difficult to get through due to its combination of alloys, as well as Swash's ability to electrocute the cage with his cane. Furious, Blaze determines to bide her time, vowing that she will avenge her departed friends. Unbeknownst to her, however, a box of explosives from the Ocean Tornado remains afloat at sea. The lid then crashes off to reveal Marine, Amy, Cream, and Cheese, who used the box to escape certain death. As the box begins to fill with water, Marine laments her destroyed ship and their situation, and ends up terrifying Cream. Angered, Amy silences the Raccoon, but then encourages her companions that they need to stay positive. Spotting approaching fins, however, Marine is quick to return to her prophecies of doom, saying that they will be devoured by sharks. Determined not to go down without a fight, Amy leaps out to attack the sharks with her Piko Piko Hammer-only to learn that they are actually dolphins.

Cheese manages to communicate with the mammals, and informs Cream that the dolphins saw Blaze in captivity and can take them to Captain Metal's island. On the island itself, Swash and Buckle advise Blaze to do her best to endear herself to Metal, and note that he claims to have met her previously. They then point out the heads of other robot pirates nearby, former opponents of the Captain who met defeat and now are powerless to do anything but taunt passerby. Blaze notes that the Captain does seem familiar, and questions who he is, which prompts Swash and Buckle to launch into the tale. Apparently, the robot Doc Ratcheturn had departed the pirates' island one day to seek out robots who needed to be repaired, as was his custom. However, only the doctor's boat returned from the voyage, manned by Captain Metal, who had claimed to have returned from beyond the grave. Metal proceeded to destroy Boltbeard, former leader of the island pirates, and used his components to add to his own patchwork body. Elsewhere, the rest of Team Rose lands on the island, bidding farewell to the dolphins before entering the jungle. They do not make it far before being grabbed by a group of Sprockets, whom they initially believe are trying to kidnap them. However, after realizing that they are saying "Help Fire Cat" in their broken dialogue, Amy realizes that they are unexpected allies.

Inside Captain Metal's throne room, the Captain prepares to reveal his ultimate weapon to Blaze, and announces his plans to power it with the Sol Emerald, which Bean is obviously obsessed with. He then invites Blaze to join him and add her Sol Emeralds to his own and become a part of his grand vision. Blaze refuses, and informs him that his plan will fail, as only she can control the power of the Sol Emeralds. Metal disagrees; outside, the members of Team Rose meet the Sprocket Chief, who informs them that his people have been used for sport by the Sol Zone Pirates. Agreeing to his proposal that they work together to save Blaze and stop the pirates, they begin scaling the large drum-like structure that is Metal's stronghold. Inside, Metal reveals that his new weapon came from another world, and was discovered in a damaged state by his crew and repaired. Furthermore, the fabric of time and space is distorted within, allowing Captain Metal to command the power of the Sol Emeralds. He then beckons Blaze to look upon his new weapon, which is also seen by her teammates as they reach the top of the fortress: the Egg O' War. Spotting their captured teammate, Amy and Cream take off to rescue her, only for an angered Marine to notice Captain Metal and remember his role in the destruction of her ship.

Blaze is overjoyed when she sees Amy and Cream, but then wonders where Marine is; to their horror, the trio realize that she is on the floor of the throne room walking right up to Captain Metal. After informing him of her quarrel with him, she prepares to attack, only for Cream to swoop in and save her just as Metal opens fire with his laser arm. The Captain then orders Buckle to raise the throne platform and uncover the tank built into the floor. As he does, the tentacles of the Kraken emerge and begin reaching for the heroes. Desperately, Blaze uses her fire power in an effort to weaken the bars enough for Amy to smash them, while Metal orders Swash to wait until she is almost free before dropping them to the Kraken. He then declares his intentions to go after the remaining Sol Emeralds once their gone, only to realize that his only current jewel is missing. He soon discovers Bean and Bark trying to make off with it, with Bean announcing their decision to leave his service. Enraged, Captain Metal orders Swash to drop the heroes, and then dispatches the rest of his crew to capture the pair of thieves as Bark grabs Bean and flees, all while Bean screams in delight at the "shiny" Sol Emerald.

Off Panel[]

Trapped in a cage aboard ship, Blaze attempts to free herself by setting it on fire. However, she ends up burning through the deck as well, and the cage plummets downward, narrowly missing Captain Metal and Bark eating a meal before crashing through the bottom.


  • Bean: Poor broody meow meow. Bark! Let's Whip her up one of your blue ribbon tropical fruit smoothies!
  • Bark: (salutes)
  • Swash: Don't feel too down, missy. If you play this right, mayhap you'll come out of this with yer hide in one piece.
  • Bean: Don't forget the umbrella!
  • Buckle: Aye. Stay on the cap'n's good side. He's got a mean streak, he does. Took off the heads of other pirates that tried an' cut in on his territory.
  • Pirate Head #3: G'yarr! Cime back for another whippin', eh?
  • Bean: And a slice of lemon, and one of those tiny swords with three cherries on it!
  • Swash: Seems the cap'n met ye before. Says he's got plans fer ye, so I reckon yer safe fer now.
  • Pirate Head #1: Oh, I see! Runnin' away, eh?
  • Pirate Head #3: Ya yellow Buggers!
  • Pirate Head #2: I'll bite yer legs off!!
  • Bean: And a bendy straw! No one likes the straight ones!

  • Swash: Not sure what he has planned, but it's big. That much I can say. A thinker, he is. A fighter, too! A real pirate's pirate!
  • Blaze: He's a monster. This time, I'll see that he's taken out of this world for good.
  • Swash: Ah, lassie, We'll just see about that, we will.
  • Bean: Here you go, you cutie-wootie-mootie-tootie! Straight from Barista Bark and Blue Billy Blenderbeard with loving care! Cheers!
  • Blaze: (submissively sips smoothie)

  • Captain Metal: Release the magnet juuuust before they get free. When the kraken be done with 'em, I'll pick out the other sol emera--! ME SOL EMERALD! WHERE BE ME SOL EMERALD?!
  • Bean: Sorry, but I'm afraid we'll have to give notice. We'll just take this shiny in lieu of servance pay. I'm sure we can expect a shining letter of recommendation!
  • Cream: Oh,my!
  • Marine: Better hurry up, mates! Things are crook in Tallarook!
  • Amy: It's now or never, Blaze!
  • Captain Metal: Mr. Swash, drop those fools to the Kraken! The rest of you, GET ME BACK MY SOL EMERALD!!
  • Buckle and Swash: Aye aye, cap'n!

Key Events[]

  • Blaze is taken to Captain Metal's island, where she learns how he came to be leader of the robot pirates.
  • Amy, Marine, Cream, and Cheese are revealed to have survived the destruction of the Ocean Tornado, and make their way to the island with the aid of dolphins.
  • The Wily Egg is revealed to have been transported to the Sol Zone and remodeled into Captain Metal's new weapon, the Egg O' War, which he intends to power using the Sol Emeralds.
  • Aided by the Sprockets, Blaze's friends come to her rescue, but are discovered by the pirates, who prepare to feed them to the Kraken.
  • Bean and Bark betray Captain Metal and steal the red Sol Emerald, thus becoming targets of his wrath.

Background Information[]

  • The tagline on the cover, "Guess who's coming to dinner...", is nearly identical to the tagline on the cover for Sonic the Hedgehog #53.
  • The lines of the pirate heads "Oh, I see! Runnin' away, eh? Ya yellow buggers! I'll bite yer legs off!" is undoubtedly a reference to the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, in which the Black Knight character threatens to do the same after having all his limbs cut off.
    • In addition, Tracy Yardley! confirmed that Swash's line towards Blaze, which features the words "one piece" highlighted in bold, is an obvious reference to the anime series One Piece.

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