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This issue takes place somewhere between Sonic the Hedgehog #242 and Sonic the Hedgehog #246
SU 47
Sonic Universe
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Date Published 

December 2012

Production Staff
Cover Artist

Jim Amash & Various

Cover Colorist

Stephen Downer & Various


Ian Flynn


Tracy Yardley!


Archie Comics

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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 47 is the forty-seventh issue in the spin-off series Sonic Universe comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

The Chaotix are on the hunt for the missing Mighty and Ray, and their investigation takes them to the heart of enemy territory! With the Mercian Freedom Fighters at their side, will they find the vital clue they need? Or will Lord Hood claim more prisoners for his dungeon?

Story One[]

"All for one" - Part 2

In the Great Desert, the Sand-Blasters find themselves under fire outside of the Oil Ocean Refinery. Suddenly, the attacking tank is thrown into the air, much to the shock of its operator. The leader of the Sand-Blasters, Jack Rabbit, compliments the Mobian responsible for throwing the tank, addressing him as "Flex." "Flex" however doesn't seem to think much of his own feat of strength, replying that he's merely trying to earn his keep among the group.

Meanwhile, in Mercia, Espio the Chameleon, Vector the Crocodile, Charmy Bee and the Mercian Freedom Fighters have made their way under Snottingham Castle via its sewers. They come to a split in the tunnels, and it's decided that the three members of the Chaotix will go looking for the castle's computer terminals (in order to gain access to the Eggnet) while the rest make their way to the dungeon to free the prisoners -- including, should they be found there, Mighty the Armadillo, Ray the Flying Squirrel, Rob o' the Hedge, Mari-An, and Jon. However, as the groups head down the two tunnels, two barriers suddenly fall into place. The barriers block the Chaotix from continuing down their tunnel and prevent the MFF from leaving theirs. Charmy is able to squeeze out between the bars and find manual releases for both barriers, but the two groups now realize that their enemy, Lord Hood, is aware of their trespass and attempting to trap them. With this in mind, Espio suggests the others abandon their mission and use the Warp Ring to escape, but Friar Buck insists they continue on, as they'd never gotten this far into the castle before. Espio asks if Bow Sparrow can visualize the interior of the dungeons, and Bow replies that he can, as he himself had once been held prisoner there -- it had been Rob who'd freed him. then proposes a new plan, telling Vector to give the Warp Ring to Bow. Vector does so, but with reluctance -- they had previously decided that using the Warp Ring within enemy territory carelessly could prove disastrous, should the Eggman Empire take possession of it. However, as their initial plan had already fallen apart, Espio says they'll need to come up with a new one: in this case, Bow and his team will now use the Warp Ring to access the dungeon directly and free as many prisoners as possible, while the Chaotix draw attention to themselves while searching for the computer room "as loud as possible."

The two teams split up, with the Mercian FFs taking the Warp Ring. Invisible, Espio sneaks into a storage room where Lord Hood's Legionnaires wait in ambush. Seeing the grill in the floor apparently open on its own, the two Legionnaires become paranoid and distracted, allowing Espio and Vector to easily get the jump on them. The three enter the castle proper and begin their noisy, attention-grabbing search.

From the throne room, Lord Hood watches (via his extensive security camera system) as the three run rampant throughout the castle, angry at the incompetence of his forces. He's also concerned that Bow and the others are nowhere to be seen despite having almost been trapped in the sewers. However, thanks to a Legionnaire's timely report (after cross-referencing with the Eggnet themselves), Hood realizes that what they used to escape the sewers was a kind of magical teleporting device -- the Warp Ring. Quickly putting everything together, Hood realizes that the Chaotix are a distraction, and sends his troops to the dungeons.

The Mercian FF succeed in freeing many prisoners from cages and shackles, but Friar Buck realizes that Rob and his family, nor the other members of the Chaotix, were among those imprisoned, frustrating Bow.

Elsewhere, Charmy finally locates the computer room, taking out the two Legionnaires within. While Vector and Charmy guard the doorway, Espio approaches the computer terminal. At first, Espio wishes that he had NICOLE to help him access the Eggnet, only to realize that the DEL had the system's password set as "password." While Charmy and Vector stave off the approaching troops, Espio quickly gets to work -- only to immediate find that Lord Hood and several soldiers are approaching the dungeons.

Bow and the others are caught off guard as Lord Hood storms through the door. Hood congratulates Bow on effectively trapping his own team within the dungeons for him, saying that if he can't have the "cowardly king" as his prisoner, this will be a decent exchange. Bow angrily draws back an arrow, snapping that Rob is not a coward. Amused more than threatened, Hood offers Bow to take his shot, pointing out that the archer's never been able to hit him in the past. He doesn't realize that the arrow Bow holds is actually tipped with explosives. As Bow lets the arrow fly, Hood dodges it -- only to have it explode directly behind him, throwing him aside. With the enemy distracted Friar Buck begins to send prisoners through the Warp Ring. However, a Legionnaire grabs it and attempts to throw it to Lord Hood -- only to have Thorn the Lop catch it on the tip of her spear. Alan Quail begins to narrate events while strumming his lute, prompting Munch the Rat to snarl at him to help. Alan sings that he was only trying to lighten the mood, and, to Munch's surprise, begins violently fighting off Legionnaires by striking them with the musical instrument. Thorn brings the Warp Ring to Bow, saying that Vector was right -- they can't risk using the Warp Ring where it might fall into enemy hands. Bow figures that they'll have to just try to make their way back to the sewers and use it there. However, Lord Hood has finally had enough -- he unleashes his powerful hypnoptic waves, forcing everyone in the room to their knees. Hood rants that all he's ever tried to do was bring order to the land, but that the population refused to recognize its "proper place." He mocks Bow, saying that he couldn't save Rob, much less the prisoners or even himself. Smiling weakly, Bow replies that he won't have to, confusing Hood -- and leaving him prone to being sucker-punched by Vector.

Vector helps Bow up while Charmy and the others ensure Hood's forces stay down. Friar Buck rallies the prisoners. Vector explains to Bow that Espio wants them all to head toward the outer wall of the castle. Bow shows doubt at this, saying it will leave them prone, and while Vector agrees he doesn't understand the plan, it's what Espio instructed them to do, so he's hoping that the chameleon has something up his sleeve.

Back in the computer room, Espio has found what he was looking for: information on Mighty's missing sister. According to the Eggnet files, she had once been Roboticized and sent out as part of the Robian forces attacking Sand Blast City. Later, she became part of the Dark Egg Legion chapter in that region. Espio assumes that she was therefore recaptured after being Derobotized and Legionized instead. Additionally, the terminal shows that her file had been recently accessed, leaving Espio to conclude that Mighty had been successful in infiltrating the castle and finding the same info. Having picked up Mighty's trail and found info on Rob's whereabouts, Espio sends out fake orders to Lord Hood's troops, and then leaves to rejoin the others.

Invisible, Espio strolls up to the inner castle gate, finding two Legionnaires discussing their rather confusing orders. They assume that Lord Hood should have successfully trapped and captured the Freedom Fighters by now. Unseen, Espio easily knocks the two unconscious and opens the gate, leading Vector and all the others into the outer courtyard. While Thorn urges the prisoners on, Bow admits he was wrong to doubt Espio. Vector points out that they've still got to make it through the outer gate and then through Deerwood Forest to escape to Hideaway. To his shock, Espio points out that the outer wall is being patrolled by G.O.O.N. robots. Vector is horrified -- there's no way they can get all the prisoners past all these enemy forces. Espio asks Bow if all the prisoners are accounted for, and if so, to close the gate behind them. Bow does so just as Lord Hood's forces begin to approach. Vector is at his wit's end -- he doesn't understand why Espio's plan was to trap them in the courtyard between doors full of enemy forces. Calm and collected, Espio holds up the Warp Ring -- with all of their enemies trapped behind the two walls, they're free to escape without risk. Alan and Thorn begin guiding the prisoners through the Warp Ring, with an embarrassed Vector admitting he keeps forgetting how useful the device is. Espio tells him not to worry about it, pointing out that Knuckles was once stuck in a death trap and forgot to use his own Warp Ring to escape, much to his later chagrin.

Lord Hood's forces start prying open their door, but it's too late -- the prisoners have all escaped, and the last of the Freedom Fighters are stepping through the Warp Ring. Bow mockingly thanks Hood for his hospitality, stepping through the closing ring just as the Legion's forces break through.

Later, safely back in Hideaway, Espio tells Charmy and Vector that he succeeded in finding out where Mighty had gone, much to their pleasure. Bow thanks the trio for their help, and asks if Espio had happened to come across any information regarding Rob's whereabouts. Thanks to the Eggnet, Espio was able to confirm that Rob and his family had not been captured -- the Eggman Empire lost track of them near Never Lake. This seems to hold some significance to Bow, and he shows some relief. Bow suggests that the Chaotix take the night to rest before heading out, but Vector insists that instead of resting, all the freed prisoners deserve a celebration.

The next day, the Chaotix arrive just outside of Sand Blast City. Charmy doesn't understand why they used the Warp Ring to teleport outside of the city instead of arriving closer, but Espio is wary of the Sand-Blasters. Vector thinks that he's overreacting, as the Sand Blasters are Freedom Fighters, but Espio has heard some less-than-encouraging things from Sonic the Hedgehog concerning the group. Vector blows him off, saying that Sonic gets into fights with everyone -- including Knuckles the Echidna. Suddenly, Vector jumps as laser fire strikes the ground before him. The Chaotix have been discovered by the Sand Blasters, and their leader, Jack Rabbit is suspicious. Suggesting that the Chaotix may be nothing more than "ingrates" who got lost in the desert hoping to join up with The Baron, he demands answers -- or he'll beat the answers out of them.

Off Panel[]

Espio, Alan and Thorn are performing at a concert, with Vector being the only one in the audience. They finish and bow to the audience, with Alan asking if Vector liked their music. Espio realizes that Vector is asleep and wearing his headphones. All three of them jump off the stage about to attack Vector.


  • Espio: Now we continue with our mission- as loud as possible!
  • Vector: I get where this is going. Let's find that computer room, boys!

Key Events[]

  • The Chaotix and the Mercian Freedom Fighters invade Snottingham Castle and get information from the Eggnet and rescue prisoners.
  • After they have escaped, the Chaotix leave via Warp Ring to the outside of Sand Blast City.

Background Information[]


The original cover for Sonic Universe Issue 47

  • The original cover for this issue featured Rob o'the Hedge, and would have been his first appearance since StH: #196. However, this cover was later replaced by one featuring the Chaotix and Lord Hood.
  • Vector utters the line "find the computer room" multiple times during the story. This is a reference to the video game Shadow the Hedgehog, where Vector would help Shadow and say the line to the player multiple times in the Cosmic Fall level.
  • One of the royal portraits on the wall of the castle bears a resemble to Amy Rose's classic look between STH: 25 and STH: 79. This may be a connection to her royal roots since Rob is her cousin.
  • A prisoner that the Mercian Freedom Fighters rescue resembles Yakko from the animated cartoon; "Animaniacs".
  • The "My Sonic Universe" letters page at the back of the issue indicated that Shard the Metal Sonic might be making an appearance in the "Endangered Species" arc, which occurred in the Sonic the Hedgehog issues at the time the Chaotix Quest Storyline was taking place in Sonic Universe.

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