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Sonic Universe
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Date Published 

October 17 2012

Production Staff
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  • Steve Downer
  • Steve Downer
  • Paul Kaminski

Archie Comics

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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 45 is the forty-fifth issue in the spin-off series Sonic Universe comic series.


Official Solitation[]

"Race for the Stars": It's a special tie-in event as Sonic Universe showcases Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed! Racers from across the SEGA games have come together for the second annual All-Stars Grand Prix! But the nefarious Dr. Eggman has joined the roster and plans on not only conqering the race, but multiple worlds as well!! It's the first game crossover event in Sonic Universe history - and it's ONLY available in this special stand-alone issue!

Story One[]

"Racing for the Stars"

In another time, another place...The second annual All-Stars Grand Prix is starting and stars from across Sega games have gathered to race. Aiai, Beat, Danica Patrick, Vyse and Tails are all chatting amongst themselves about the race and their worlds.As they finish their conversation, Eggman in his vehicle slams his car behind the starting line and gloats that he declares his entry into the Grand Prix. All of the racers comment that they have dealt with similar bad guys when Tails tells them that this year's race went out to everyone from last year and they had to include everyone to be fair. Eggman continues to mock them that after he wins, he will claim conquest of all of their worlds and Sonic's world will finally fall to him. He adds that they don't stand a chance, especially with Sonic not showing up. Suddenly, Sonic appears on the course after converting his plane into a car and knocks Eggman's vehicle out of the way and apologizes for being late noting that he didn't know if he wanted to be on foot or drive. Tails explains the situation to Sonic, but he is unphased and announces that they should start the race. All of the racers head into their vehicles and set off.  As the race continues, Eggman begins using dirty tricks to pass all of  the racers bumping them off the race track and launching missiles at everyone except Sonic. Eggman changes his racer into a boat and announces that "victory is as good as mine!". Sonic continues to be cocky about the race, but Tails convinces him to take it seriously to which he agrees. He addresses the other nearby racers that Eggman can't take them all on at once and that they should race together. They catch up with Eggman racing past him and distracting him, causing him to move to last place. Eggman becomes enraged and sends out a full missile assault on the racers. Vyse and Sonic destroy most of them, but the remaining missiles destroy the race track in front of them, sending them all off track except Eggman. He takes the lead and mocks that Sonic was too slow. Sonic looks annoyed and moves his vehicle faster and  catches up with Eggman, who is looking shocked. The other racers catch up and take Eggman down using their different abilities. Eggman flees from the defeat announcing that it isn't over. All of them head out of their vehicles and Sonic congratulates them on the race and says that "no wonder everyone calls us 'all-stars'!" Tails interrupts and states that they had already crossed the finish line and everyone is unsure who won the race. Sonic hops in his vehicle and yells that it means they are going to have to race more. Sonic leads the racers to another track and they all continue the race.

Off Panel[]

The Off Panel asks the question "It's a race. Why is Sonic in a car?" Meanwhile, Sonic, Tails and Vyse are preparing to start the race with Sonic not being in his vehicle. The race starts and Sonic unleashes a Sonic boom, leaving Vyse and Tails at the finish line. The answer is revealed to be; "because...then it's fair!". At the end of the finish line, Sonic is resting by a tree waiting for Vyse and Tails to cross the line to their annoyance, and Sonic has won in a time of 00:00:01. Sonic finishes the Off Panel holding a sign reading "You're too slow!"


Tails: Sonic! Dr. Eggman says he's going to conquer everyone's world after he wins the race!
Eggman: And I will, too! My tansforming racer can handle any terrain!
Sonic: Uh-huh. Does that thing run on denial? 

Dr. Eggman: I hate that rudie! And that fox! And that monkey! And that Sky-Pirate! And that Pro-Racer! AND MOST OF ALL...THAT HEDGEHOG!

Dr. Eggman: Sorry Sonic! You're too slow!
Sonic: Oh, no he didn't...

Key Events[]

  • The second annual All-Stars Racing Grand Prix begins.

Background Information[]

  • This is the first issue of Sonic Universe that is not in a story arc.
  • This issue is a tie-in to the videogame Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.
  • Danica Patrick's car is the only one that does not transform.
  • In Danica Patrick's car and her top of her shirt on her neck a text says Go Daddy.
  • To date, this is the first and only instance of a real-world celebrity appearing in an Archie Sonic title, with the appearance of NASCAR racecar driver Danica Patrick.
  • The last field Sonic and the stars plays in is the Death Egg Zone.

Cameos and References[]

  • Eggman using the phrase "You're too slow!" is a nod to one of Sonic's taunts in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • Each of the guest racers compares Eggman to a character from their home series. Aiai compares him to Dr. Bad-boon, the primary villain from Super Monkey Ball 2. Beat compares him to the Noise Tanks, a rival graffiti gang from Jet Set Radio consisting primarily of otakus with incredible tech skills. Vyse compares the doctor to Admiral De Loco, Valua's insane weapons researcher in Skies of Arcadia.

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