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This issue takes place somewhere between Sonic the Hedgehog #242 and Sonic the Hedgehog #246
Sonic Universe
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Date Published 

November 2012

Production Staff

Ian Flynn


Archie Comics

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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 46 is the forty-sixth issue in the spin-off series Sonic Universe comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

"All for One" Part One: Months ago, Mighty and Ray went on a quest to find Mighty's sister. Now the Chaotix have grown worried for their missing friends, so they're off to investigate! Will they pick up the trail in Mercia? Or will the Dark Egg Legion close our heroes' investigation early?

Story One[]

"All for one" - Part 1

The Chaotix: Espio, Vector, and Charmy are under attack by the Mercia Dark Egg Legion in Deerwood Forest, Vector quckly grabs one of them and questions him about wherabouts of Mighty and Ray, as Espio fights back more legionnaires, he tells Vector to focus on their enemies first before they get captured and legionized. Charmy then spots something emerging from the woods, more legionnaires assisted by several new G.O.O.N. units, however the Mercian Freedom Fighters arrive to assist them, and with their help they defeat the Dark Egg Legion's forces and force them to retreat.

The 2 Teams get acquainted with one another when Espio mentions that according to his intelligence, the Mercian King was the Leader of the group, Bow Sparrow states that Rob and his family have gone into hiding and that he is leading the group in his stead. He also mentions that they fear the worst regarding the royal family, but are determined to carry on their struggle. Vector then explains that his team is on a quest to find their missing friends Mighty and Ray.

Later in Deerwood Forest's Hideaway, the two groups talk around a campfire, Vector remarking that these events remind him of their adventure in Downunda, much to Espio's confusion. It turns out the while searching for Mighty's sister, the two would send them letters via Warp Ring with reports of their progress, but recently they haven't heard back from them and the Warp Ring they used came back on its' own, with lead them to go searching for them, they started in Mercia since the last letter they got stated that Mighty and Ray were there since it was Mighty's birthplace.

Alan Quail tells them through song that they did come to Mercia and ended up in the same situation as the 3 of them did earlier, however due to Mighty's incredible strength they drove them back before the Freedom Fighters arrived, Alan and Bow ending the song with "And a hey nonny, nonny!" before Thorn tells them to simply tell them what happened in a non-musical manner.

They continue to explain that after they met up and Mighty found out that due to the action's of the Former King, his parents were subsequently sent to the dungeons for their crimes, which eventually led to Mighty's exile. However, Mighty stated that the past was behind him and he wanted to find his sister, so Friar Buck explains that before his roboticization he had a few records on her, revealing that she was an orphan until her own roboticization five years ago. Espio states that since she was alive at the time and roboticization preserved age until de-roboticization, after the Robian's were turned to normal the same must have happened to her.

They go on the explain that later that same night they planned to raid the castle to find more info on Mighty's sister, but the Dark Egg Legion attacked their home, forcing them to fight them off, Alan and Charmy ending the song with "And a hey nonny, nonny!" again, Alan then sings about how they fought back the forces with Vector Friar, and Bow joining in as well, much to Espio's annoyance, Bow then tells them that during the fight Bow and the Freedom Fighters covered Mighty and Ray while the 2 made their way to the Castle, and that was the last they saw of them.

Vector, Charmy, and Espio want to sneak into the Castle, but Buck reveals he has blueprints of it and that there's a secret passage that leads to the heart of it,the team agrees and the 2 groups team up to sneak in. Meanwhile inside the Castle, Mordred Hood is using his hypnotic powers on a prisoner, trying to find out the location of Hideaway with no progress, but suddenly a legionnaire tells him that they have intruders in the Catacombs, and Hood states thet he'll make sure they never leave....


Espio seriously states that Mighty and Ray have been gone too long and they must begin the search, Charmy pops up from behind the couch saying they're not behind there while Vector comes back from the kitchen with armfulls of food saying they're not in there either, much to Espio's annoyance.


Buck: Gentlemen, I suggest you retreat.  For though I am a man of peace...I'm afraid my compatriots are a little less restrained, m'lady.

Thorn: Pardon me, Friar!

Espio (seeing Vector staring at him while pondering about Mighty and Matilda): ...What?

Vector (accusingly): You're the super-secret ninja spy!  Why didn't you know all of this already?!

Espio: Ninjitsu doesn't equal "do anything" magic!

Espio (about the others singing): They're just going to keep going, aren't they?

Thorn: There's no stopping it.  At least your friends can carry a tune!

Mercian Legionnaire: Lord Hood!  The Freedom Fighters have breached the outer wall and are taking the inner passage to the heart of the castle!

Mordred Hood: Finally!  I've felt like an idiot, leaving that avenue open this long just to make a simple trap!

Key Events[]

  • Vector, Charmy, and Espio arrive in Mercia and join forces with the Mercian Freedom Fighters, and learn that Mighty and Ray recently passed through the area.
  • The royal family of Mercia-consisting of Robert O'Hedge, his wife Mari-An, and their son Jon-is revealed to have gone missing some time previously.
  • The group of allies make a plan to infiltrate Snottingham Castle to learn the fate of Mighty, Ray, and the royal family.
  • Mordred Hood learns of the invasion and prepares to capture the intruders.

Background Information[]

  • The cover of this issue is the first issue to feature the three current members of the Chaotix from the video games.
  • Off-panel artist Jon Gray posted lineart of an alternate off-panel strip for this issue on his DeviantArt page. The strip in question would've involved Vector attacking Rob'O the Hedge after mistaking him for Scourge the Hedgehog[1]
  • This is the first of five Sonic Universe issues to have a countdown to the Worlds Collide crossover on the cover.
  • This issue has generated fan controversy due to the issues surprising exclusion of Rob'O the Hedge and his family. Evidence that Rob was set to appear in the arc can be seen on the original cover for SU#47 (which would later be replaced by a different cover), while fans have pointed out that Bow and Thorn appear to be last minute stand-ins for Rob and Mari-An. It's been speculated that the absence of these characters is due to the ongoing legal battle between Archie and former Sonic comic writer Ken Penders, though no official explanation has been given as of yet.

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