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This issue takes place at roughly the same time as Sonic the Hedgehog #213 and Sonic the Hedgehog #214.
Sonic Universe
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Date Published 

September 2010

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Tracy Yardley
Cover Colorist
  • Ben Hunzeker
  • Ian Flynn
  • Tracy Yardley
  • Ben Bates (Off Panel)
  • Jim Amash
  • Phil Felix
  • Jason Jensen
  • Paul Kaminksi (Off Panel)
  • Paul Kaminski
Managing Editor
  • Mike Pellerito
Editor in Chief
  • Victor Gorelick

Archie Comics

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Battle Fortress

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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 20 is the twentieth issue of the Sonic Universe spin-off series.


Official Solicitation[]

Deep in the enemy base, Tails and his friends fight to survive the assault from the terrible Mole Mech! But even if they come out on top, do they stand a chance of escaping with their lives? Don't miss the thrilling conclusion!

Story One[]

"Trouble in Paradise" - Part 4

Tails and Antoine have been cornered in the storage room of the Battle Bird Armada's Battle Fortress by the Mole Mech and Dr. Fukurokov. Fukurokov gloats that the "flightless fiends" will cower before his unstoppable fighting machine. Bunnie comes back from the Mole Mech's punch, albeit hurt. Tails yells that they can take care of the Mole Mech, but they are then attacked by the machine. Dr. Fukurokov continues to gloat that he's built his fair share of machines for the Battle Bird Armada, but that the Mole Mech is the finest of them all. He also gloats that soon the world will tremble at his name. Antoine makes a side comment that they might, but they won't be able to pronounce it. Tails dodges two lasers from the Mole Mech and tells Bunnie that they need it blinded for a minute. Bunnie blasts the Mole Mech with her cannon into a thick chain and regroups with Antoine, Tails and T-Pup. Tails says that Antoine and Bunnie should attack the areas he pointed out before, while he takes care of Mole Mech. Bunnie compliments his braveness, but is worried if Tails can take it by himself. T-Pup hands Tails a wrench, and Tails explains that with this and the demolition charges that he took and stored in T-Pup, he can. Dr. Fukurokov has had enough of the Mole Mech trying to break free from the chain and commands the machine to destroy them. Tails uses a map from T-Pup and tells Bunnie to fly to the higher regions, while Antoine should use his armada saber to cut through the lower cables. While trying to free itself, the Mole Mech accidentally takes the entire chain out of its supports. Tails, Bunnie and Antoine break away and begin their attack.

Both Tails and T-Pup dodge the Mole Mech's punches and its lasers, while inflicting damage to the machine. Dr. Fukurokov yells at them to stop marring his "killer walking armor", and then turns around and yells at Bunnie, who is destroying some of the room's walls and technology. As T-Pup drops bombs onto the Mole Mech, Tails uses his wrench to screw loose several of the mech's bolts and Antoine tears apart some cables with his sabre. Bunnie and Antoine's attacks cause flames to start up in the room while T-Pup runs out of bombs and Tails flies up to Dr. Fukurokov, telling him to call off the Mole Mech if he doesn't want to see it destroyed. However, the Mole Mech suddenly grabs the young fox, smashing one of T-Pup's legs in the process. Fukurokov boasts that nothing can destroy his creation, but Tails just tosses his wrench at the machine. This--combined with the loose bolts--causes the mech to fall apart into pieces. Fukurokov yells in disbelief just before an alarm starts up. The doctor then flees, shouting to Tails that he has earned his hatred for life. Tails begins to chase the elderly owl, but then hears a voice from inside the Mole Mech's remains and realizes that Speedy had been piloting it. He quickly opens up the mech and pulls out Speedy, who had been coughing due to the smoke in the room. Speedy soon regains his senses and compliments Tails on his fighting skills, as the fox formally introduces himself. Tails then tells Speedy that they can try to be friends, but Speedy declines and smacks Tails away. He then warns Tails that he and his friends should get out soon before leaving himself as the fortress starts to rumble.

Tails then notices T-Pup's smashed leg and picks him up as Bunnie lands near the two, carrying Antoine. Tails tells the others that they need to get back to the under-tunnel, and all four rush past several birds going the opposite direction. They end up in front of an elevator, but more birds run out and past the group. The group then heads inside the elevator and starts going down, Antoine shouting that they must go up. Bunnie comforts him just as the elevator suddenly stops before reaching the under-tunnel. Bunnie and Antoine open the elevator door, and Tails leads them down the rest of the way to the under-tunnel, which is now collapsing. Tails claims that this is "perfect", and Bunnie asks him if he's lost his mind. Antoine then points out that with them under the ocean and the island sinking, they'll be buried alive. However, Tails tells the two that the island isn't sinking, and that it's not really an island. Just then, a part of a nearby wall collapses, making a hole leading outside. The group flies out and sees that the entire island was actually the Battle Fortress in disguise, and that it's now floating into the air as debris falls off of it. As the group flies in the air, Tails notes that he knew the entire island was really the Battle Fortress in disguise when he saw the fortress schematics. Bunnie compliments him while Antoine asks if they can praise Tails on the ground, looking rather sick.

Back aboard the Battle Fortress--which is now floating over the ocean way from Cocoa Island--Speedy and Dr. Fukurokov are both in Battlekukku XV's throne room, where Battlekukku yells at Speedy for not telling him that Bunnie was a Freedom Fighter. He then tells Fukurokov that--as punishment--he will have to repair the fortress by himself. Battlekukku begins to talk about how the mission was a "complete failure" and that if the armada is going to be better, they need to get back those who have left it so that they will be back at full strength. Once then, they will overthrow the Eggman Empire and conquer Mobius. Battlekukku then holds up a hologram of Tails, saying that "this little brat will pay dearly." Speedy tells the Battle Lord that his name is Miles Prower, although he is called "Tails" by his friends. Unbeknownst to the birds, the Babylon Rogues' zeppelin is not far away from their fortress. Inside, Storm points out the Battle Fortress, saying that it isn't at Cocoa Island like Jet thought. Wave notes that the fortress is dropping debris and venting fuel, and asks Jet if he thinks that another group of rogues was responsible. He asks who cares and then says that only the Rogues can touch the relics of Babylon, and that they are going to "remind our old buddies why that is."

That night, on Cocoa Island, Tails, Antoine, Bunnie, and a repaired T-Pup are all inside Tails' workshop, the former three drinking some hot cocoa while Antoine also admires his armada-issued sabre, thinking of starting a collection. Bunnie says that "all's well that ends well" and says that Tails did especially well. Tails says that he couldn't have done it without Bunnie and Antoine, and all three have a toast to a "real vacation!"

Off Panel[]

The Off Panel is the audition of the new villain for the Trouble In Paradise arc. Battlekukku XV says that they are a group of birds with high tech gear. Jet the Hawk coughs in the background to bring attention to the fact that the Babylon Rogues already fill that gap. Nervously, Battlekukku says that he is an eccentric tyrant with an army of robots and cyborgs, and then Dr. Eggman coughs to bring attention to himself. Finally, he says the Battle Bird Armada has a floating island base, so Knuckles the Echidna clears his throat. Battlekukku then points out that theirs is metal and armed with cannons, apparently proving that they are indeed cool.

Key Events[]

  • Tails and T-Pup destroy the Mole Mech.
  • The Battle Bird Armada's Battle Fortress is severely damaged.
  • Tails, Antoine and Bunnie escape the Battle Bird Armada and return to their vacation.
  • The Babylon Rogues confront the Battle Bird Armada.


  • Dr. Fukurokov: One day soon, the world will tremble at the name of Dr. Fukurokov!
  • Antoine: Perhaps, but zey won't be able to pronounce it...

  • Dr. Fukurokov: No! No!! Inconceivable! ...Inconceivable... Inconceivable... Inconceivable...
  • Tails: You keep saying that word. I don't think you know what it means!

  • Bunnie: (as she watches the fortress rise from the air) The whole durn island was a fortress?
  • Tails: Sure was! I figured it out when I looked over those schematics you gave me!
  • Bunnie: Y'all only looked at them for two minutes, at most! That's amazin'!
  • Tails: Aw, well...not if you know what to look for...
  • Antoine: (nervously) Can we be praising Tails on ze ground? S'il vous plait?

Background Information[]

  • This will be the conclusion of the adaption of the classic Tails Adventure game.
  • This issue will include the printing of the 4 winners of the Tails Fan Art Contest.
  • Dr. Fukurokov and Tails' exchange regarding the word "inconceivable" is likely a nod to the film The Princess Bride.

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