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This issue takes place sometime after Sonic the Hedgehog #242's backstory and leads into Sonic the Hedgehog #246
SU 49
Sonic Universe
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Date Published 

February 2013

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Tracy Yardley
  • Stephen Downer
  • Ian Flynn

Archie Comics

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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 49 is the forty-ninth issue of the Sonic Universe comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

The search for Mighty and Ray is over! It's pandemonium as the Sand Blasters and Eggman's Forces battle with the Chaotix caught in the middle! Will Mighty be reunited with his long-lost sister? Will she remember him? Will any of them get out alive?

Story One[]

"All For One" - Part Four: "Friends, Foes & Family"

The Chaotix are riding with the Sand Blasters to meet up with the Baron, Beauregarde Rabbot, for a prisoner exchange with Mighty, though Vector implied that it might actually be an ambush planned by Jack. Ray voices his concern about what will happen if Jack learns Mighty was deceiving him and had been using him to find his sister. Vector tells him they'll stay undercover for now, until things get bad, then they'll grab Mighty and his sister and warp back to Angel Island, leaving Jack and his gang to fend for themselves.

Meanwhile, the Baron is arranging with Mighty to be put in a ring to 'restrain' and give the ruse that he is indeed a  prisoner, as Jack would know handcuffs couldn't hold him. Mighty voices his despair over Matilda not accepting him as her brother, after all the searching and struggling he did for her; to be with her again as a family. The Baron, thinking of Bunnie Rabbot-D'Coolette, replies that he knows how Mighty feels. The Sand-Blasters arrive, and Beauregard announces that the exchange will proceed as previously done, with both sides sending lines of hostages over. Jack tries to demand that "Flex", aka Mighty, be sent over first, but Beauregard refuses, and admits his satisfaction at forcing Jack to beg for the return of his best operative.

As the prisoners march across, Jack gives the order to attack, and several of the Legionnaires are revealed to be Sand-Blaster supporters in disguise. Beauregard quickly gives orders to his men to counterattack, while being sure not to harm their own allies. Recognizing that things have reached the point where they agreed to leave, the Chaotix mobilize, rushing to rescue Mighty. Unfortunately, Jack overhears Vector referring to them as the Chaotix and to Mighty by his real name, and realizes that he's dealing with a team of Freedom Fighters. He orders Avery the Bear to crush them with their jeep for their treachery, but the Chaotix notice them coming. Vector halts the jeep with his strength while Espio attacks the Sand-Blasters head on; the Crocodile requests that somebody go and retrieve Mighty to help, only to learn that Ray is already on his way.

Mighty pleads with the Baron to release him so he can help, but the Baron hesitates, worried about the Armadillo's cover being blown. Mighty replies that it's already been compromised, and that he wants to make sure Matilda doesn't get hurt regardless of his feelings towards him. Ray then lands on the carrier and demands Mighty's release, only to be grabbed by an angry Matilda for his perceived threat to the Baron. Mighty and Beauregard call them off, and Ray learns that his assailant is none other than Mighty's sister, and requests that she come with them. Matilda refuses, again claiming no feelings for her brother and no desire to go with them, and Mighty confirms her story, only for Ray to explode angrily. He quickly turns on Matilda, revealing to her what Mighty has been through in his search for her, and his hopes to provide a home for her as he did for Ray. His words prompt Matilda to reflect on her lonely life, and she suddenly has a flash of memory: Mighty holding her in his arms as a baby.

Jolt the Roadrunner then interrupts the moment, knocking Matilda, Ray, and the Baron aside before pulling out a gun to use against Mighty for his treachery. Matilda, however, angrily lashes out with one of her super-strong arms to protect her brother, launching Jolt into the distance. Jack, furious, orders one of his tank operators to open fire on Mighty and Beauregard, overriding the driver's concern for Ray and Matilda. As the missile flies towards Mighty, Matilda gets in the way, intercepting it with another super punch, only to be thrown backwards by the explosion. Mighty, enraged, rips his way out of his restraints and proceeds to decimate the Sand-Blasters, who flee as the Chaotix rush in to stop their friend from going too far. Ray then snaps him out of his rage by reminding him that Matilda is injured, and they rush back to the Legion.

Later, as the Chaotix are contemplating the strangness of having just battled a group of Freedom Fighters and now allying themselves with a Dark Egg Legion chapter, Beauregard emerges from an operating tent and informs Mighty that they've done everything they can for Matilda, but is interrupted as the Armadillo rushes into the tent. Matilda is hurt by alive, and now gladly accepts Mighty as her brother; she is then informed that she has another brother now, and brings in Ray for a proper introduction. Beauregard then finishes his news, informing them that Matilda needs additional care, meaning that Matilda has to remain with the Legion for the time being, and that for everyone's safety Mighty has to leave. After overruling Mighty's suggestions of him masquerading as a member of the Legion, he promises that Mighty will be able to visit. The Chaotix then remind him that they're behind him, and Mighty bids a fond farewell to his little sister before leaving with them through a Warp Ring. Beauregard then promises Matilda that she'll be returned to her new family soon, and to her thanks responds that he knows what it's like to be separated from family as he turns to regard a silhouetted figure: his niece Bunnie.

Off Panel[]

Planting a victory flag, Vector announces that the Chaotix have pulled off "another routine investigation," leaving Beauregard aghast. As he looks over the battlefield-with Legionnaires, Sand-Blasters, Tails Doll, UFOs, and all sorts of other chaos-he responds that he knows why name of their group is the Chaotix.


Key Events[]

  • The Sand Blasters betray the Baron during the prisoner-transfer and attack the Legion while Mighty is tied up pretending to be a prisoner.
  • Ray manages to convince Matilda to accept Mighty as family, and she saves him before being severely injured.
  • Enraged, Mighty destroys the Sand Blaster forces and visits his sister while she recovers.
  • The Chaotix return to Angel Island with Mighty planning to visit Matilda until she can leave the Legion for good.
  • Bunnie D'Coolette is seen at the Legion base, having appeared in similar silhouetted fashion in the previous issue.

Background Information[]

SU 49 Original

The original cover of Sonic Universe Issue 49 without Mighty and Ray's new outfits.

  • The preview cover for this issue featured Mighty and Ray in their customary outfits, which they wore prior to joining the Sand-Blasters. However, the actual issue cover featured them in the attire that they wore in the issue.
  • This marks the final on panel appearances of Beauregarde Rabbot, Jack, and the sand blasters, and Matilda before removal of old reality characters in prior to the reboot.
  • The shape of Bunnie's silhouette at the end of the issue strongly implies that she's been redesigned. However, it appears considerably different from the design she would adopt in the Post-Super Genesis Wave reality.
    • This was later elaborated upon by Ian Flynn: Bunnie's new design had not quite been finalized at this point, and the silhouette actually had her wearing a poncho to obscure the shape of her new work-in-progress body. Tracey Yardley later revealed a collection of concept sketches for Bunnie's potential new look, which would've initially had her leginozed, with new cybernetic limbs.
  • The ring device used to hold Mighty is a subtle nod to the same device used to hold Superman in the episode "Apokolips...Now!" from Superman: The Animated Series.

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