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Sonic Super Special
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Date Published 

April 1998

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
Cover Colorist
  • Justin Freddy Gabrie
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic Super Special Issue 5 was the fifth issue of the Sonic Super Specials.


Story One[]

"When You and I Were Young, Sally"

Several years in the past, Rosie Woodchuck walks into her hut in Knothole Village and finds Princess Sally and her friends causing a ruckus. She tells the children to head outside and play, but while the kids run away Julayla takes Sally aside for her next lesson. Sally acknowledges that she can't go play with her friends, but Julayla explains that she meant her adventures with her friends would make for a great learning experience and lets her continue to play with the other children.

Boomer and Antoine watch Sonic play a game of basketball by himself while Sally and Miles have a talk. Miles tells Sally that he doesn't think he'll ever be as cool as Sonic. Sally tells him that everyone has their own talent; she's good at learning from Julayla, Sonic has incredible speed, Boomer is good with machinery, and Antoine has an amazing French accent. Sonic points out that Miles is more unique than anyone else with his twin tails and spins him around, teaching him to use them like helicopter blades. Miles is thrilled to be able to fly, but finds himself unable to control his direction and lands deep in the Great Forest.

Using Boomer's sextant, the others track down Miles and hear noises coming out of a hollow tree stump. Their combined weight is too much for the soft ground below, causing it to collapse underneath them. They find themselves in an underground cavern with Miles. Boomer thinks the place would make for a great clubhouse, but Sally sees it more like a secret headquarters. Sally proposes they call themselves the Freedom Fighters and prepare themselves to defend Mobius. The group agrees, and Sally gives the group their first mission: getting out of the cavern. Miles flies up and drops the group a vine to climb to the surface with and Sonic nicknames him "Tails". Free from the cavern, the group begins their journey to become the heroes of Mobius.

Story Two[]

"Stop... Sonic Time!" - Part 1

In Knothole Village, a group of young Mobians ask Sonic a bunch of questions. When a little girl asks him where she can get shoes like his, Sonic explains that his Uncle Chuck made them for him using Power Rings, preventing the soles from ever burning out. He tells them that the only person with similar shoes is Tails and begins recounting how Tails got his shoes.

Years ago, Antoine gave Tails a shiny metal as a present for acing all of Rosie's tests. He began bragging about how he received his metal for his noble actions, but Boomer pointed out that it was his father's. Tails was upset that Sonic hasn't shown up to congratulate him yet, but Sally assured him that Sonic would meet up with them soon. Meanwhile, Sonic met with a mysterious man in Robotropolis, who gave him a pair of shoes for Tails in exchange for a bag of stones. Sonic sped off, and Merlin was happy to be able to give his nephew a gift from the shadows.

At the same time, Dr. Robotnik and Snively prepared their time immobilizing ray, which would freeze the residents of the Great Forest and allow them to simply grab all of the Mobians and Roboticize them. Cluck fired the beam at the Great Forest as Sonic watched it fly overhead.

"Stop... Sonic Time!" - Part 2

Sonic arrived in Knothole and noticed the frozen Mobians. He set off to get the villagers lingering in the forest back to Knothole, but found Dr. Robotnik, Snively, Crabmeat, and a swarm of SWATbots already loading the frozen Mobians up. Sonic hid Tails' present under some leaves and pretended to be frozen, hoping the 'bots would take him to Robotnik's HQ where he could reverse the effects of the ray. Snively saw him standing still nearby and fell for Sonic's trap.

"Stop... Sonic Time!" - Part 3

Sonic found himself in Dr. Robotnik's lair, placed on a pedestal like a statue, while Robotnik decided to monologue at length about plans to rule Mobius. Sonic jumped off the pedestal, pulled Robotnik's mustache, and pressed every button in the room he could find. The Mobians were unfrozen, the prisoners escaped, and Snively and his robot goons were frozen in their place. Dr. Robotnik ordered his SWATbots to fire at Sonic, but they accidentally shot the time immobilizing ray, destroying it. As Sally began to explain to Tails why Sonic hadn't shown up, Sonic appeared. Realizing he forgot to grab the present, he asked Tails to close his eyes and grabbed the shoes back in the Great Forest. Sally pulled Sonic aside, wanting to know why he was so late, but Sonic told her he'd only explain if she had the "time" and laughed at his own joke. Sonic ends his story, but finds that all of the young Mobians have fallen asleep.

Story Three[]

"Total Re-Genesis" - Part 1

Sonic, Antoine, and Sally wearily walk away from a fight with a Combot. Uncle Chuck contacts Sonic via his wrist communicator, telling him that their transmission was scrambled during their encounter. Sally, Antoine, and Sonic take turns trying to tell Uncle Chuck that they had an encounter with a giant Combot which had reactivated itself after its supposed destruction.

Sally takes over explaining, telling Chuck that the robot rose from its supposed grave and fired a laser at the group. Sonic and Antoine were knocked out by the blast and Sally had to carry them to safety. She then attempted to distract the robot, but latched on to her leg with a metal clamp. As she clawed at a steep ledge, Sally noticed a boulder above and shot it loose with her phaser, causing it to fall on the Combot and destroy it.

"Total Re-Genesis" - Part 2

Antoine interjects, thinking Sally is mistaken, and explains his version of the story. After the explosion, Sonic and Sally were knocked unconscious. The Combot still had a full body and giant claws on its fists. He engaged it in a sword fight, but the Combot used cloaking technology to make itself invisible. Listening closely to its sounds and watching the footprints it left in the ground, Antoine launched another attack and finished the Combot off once and for all.

"Total Re-Genesis" - Part 3

Sonic decides to tell Uncle Chuck his version of the battle, explaining that after the blast Sally helped him to his feet and Antoine hid like a coward behind a rock. Sally begged Sonic to defeat the Combot because he's so cool. The Combot, now with cannon arms, launched a net at Sonic. Sonic decided to spin around and destroyed the net. The Combot was shocked, its knees quaking, and Sonic smashed through its legs. With only the top half of the robot floating in the air, Sonic launched himself at the robot, which was destroyed in a fiery explosion.

"Total Re-Genesis" - Epilogue

The group babbles amongst themselves, unwilling to believe each other's stories, when Uncle Chuck demands they quiet down. Using NICOLE's uplink to spy sattelites, they discover what really happened. NICOLE displays the satellite video footage, which shows Sonic breaking off the Combot's legs and kicking dirt into the machine's exposed circuitry. Antoine then cut through its circuits with his rapier. Sally then used her phraser to send a boulder toppling down on the Combot, destroying it. Uncle Chuck congratulates the group for finally getting a hang of teamwork. They agree, but end up getting into yet another argument.


  • Sally: "No...we'll be...'The Freedom Fighters!'"
  • Sonic: "'Freedom Fighters?' That's a little extreme, don't you think?"

  • Giant, Soon-To-Be-Crushed Combot: "MO-THER."

Key Events[]

  • The Knothole Freedom Fighters are formed.

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