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Sonic Universe
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Date Published 

January 2013

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Tracy Yardley
  • Stephen Downer
  • Ian Flynn

Archie Comics

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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 48 is the forty-eighth issue in the Sonic Universe spinoff comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

The Chaotix travel the world in search of Mighty and Ray! The trail leads them to Sand Blast City and into the clutches of the nefarious Sand Blasters. The case takes a turn for the secretive as lies are spun and plans are hatched. And Mighty makes an all-or-nothing decision!

Story One[]

"All For One - Part Three"

On the outskirts of Sand Blast City, the Sand-Blasters have Vector, Espio, and Charmy surrounded. The trio claim that they don't want any trouble, and merely want some answers, only for Jack Rabbit to order his teammates to attack. Vector engages Tex while Charmy goes for Jolt and Espio faces Shift, only for Charmy to be netted by Avery, distracting Espio enough for Shift to capture him. Vector confidently holds his own against Tex, only for Jack to hold a gun to his head, forcing him to surrender. The trio are escorted-in restraints-into the city, where Jack informs them that they can either become obedient citizens or be terminated. He then introduces them to two of his newest recruits: Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel, though he introduces them as "Flex" and "Jitters" respectively. Overjoyed to see his friends, Vector greets them warmly, only to be harshly silenced by Mighty.

To Jack's question of whether or not he knows the trio, Mighty admits that he does, claiming that they're a former gang of his whom he left some time ago. He then volunteers to take management of them and see to it that they come to recognize Jack's leadership, and the amused Rabbit readily agrees. In Mighty and Ray's dwelling, the pair drop their cover and explain what has been going on to their colleagues. After learning the location of Mighty's sister, the pair traveled to the Great Desert, and joined the Sand-Blasters under assumed names in order to be able to investigate the situation more fully to minimize risk. Fearing that the Sand-Blasters would learn of the Warp Ring, they sent it back to the Chaotix. After brief tension, the group agreed that they were happy to be back together, and Mighty revealed the next phase of his plan: to meet Grandmaster Beauregard Rabbot. Despite Vector's objections, Mighty asserted that it was the best course, having heard of the Baron's fairness-at least when not confronted with several long-time enemies.

Leaving Ray-who is worried about losing his adoptive brother in the face of Mighty being reunited with his sister-with the others, Mighty leaves the city and travels to the Dark Egg Legion camp. After being attacked by the Legion forces despite coming to surrender, he meets with the Baron, and learns that his younger sister is indeed a member of the Legion. However, their reunion is a bitter one-Matilda the Armadillo has no memory of her brother, and the traumatic events of her short life have caused her to become emotionally withdrawn. With Matilda showing no interest in leaving, Mighty entrusts her to the Baron's care, and the Baron makes arrangements to ensure that Dr. Eggman won't know of his visit. He then has Mighty stay the night in the Legion brig, and contacts Jack for a prisoner exchange the next day in order to keep up the pretense. An infuriated Jack, after questioning the Chaotix, determines to go along with the prisoner exchange. However, Mighty's cover story-that of wanting a shot at the Baron by himself-inspires the Rabbit, who determines that not only will they not be releasing any Legion prisoners, but that they will also eliminate the Baron.

Off Panel[]

Mighty's "initiation" to the Sand-Blasters is depicted as him having to arm-wrestle Avery and win. Jack starts warning his teammate to go easy on Mighty, only for Mighty to quite easily throw Avery to the ground.

Key Events[]

  • Having arrived in Sand Blast City, the Chaotix trio are captured by the Sand-Blasters, but discover Mighty and Ray in their midst.
  • Mighty finds his sister Matilda, only to learn that she doesn't remember him.


Background Information[]

  • Jack Rabbit's cover line "What's up, Croc?" is a nod to the Looney Tunes character Bugs Bunny, whom Jack resembled in terms of fur color. All the Sand-Blasters are nods to the Looney Tunes franchise in terms of name, species, and/or personality.
  • Mighty and Ray receive new designs in this issue. Strangely, Mighty's appearance on the cover doesn't reflect this. In fact, the variation of his old design that appears on the cover is never seen anywhere else.
  • When Mighty meets with Beauregard, a silhouette resembling that of Bunnie Rabbot-D'Coolette is seen in the doorway, possibly indicating that she is living with the Dark Egg Legion.
    • The Legion is referred to as part of the "Eggman Army", possibly due to legal issues going on at the time involving Dark Legion creator Ken Penders. Additionally, a mention of Julie-Su's also appears to have been removed; Mighty was about to refer to her by name before Vector cuts him off.
  • The countdown to the Worlds Collide crossover on this cover incorrectly says 4 instead of 3. This mistake is also present on the Sonic the Hedgehog #245 cover.
  • This issue is the first Archie Sonic publication to sport the "Sonic Comic 20th Anniversary" logo on the cover.


  • "Chaotix Quest" occurs parallel to "Endangered Species" (StH: #243-#246).

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