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This issue takes place between Sonic the Hedgehog #87Sonic the Hedgehog #88
Sonic Super Special
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Date Published 

June 2000

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
Cover Colorist
  • Justin Freddie Gabrie
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic Super Special Issue 14 was the fourteenth issue of the Sonic Super Specials.


Story One[]

Law of the Land - Part I: "Legal Hassle!"

Sonic and Sally walk through the forest, talking about how boring things have been, when a Zone Portal opens in front of them. A pair of Echidna Enforcers emerge, place Sonic under arrest, knock Sally unconscious and drag Sonic through the portal to Litigopolis. Sonic notices that they appear to be approaching Castle Acorn and asks if King Acorn is to be his judge. The enforcers explain that the king is serving a thousand-year sentence and bring Sonic before the judge of Litigopolis.

J.U.D.G.E. -- the Judgmental Unrelenting Digitized Government Enforcer, whose digital avatar is the spitting image of Julian Kintobor -- is pleased to see that their rabble rouser has finally be apprehended. J.U.D.G.E.'s right hand man, Johnny Snively, explains that he'll serve as the prosecutor for Sonic's trial. Sally McAcorn arrives on the scene and volunteers for the defense.

Ten hours later, Sonic is let out on bail. McAcorn explains that things usually take longer, prompting Sonic to ask why the laws in this Zone are so out of control. She tells him that, due to the absurdly high crime rate in the city, King Acorn imposed incredibly strict laws to make people respect the consequences of their actions. Unfortunately, normal citizens were affected as well. Anyone could be sued for nearly anything, causing fear to spread over the city.

In response, the king commissioned Robotnik Enterprises to create J.U.D.G.E. to serve as the city law enforcer and record keeper. The program immediately overthrew the government, the Echidna Enforcers replaced the police, and the king was imprisoned. Sonic asks why no one has tried to turn J.U.D.G.E off, and McAcorn explains that the citizens are too afraid that they'll get caught and be imprisoned. Sonic rushes off, heading to the Castle to shut J.U.D.G.E. off. On the way, he sets off an alarm and is surrounded by Johnny and the enforcers.

Law of the Land - Part Two: "Bad Boys, Bad Boys...Whatcha Gonna Do?"

Sonic makes his escape, much to the chagrin of Lieutenant Knuckles. Johnny assures him that they'll find the troublemaker soon enough. At her office, Sally McAcorn shows Sonic a video of Anti-Sonic committing the crime that Sonic was arrested for, taped by one of the many amateur cameramen working to record potential crimes in the city. She explains that the evidence would have saved Sonic, but trying to shut down J.U.D.G.E. counts as treason.

Sonic is frustrated and tries to figure out what to do next, but McAcorn warns that if he keeps acting rashly it will likely upset J.U.D.G.E. Sonic realizes something once she says this and heads off to break the system in his own way. Sonic begins defacing public property and jaywalking while Johnny and the J.U.D.G.E. watch from security cameras, overjoyed that they'll be able to charge him with even more crimes. However, Sonic starts moving around the streets rapidly, invading people's personal space and committing so many misdemeanors at once that J.U.D.G.E. can't keep up and explodes.

Sonic congratulates himself on his triumph, only for Lieutenant Knuckles to arrive to arrest him. McAcorn knocks him out with her briefcase. Johnny is arrested while McAcorn thanks Sonic for giving Litigopolis an opportunity to adopt a fair legal system. She asks how Sonic will return home with the Zone Portal technology destroyed when Zonic arrives, dragging Sonic back to Mobius before McAcorn can reward his heroics with a kiss.

Story Two[]

"Best of Times, Worst of Times" - Prologue

Knuckles runs for his life through the forests of the Floating Island, trying to escape a massive ball of energy engulfing everything. Forced to jump off the edge, he falls into the ocean below and washes up on a piece of debris.

"Best of Times, Worst of Times" - Chapter 1

Some time earlier, Knuckles and the Chaotix attend Lara-Le and Wynmacher's wedding. Knuckles wishes his mother and stepfather well while his friends tease Vector for being jealous of all the other couples. They then greet Constable Remington and his girlfriend, Komi-Ko. Before they can say much, Remington is ordered away on duty.

Meanwhile, Locke is shocked to see his ancestor, Mathias, has arrived in Haven to be with the rest of the Brotherhood. He apologizes for making their guest wait, but Mathias explains that he no longer finds time relevant, having given up his physical form long ago. He warns that he felt a disturbance in his plane and that Dimitri will harm innocent people unless they take immediate action. He asks the Brotherhood if they would help him in his duty and they all agree, teleporting away.

"Best of Times, Worst of Times" - Chapter 2

Knuckles and the Chaotix ride around on Pashas for fun. Espio asks if they should have helped Remington, but Knuckles says that the Constable will alert them if he needs help. The group continues teasing Vector, who doesn't like riding on Pashas. Meanwhile, Remington takes Komi-Ko home and asks Harry the cab driver to take him back to the Echidnaopolis Police Station. Harry warns that General Von Stryker is preparing a mass rally around the station. The news frustrates Remington, who explains that if the dingoes stage a protest they could end up harming their own cause. Remington heads into the station and prepares the Echidna Security Team while he plans to talk sense into Von Stryker.

Knuckles and his friends arrive at the abandoned Dark Legion Complex, hoping to find something to help them surprise the Legion. Meanwhile, the Brotherhood arrives at the Grand Conservatory, where the Dark Legion has hidden itself. Spectre knocks out two Legionnaires guarding the entrance while the group starts destroying the Legion's equipment with their Chaos Powers.

"Best of Times, Worst of Times" - Chapter 3

Lara-Le and Wynmacher arrive in Albion for their honeymoon. Meanwhile, Von Stryker leads his dingo commandos to attack echidna civilians. At the same time, the Echidna Security Team stands by while Remington tries to talk Von Stryker out of continuing his attack. Elsewhere, Julie-Su is kidnapped while Knuckles and the Chaotix fight Dark Legionnaires. In Haven, Hawking sees the ghost of Steppenwolf and dies.

"Best of Times, Worst of Times" - Chapter 4

Julie-Su is taken to the Dark Legion Battle Cruiser where she is greeted by her half-sister, Lien-Da. They hurl insults at each other until Lien-Da orders the Legionnaires to throw her into a holding cell. Inside the cell, Julie-Su reunites with Floren-Ca and Simon. Meanwhile, Moritori Rex muses that they should have left her back on the Floating Island, but Dimitri explains that he thinks of Julie as part of his family.

With the descendents of Dimitri together, the ship fires its Quantum Beam at the island. A chunk of the island is engulfed in a glowing, growing ball of energy. Knuckles sees what's happening and flees, leading to him landing in the ocean. Dimitri pities the loss of Knuckles, but is overjoyed to have the Brotherhood and the rest of Echidnaopolis banished to a separate Zone. With all opposition out of the way, the Legion sets out to reclaim the Floating Island.


  • Echidna Enforcer: "You've been charged with Class Double-Omega Zeta Prime OOOXL offense, mister!"
  • Sonic: "Huh?"
  • Echidna Enforcer: "Extreme mental anguish and permanent emotional scarring!"
  • Sonic: "Ya' gotta be joking..."

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Cameos & References[]

  • "Law of the Land" features "Johnny" Snively and Sally "McAcorn", parodies of characters from Ally McBeal.


  • Lien-Da was incorrectly colored pink in one panel, but red in others.

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