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Sonic Universe
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Date Published 

December 2011

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Tracy Yardley
  • Matt Herms
  • Tracy Yardley
  • Paul Kaminski

Archie Comics

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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 35 is the thirty fifth issue in the spin-off series Sonic Universe comic series.


Official Solicitation[]

The Babylon Rogues and the Battle Bird Armada - united?! And why is this awkward allegiance moving in to attack New Mobotropolis when they're really searching for the fabled Babylon Garden? The skies erupt in battle as Sonic and Jet finally have their rematch! The surprises keep coming right through to the shocking final assault!

Story One[]

"Babylon Rising" - Part Three

As the Battle Bird Armada draws near New Mobotropolis, NICOLE activates the city's force field. Tails contemplates that he should have been nicer to the Armada and Rotor asks NICOLE to finish the repairs on the Tornado. NICOLE has a breakdown, the city wants her offline and Sally's gone, but Rotor asks her for one more favor.

On the Battle Fortress, the Battle Lord asks Dr. Fukurokov for a sitrep and the doctor tells him that they gathered plenty of information of the city since their encounter with Tails. He reveals his knowledge about the nanite city, NICOLE and the city's force field security. The Battle Lord tells the doctor that all he wants to know is will his new gadget work, which the doctor stakes his life on that it will work. He asks the newly rejoined Babylon Rogues if they're ready, which they are. The Battle Lord riles his troops with a speech saying Babylon Garden is under their enemies home and that they will have their revenge and begins their assault. Wave flies over New Mobotropolis and activates Dr. Fukurokov's gadget that shuts down the force field.

Elias tells everyone to get to the evacuation points, but he is met with skepticism as he is no longer king and may no longer be on the Council of Acorns. Rotor, wearing his nanite battle suit, helps Elias get the citizens out and then goes support the rest of the Freedom Fighters. They are soon met by the Babylon Rogues and Sonic leaves the rest to fight them. As Amy, Rotor and Tails fight the rest of the Battle Birds, Tails wonders if they're looking for something. As the team prepare to resume the battle, the new king, Ixis Naugus enters the fight argueing with his inner demons, the Ixis Wizards.

Outside the city, Sonic asks the Babylon Rogues why are they working with the Armada, they refuse to answer. Sonic tells them that Naugus is going to take down the Armada with his magicks. Jet then uncovers the Gravity Ring under his glove.

On the Battleship, Naugus plots to crystalize it and make it his flagship to spread his reign to the rest of Mobius. He then is confronted by a mockingly polite Battle Lord. After introducing themselves, the Battle Lord tells Naugus that he, unlike Naugus or Dr. Fukurokov, relies on brute force right as he gut punches the wizard king.

As the city is evacuated, Antoine carries out the newly de-roboticized Bunnie. Geoffrey St. John, who awaiting his trial for treason begs to be able to help fight, but is denied by Elias. Antoine tells Elias the royal family is sheltering the citizens. Elias then calls a saddened NICOLE and asks if the "city restore point" Rotor suggested before the attack is ready. NICOLE confirms it and Elias is somewhat relieved because the nanite should be able to repair the damage to the city. He then asks NICOLE did she upload herself to the Freedom HQ servers with no answer from NICOLE. Elias tries to comfort NICOLE about the situation with his sister but she leaves.

As the Battle Lord continues to pummel Naugus on the flight deck, Tails prepares to land on it. He is suddenly picked up by Speedy who informs Tails his dad wants to dig up something under the city.

Babylon Rogues has kept Sonic distracted enough so Jet uses the Gravity Ring to encase Sonic in a force field. As Speedy and Tails battle and Ixis Naugus continues to be pummeled by the Battle Lord, the Battleship moves into firing position over Castle Acorn. After defeating Naugus, the Battle Lord contemplates the coincidence of Babylon Garden being under the city. Speedy throws Tails at Naugus and both are shoved off the Battleship by the Battle Lord, although Tails is caught by Rotor. Sonic escapes the force field and rushes back to the city.

As the citizens of New Mobotropolis watch, Ixis Naugus begins to pick himself up and NICOLE uploads herself up to Freedom HQ, the Battle Bird's Battleship destroys Castle Acorn.

Off Panel[]

The Off Panel introduces a fight between Ixis Naugus and the Battle Lord for one issue only in...the ugliest leader contest. The last panel shows both Naugus and the Battle Lord pulling faces at the reader, with Scratch, Grounder and Robotnik smiling to the reader. Sonic crying in the background that "no matter who wins, we all lose".


"Will your gadget work as you claim?"

"Of course! I would stake my life upon it!"

"Indeed, dear doctor. You are doing just that." -The Battle Lord to Dr. Fukurokov

"This is not the time for debate! It's time for action! Now MOVE IT!" -Rotor to the citizens

"You rely on magic to achieve your goals. My chief engineer relies entirely on his machines. My preferred means to an end, brute force" -Battle Lord to Ixis Naugus

"I wonder if it was mere chance or some intelligent design that has placed your metropolis atop an ancient relic of unfathomable power. Regardless, I must retrieve what is mine, and what is yours is all that stands in my way." -Battle Lord to Ixis, regarding the location of Babylon Garden

Key Events[]

  • Courtesy of Team Freedom and Elias Acorn, the citizens of New Mobotropolis evacuate.
  • Castle Acorn, and seemingly New Mobotropolis is destroyed by the Battle Bird Armada.

Background Information[]

  • In an interview with Matt Herms, he said the front cover was inspired by the scenic poster of the movie Independence Day. Also, the destruction of Castle Acorn is strikingly similar to a cut-scenes in the video-game Shadow the Hedgehog when the White House was destroyed by a similar green colored laser by the Black Arms.
  • This issue marks the first appearance of "The Pit" in New Mobotropolis, which would be later used as Ixis Naugus' secret base.
  • The Off Panel shows Scratch, Grounder and the original design of Robotnik dressed as Momma Robotnik. All of these characters have been seen in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon.
  • While fighting the Battle Birds, Rotor makes a reference to the game Angry Birds.
  • Because this issue takes place after Sonic #232, Bunnie is shown to be de-roboticized. However, because this issue was released before the former, this is the first time her de-roboticization is revealed to the reader.


  • When the Battle Lord introduces himself to Ixis Naugus, he mistakenly refers himself as the 14th Battle Kukku.
  • In this issue Doctor Quack was seen with both his eyes despite him having worn an eye-patch since before Sonic returned from space. Writer and artist Tracy Yardley confirmed that this was a mistake on his part.

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