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Sonic Universe
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April 2012

Production Staff
Cover Artist

Jamal Peppers


Ian Flynn


Jamal Peppers


Archie Comics

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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 39 is the thirty ninth issue in the spin-off series Sonic Universe comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

Dr. Eggman has tracked his treasonous lackey, Snively, all the way to the Dragon Kingdom! Snively is out to rescue the love of his life, but will the embittered Iron Queen take him back? More importantly: will the Dragon Kingdom survive a visit from the good doctor?"

Story One[]

"Scrambled" - Part 3: Line in the Sand

Dr. Eggman is visiting Conquering Storm at the Iron Fortress in the Dragon Kingdom. She demonstrates the power of her people, who are sparring, but Eggman is only impressed so far. He orders her to Legionize them, not only herself. When she says that it would be an insult to her clan's pride, he threatens her and the entire clan. He leaves her with that thought to have a talk with Regina. As he leaves, one of the clan members reminds Conquering Storm that she helped Snively a few hours ago.

In Stormtop Village, Snively knocks out Liu Fang who was bringing Regina some food. She is a prisoner in a dried well. Snively descends and tells her of his leaving Eggman to rescue her. Regina nearly attacks him, spouting the truth that, when she was defeated, he ran right back to Eggman and that he would again. She coldly tells him to leave. As he leaves the well, the village's alarms are going off. Eggman's Stache Flyer is approaching, dropping bombs. Defiant, Snively runs to the woods where he has made preparations for the attack.

Eggman's robots chase down the village's people but are defeated by Monkey Khan. Khan drives straight for Eggman but is stopped by Mecha Sally. Leaving her to defeat Khan, Eggman finds Liu Chi Mei along with a group of captured villagers and who tell him where Regina is being kept. Mecha Sally, meanwhile, is having trouble against Khan, who is unwilling to attack her. He begins to hit her with lightning, trying to disable her. Eggman finds Regina's well and asks where Snively is, though she doesn't say. Sally attacks Khan with one final blast before shutting down and falling into his arms.

Worried, Khan turns to Eggman to discover the problem. He says that her power is low and that, within a few minutes, her reserve will also deplete and she'll be dead without another power ring. Khan gives up his crown, fashioned of a ring, and with it his powers. Sally jumps to life and grabs Khan by the throat. Orbot brings Eggman's Egg Mobile where a Command Crown is stashed. He fits it on Khan who is then put under his control.

Something shakes the land and the forest begins to fall apart. A giant suit of armor--the Iron Oni--leaves the forest's edge and scares off Eggman and his robots. The suit smashes Khan and Sally into some trees and pulls both the well and the prison cell attached to it from the ground. The Iron Oni breaks off a wall and Snively jumps in, again announcing his love and loyalty to Regina, this time describing all he's done in the past days. Regina forgives him and they kiss and then she commands him to destroy Dr. Eggman.

The Doctor, however, is prepared to fight back.

Off Panel[]

The Death Egg and Angel Island collide with each other in the sky. Eggman shouts from the control panel that Knuckles should watch where he's going because he had his turn signal on. Knuckles, who is piloting the island and wearing a hat and scarf, argues that he had the right of way calling Eggman a road-hog. Knuckles continues to shout censored texts at the Death Egg, while Eggman's bumper stickers are shown on the side of the craft.


  • Conquering Storm: We pride ourselves on our strengths, sir. To be legionized would go against our life's philosophy. It would be the ultimate dishonor to anyone lesser than me.
  • Eggman: Ahhh... I see now. And I don't care! You're part of my Dark Egg Legion. You're all to be Legionized. Otherwise, I'll wipe your clan off the map.
  • Liu Fang: Wake up, witch.  It's lunch time.  You're lucky Li Yuen is so gracious.  If it were up to me, we'd have refilled the well once you were-- (Snively knocks him out)
  • Regina: What's wrong, Liu Fang?  Have you lost the courage to insult your prisoner?

  • Monkey Khan (seeing Eggman): Eggman?!  He's here?!  Oh-ho-ho-ho!  Sweet revenge is finally mine!
  • Monkey Khan (as Mecha Sally attacks him): Sally?!
  • Eggman: "Mecha Sally" actually....still haven't come up with a good codename for her though...."Princess X"...."Egg Sally"....."Acorn Annihilator"......"Princessassin".....what do you think? 

  • Eggman (to the residents of Stormtop Village): Listen up!  We're going to play a little game.  I'm going ask you where the Iron Queen is being held, and every time you stall or delay, an Egg-Swat will shoot--
  • Female villager: She's in the dried up well at the end of the village.
  • Eggman (looks at her sourly, then walks away waving): You're no fun.

  • Orbot (after Eggman tersely has his Egg-Swats capture the villagers): That wasn't very sporting, boss.
  • Eggman: Yeah, but what are they going to do about it?
  • Eggman: Regina!  You're looking "well".  Ho-ho-ho!
  • Regina: Hilarious, doctor.

  • Eggman: You even have an interest in machines!  But then you have to ruin it with that horribly unscientific "techi-magic".
  • Regina: "Techno-mancy".  And it is an ancient art almost lost to our people.
  • Eggman: Yeah, well, good riddance.

  • Regina: Mmm--hmmm--hmmm--would my Snivy-Kins do just one more little thing for his adoring queen?
  • Snively: Anything, my sweet!  Just name it!
  • Regina: DESTROY DR. EGGMAN!!
  • Snively: With pleasure!
  • Orbot: It's been nice working with you, boss.
  • Eggman: Oh-ho-ho!  I've not yet begin to fight!

Key Events[]

  • Monkey Khan falls under Dr.Eggman's control
  • Snively frees the Iron Queen using the Iron-Oni
  • Snively and the Iron Queen kiss and make up
  • Eggman and Snively prepare to fight.

Background Information[]

  • On the cover, Eggman's badges are based on: Sega Saturn logo, Ghostbusters logo (replacing the ghost with Sonic), an Eggman bomb from Sonic 2 on the final boss, and the Death Egg 2.
  • The logo for the issue number is changed, this goes also for the regular series.
  • When Eggman finds where Regina is being kept, he is heard humming his theme song from the games: "E.G.G.M.A.N."
  • This issue is the first time Eggman uses his distinct "Ho-Ho-Ho" laugh from the video games.
  • This issue marked the final appearances of The Bride of Conquering Storm, Lui Fang, Lui Chi Mei, and Li Moon before removal of the old reality characters due to the reboot.

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