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This issue takes place at roughly the same time as Sonic the Hedgehog #213 and Sonic the Hedgehog #214.
SU 19 Cover
Sonic Universe
Publication Details


Date Published 

August 2010

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Tracy Yardley
Cover Colorist
  • Ben Hunzeker
  • Ian Flynn
  • Tracy Yardley!
  • Ben Bates (Off Panel)
  • Jim Amash
  • Phil Felix
  • Jason Jensen
  • Paul Kaminski (Off Panel)
  • Paul Kaminski
Managing Editor
  • Mike Pellerito
Editor in Chief
  • Victor Gorelick

Archie Comics

Special Thanks

To Cindy Chau and Jerry Chu at SEGA licensing

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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 19 is the nineteenth issue of the Sonic Universe spin-off series.


Official Solicitation[]

Things heat up in this island adventure, the penultimate installment of Tails' exotic voyage! With Antoine's ultimate fate revealed, Tails and Bunnie leap into action. As they prepare for an all-out assault on the Battle Bird Armada, the villains are setting their final trap. Will the brave duo foil the fiendish plot?

Story One[]

"Trouble in Paradise" - Part 3

Having thrown himself out a hatch on the Battle Bird Armada's Battle Fortress Bunnie stares horrified at her husband plummeting to his "death" in the depths, immediately she turns to the Battle Bird soldiers and furiously complains about years worth of hard work being ruined and that they `can't keep one li'l ol' prisoner captive!` After a brief stare down with Speedy she storms off to have a word with the Battle Lord. Speedy follows her with his eyes, unconvinced.

Meanwhile Antoine, not wet at all, is enjoying the comfortable cushion in the Sea Fox. After updating each other on the enemy and T-Pup they anchor the Sea Fox to the island and takes off to find a way into the island/fortress.

While searching for a way inside on the island, Antoine reminds Tails of the time he went adventuring to Downunda, unknowingly angering Tails. He politely tells Antoine to be quiet and continue looking for a way inside, which T-Pup announces he has found ("yip-yip!") They enter the tunnel, but Antoine questions the need to go underground to find the birds.

Meanwhile, Speedy enter's Dr. Fukurokov's workshop and says he needs to use his computer. Fukurokov, angered by this, immediately starts complaining about the "lack of respect" he receives, and how nobody remembers his name. Speedy replies that he does, although he does not know how to pronounce it properly. Fukurokov questions himself, asking why he spends his time with the Battle Bird Armada if he gets no respect, while Speedy replies that if he didn't, he wouldn't have found what he was looking for.

Using the computer, Speedy discovers that Bunnie is not a member of the Dark Egg Legion, and was half-robotocized before there was even a Dark Egg Legion. Fukurokov expresses disgust at the concept of Robotocization, referring to it as "rule-bending, pseudo-science, magiteck malarkey" Speedy says that the Battle Lord is being deceived, and wonders out loud how to stop her. Fukurokov says to him that whatever it is it should be quiet and away from him, although Speedy then looks up and says that he has exactly what he needs.

Tails and Antoine are searching the tunnels. Antoine asks if Tails thinks that somebody had been there before them. Tails says that he has found a lot of ancient architecture carved into the caves, but he does not know who did it. The voice of two nearby B.B.A troops startles Antoine, who has to be silenced by Tails putting his hand over his mouth before he alerts them to their presence. They hide, and listen to the troops discussing a planned demolition. in the middle of talking, they are beaten down by Tails and Antoine, jumping up from undercover and knocking them out then tying them up.

Tails detonates the explosives the troops were carrying, through the hole they created, they discover the "undertunnel" that one of the B.B.A troops mentioned earlier, Antoine noting that a whole army could be moved through there. A group of B.B.A troops are there waiting for them though, saying that they should not be there. Tails, Antoine and T-Pup decide to "move them down a peg"

Meanwhile, Speedy witnesses a Warning message from the computer, pointing out the location where the detonation occured. he contacts the Battle Lord and says he believes that Tails is mounting an assault on their base from their own invasion conduit. the Battle Lord merely says that he knows and he has sent the "D.E.L Liaison" to investigate and for him to not interfere. Speedy expresses his frustration, saying he is merely "uniting our enemies". Fukurokov asks whether he should then stop his upgrades. Speedy says no to him, saying everything should proceed as planned. Fukurokov says that his latest creation shall be his finest yet.

Elsewhere, Tails and Antoine are about to be subdued by the troops they are fighting, but Bunnie makes a grand entrance, defeating the last troop. Bunnie and Antoine reunite, Antoine apologizes for his "little act" earlier (jumping into the water, earlier in the issue) while Bunnie compliments him on his quick thinking. Bunnie then hugs Tails, thanking him for saving the day and for saving "sugah-twan", she then gives him a chip containing the schematics of the entire base. He puts the chip inside T-Pup, and he projects the schematics as a hologram. Tails announces they need to shut the B.B.A down before they do any real harm, although Antoine counters with the fact they ruined his honeymoon, so they have already done real harm.

They decide to strike at the storage bay to weaken the integrity of the entire base, plowing through an entire squad of B.B.A troops to reach their destination. once they arrive, Dr. Fukurokov announces his presence and says that he will not allow them to destroy his base. Tails counters that he cannot stop them, and then along with Bunnie and Antoine attempt and fail to pronounce his name, which visibly frustrates him, making him yell "Just attack them already!"

They find themselves under attack from a robot--the Mole Mech-- in the shadows, and Tails attempts to get Fukurokov to call it off it almost ends in him being swatted from the sky by the machine's fist. Antoine notices that it is the mech from last night's raid at the beach, and Bunnie engages it, announcing that this time she is ready for it, but the Mole Mech knocks her into a wall. Antoine charges it, but Tails pushes him down to avoid laser fire. They look up, and Fukurokov boasts that his mech is "the greatest war machine ever constructed." He gives an evil laugh as the issue ends on a cliffhanger.

Off Panel[]

The Off Panel is a re-enactment of the scene at the beginning of the issue, but instead Bunnie manages to catch Antoine, and he says "Well, zis is anti-climactic." Tails then says that she should "Just drop him and get it over with already!"


  • Antoine: (to Tails, whom he is sitting on) Zut alors! Zat was magnificent! Your timing was impeachable!
  • Tails: "Impeccable"
  • Antoine: Oui, zat, but oh, what a cunning plan I came up with in just the nicking of time!
  • Tails: Uh-huh. Antoine?
  • Antoine: Oui?
  • Tails: GET OFF ME!

  • Antoine: I am not making ze fun! You have fought bravely and truly and are a big boy now! Who is ze manly man? You are! Yes, you are! (rubs Tails on the head)
  • Tails: (indignantly) Antoine! How. About. We. Look. For. A. Way. Into. The. Base. And. Help. Bunnie?
  • Antoine: Hmm? But of course. That is what we are doing now, mm?

  • Bunnie: (to T-Pup) Aww! Look atcha! Did you build this li'l cutie? What am ah sayin'? Of course you did. Who's a cutie robot puppy? You are! Yes you are!

  • Tails: You can't stop us, Doctor
  • Antoine: Coo-foo-craw?
  • Bunnie: Foo-coo-clock?
  • Dr. Fukurokov: It's not that really isn't that hard... (to the Mole Mech) JUST ATTACK THEM ALREADY!

Key Events[]

  • Bunnie's cover is blown.
  • Tails and Antoine infiltrate the Battle Bird base.
  • Tails, Antoine and Bunnie regroup.
  • Tails, Bunnie and Antoine are confronted by Dr. Fukurokov and his Mole Mech.

Background Information[]

  • This will be the 3rd comic continuation of the adaption of the classic Tails Adventure game.
  • This is the first Sonic Universe issue to have a speech bubble on the cover.
  • Antoine's pose on the cover is a clear parody of one of Napoleon Bonaparte's famous portraits.
  • When this issues cover was first posted on the Archie Comics website, the patch of sunscreen on Antoine's snout was originally miscolored brown. This was corrected to being clear blue on it's preview and official release.
  • While the Mole Mech was not referred to as such by any of the characters, the teaser at the end of the story referred to it by this name.
  • On the cover, Antoine is shown with his soldier outfit, but in the issue he's not.
  • In the display issue above, Antoine's floatie is pink, while in the actual cover it is green
  • When it was included in the Sonic Universe Graphic Novel Series, the cover of this issue was modified: the speech bubble and arrow with text were removed, and Antoine's flotation toy was colored green with white spots.

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