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Sonic Super Special
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Date Published 

October 1999

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
Cover Colorist
  • Josh & Aimee Ray
  • Justin Freddie Gabrie
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic Super Special Issue 11 was the eleventh issue of the Sonic Super Specials.


Story One[]

"Princess Sally: Ascension"
(This story takes place before StH #74)

Sally contemplates her ability to choose her fate, noting that with her brother Elias back she can actually choose whether she wants to rule the Kingdom of Acorn or not. She steps into the Source of All while Elias waits outside and is shown past moments in her life. She sees her mother praying for Sally to live in a world without war. She sees her mentor, Julayla, teaching her as a child that the Mobians and the Overlanders fight because it is natural for the Overlanders to prey on Mobians.

Sally wonders if the Source will only reteach her lessons she learned long ago when a voice calls to her, telling her through the form of her father, King Acorn, that it will teach her all that ever came before her. Sally continues to question the need for this information, but the representation of her father tells her she must take the throne and make ruthless decisions.

Still unconvinced, Sally asks her "father" why he didn't tell her about Elias. An imprint of Elias appears and rationalizes her father's decision, explaining that he did it to shelter her from harm. She asks "Elias" if he would do the same, but he simply tells her that what matters is having your heart in the right place. The image of Elias fades and is replaced by a phantom of Sally, its body containing the cosmos.

It tells Sally that those who merge with the Source are fully aware of all the consequences of their actions and shows her a possible future, should she accept the Source: King Sonic and Queen Sally are with their children when a new war begins. The Queen escapes with her children as the vision fades. Sally asks what happens to Sonic, but the Source refuses to tell unless Sally completes the cycle and merges with it. It warns Sally that, should she refuse, her birthright to the throne would be forever forfeit. Sally, against the idea of knowing her fate, declines the offer and leaves the Source. She then tells Elias that she can't follow in their father's footsteps and leaves the chamber.

Story Two[]

"Hershey: Solo"
(This story takes place shortly after StH #75)

Despite Geoffrey's objections, Hershey Cat abseils down a rope to sneak into Robotropolis' air ducts. She watches Dr. Eggman communicate with the High Sheriff. Knowing she needs to access the database Eggman is using, she contacts Geoffry to trigger an explosion and distract him. Unfortunately, Eggman just sends two Shadowbots to investigate. Hershey throws a grenade down another part of the air duct to lure Eggman away. She then accesses the database to find that Valdez has been Roboticized. Hershey meets back up with St. John to report that they've lost Valdez, but she left Eggman a message. Eggman walks over to where he heard the noise and is blasted by the grenade.

Story Three[]

"Lupe: Family"
(This story takes place after StH #75)

The Wolf Pack returns to their home city to find it in ruins. They search for survivors, but several members begin to doubt that anyone is even in the city. Lupe, however, remains confident. She tells the group that if her husband, Lobo, had left, he would've left some kind of sign. At that moment, a missile is launched at the Pack, releasing a cloud of gas that knocks them out cold.

When Lupe wakes up, the pack is in a damp cell. Suddenly, they are approached by three robots. Lupe realizes these robots are her lost family: Lobo, Marcos, and Maria. family roboticized. Lupe is shocked and demands to know who roboticized them. Uncle Chuck reveals himself to be the culprit, as well as the Wolf Pack's captor. Lupe, confused, claims she last saw him with Sonic and Sally. Chuck rebuffs her, saying he would never associate with them. Lupe demands that Chuck undo what he did to her family, the rest of the pack holding her back.

Chuck threatens to have Lupe's children scrapped if the pack doesn't comply. They surrender and the group is lead into a roboticization chamber. Lupe goes into the Roboticizer first, as Chuck has Lobo activate the machine, and the rest of the pack watches in horror as their leader is roboticized. The roboticized Lupe steps out and proceeds to attack the robots and destroy the Roboticizer's control panel, ordering the rest of the pack to leave. Diablo asks her to come with them, but the will-removing effects of the roboticizer begin to take over Lupe's mind. Lupe says that she wishes to stay with her family. The Wolf Pack is then seen walking off into the sunset after erecting a grave stone, upon which is engraved: "Lupe. Mother And Hero To Us All".

Story Four[]

"Bunnie Rabbot: Upgrade"
(This story takes place between StH #77#78)

After losing control of her robotic limbs, Antoine takes Bunnie to Doctor Quack for help. After the operation, the Freedom Fighters are happy Bunnie's alright. Doctor Quack, however, gives her bad news. Her bionics are no longer working with her central nervous system, and her body will only settle for being all-organic or all-robotic.

Quack gives her three options: she can disconnect all her robotic limbs, undergo a hardware upgrade with no possibility of ever being de-roboticized, or take a chance at deroboticization which she may not survive. Antoine comes into her room in the hospital and, after the two have a long talk, Bunnie decides to upgrade her hardware with help from Nate Morgan. Bunnie happily takes her new body out for a test drive.

Story Five[]

"Julie-Su: Shadows"
(This story takes place between KtE #29#30)

In an attempt to reconcile her past, Julie-Su seeks out the abandoned Dark Legion Complex. Remembering her time as a legionnaire as she walks into her old sleeping quarters, she accidentally triggers the still functional defenses. Narrowly escaping, she comes face-to-face with a legionnaire roaming the ruins. Suspicious at first, Julie decides to hear the old man out.

The old man, Simon, tells her of her true heritage as the daughter of the previous Grandmaster and his second wife, Mari-Su, making her the descendant of Dimitri. He tells Julie about her mother's unfortunate death and her father's disappearance. Her father entrusted her in the care of an old couple. Julie's half-siblings had her memory erased twice to make sure she would not contend with them for leadership. Revealing that he and his wife, Floren-Ca, had raised her as their own, Simon invites Julie to spend time with them once more.

Bonus Features[]

Gag Strips[]

Off Panel

Knuckles splays out a group of pictures of Sally, Bunnie, and Julie-Su in swimsuits. He tells the editor that they'll be great for a swimsuit edition issue, but the editor wants Knuckles to get the pics out of his office before they both get in trouble. Written by Michael Gallagher, Pencils by Dave Manak, Inks by Harvey Mercadoocasio.


  • Bunnie: "Are you certain I won't have the same problem again with this heah set-up?"
  • Nate Morgan: "Absolutely! If you give me a few minutes, I can go over all the technical details with you!"
  • Bunnie: "As long as it works, I can live with that! Watch out, world--here I come, bettah than evah!"
  • Sonic: "You go, girl!"

Key Events[]

  • Sally temporarily merges with the Source of All, but rejects it.
  • Hershey discovers what happened to Valdez during Mobotropolis' evacuation.
  • Lupe is roboticized but enables the rest of the Wolf Pack to escape.
  • Bunnie chooses to receive new and permanent cybernetics.
  • Julie-Su learns of her past and meets her foster parents for the first time since childhood.

Background Information[]


  • In "Julie-Su: Shadows", the statues in the Dark Legion compound illustrate Dimitri in his Enerjak persona. The Legion was not aware that Dimitri was Enerjak until after Julie-Su had defected.

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