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Story One is continued from Sabrina the Teenage Witch #28
Story Two takes place between Sonic the Hedgehog #72Sonic the Hedgehog #73
Sonic Super Special
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Date Published 

July 1999

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
Cover Colorist
  • Justin Freddy Gabrie
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic Super Special Issue 10 was the tenth issue of the Sonic Super Specials.


Story One[]

"Some Enchantra Evening: Chapter Two" - Part One

Sonic the Hedgehog, possessed by the power of Enchantra, prepares to tear his way through Sabrina Spellman, Sally Acorn, and NICOLE. Before he can do anything, Sabrina teleports him away. Sally objects to her methods and they begin to bicker, but Sabrina's cat -- Salem -- steps in and suggests that they work together. They talk about their situation and Sabrina soon realizes that Enchantra must be behind Sonic's brainwashing. 

Enchantra and her secretary Della use their new computer technology to find Sonic on Mount Everest. Enchantra establishes a mental link with Sonic and instructs him to head back to Westbridge and destroy it. Meanwhile, NICOLE detects Sonic heading towards Sabrina's high school. Sabrina teleports there, not hearing Sally as she tries to warn her about something else NICOLE detected.

Sabrina trips Sonic as he speeds by the school and asks him to stay still so she can reverse Enchantra's spell. Instead, he dizzies Sabrina with his super speed and creates an air vacuum, suffocating her. With the last of her energy, Sabrina casts a spell to place a tree in Sonic's path. He runs straight into the tree and knocks himself out just as Sabrina passes out from exhaustion.

"Some Enchantra Evening: Chapter Two" - Part Two

Enchantra and Della are confused by their inability to contact Sonic when Sally and Salem arrive in their domain. NICOLE explains to Enchantra that Sally followed Sonic through a portal left on Mobius. Since the portal remains open, the villains of Mobius could find their way to Enchantra. Sally threatens to broadcast the location of the portal on Mobius TeleVision and Enchantra is outraged at the prospect of Sonic's villains coming to her world.

Sonic and Sabrina arrive in Enchantra's realm; Sonic is raring to pay back Enchantra for hijacking his brain, but Sally urges him to remain calm. She asks to be sent back to Mobius, but Enchantra refuses since it won't allow her to get back at Sabrina for humiliating her. Sabrina argues that they should settle this amongst themselves. Enchantra agrees and sends Sally, Sonic and NICOLE back to Mobius with no memory of their adventure in Westbridge.

With their visitors gone, Enchantra explains to Sabrina that she was insulted when Sabrina typed her name as "N. Chantra" for a school report. Sabrina fibs, saying that she couldn't properly express her magnificence to mortals. Despite the day being saved, Salem is upset that he never got Sonic to autograph his comics. Back on Mobius, Sonic, Sally and NICOLE wake up with no memory of their adventure. Sonic forgets about having wanted to spend time with Sally and is pumped up for a new adventure.

Story Two[]

"Zone Wars: A Tale of Two Hedgehogs"

On Anti-Mobius, the Anti-Freedom Fighters are frustrated that they can't break into Dr. Kintobor's clinic. Kintobor solemnly plans to send his SWEEPbots to clean up the Great Forest before it becomes a polluted wasteland like Mobotropolis. The Anti-Freedom Fighters bicker, having been bored since the king was thrown into the Zone of Silence. Thinking that Anti-Sonic has lost his killer edge, the group abandons him. Anti-Sonic vows revenge, but a mysterious figure suggests that they can accomplish greater things.

On Mobius Prime, Sonic, the Knothole Freedom Fighters and Amy Rose are having a relaxing picnic. Suddenly, Zonic appears before the group and takes Sonic to his base in the No Zone. There, Zonic explains that Anti-Sonic has convinced the other Sonics across the multiverse to give him the pieces of the Giant Borg. Sonic asks which Zones Anti-Sonic hasn't taken a piece of the Borg from. Zonic takes Sonic to the only Zone whose Sonic hasn't relinquished his piece of the Borg. Sonic and Zonic drop in on an alternate Sonic, his brother Manic, and his sister Sonia as they play a song. The alternate Sonic tells them that he doesn't even know what the Giant Borg is. Zonic is baffled, having been certain that he had called every Sonic in reality to fight the Borg. Sonic chides Zonic for messing up his job while Zonic asks the group about their lives and world.

The siblings explain that, shortly after they were born, Dr. Robotnik turned Mobotropolis into Robotropolis and roboticized the citizens. Their mother, Queen Aleena, hid from Robotnik with her children until the Oracle of Delphius prophesied that she would need to send her children to live with others for their own safety. The queen sent Sonic to live with Uncle Chuck, Manic with a thief named Farrell, and Sonia with the aristocrat Lady Windimere. They grew up, eventually met and formed a band, and the Oracle revealed their history to them. Robotnik then roboticized their adoptive guardians and the group went underground, becoming the resistance against Robotnik and hoping to one day reunite with their mother.

Meanwhile, Anti-Sonic drops the pieces of the Giant Borg at the feet of the Underground Zone's Dr. Robotnik. Anti-Sonic demands his reward, but Robotnik orders his lackeys -- Sleet and Dingo -- to prepare him for roboticization. While Anti-Sonic cries betrayal, his mysterious benefactor lurks in the shadows and is disappointed Anti-Sonic mistook an alternate zone counterpart for his employer. Deciding to cut his losses, he leaves the Zone without Giant Borg and prepares to launch his assault on Sonic.

The Underground Robotnik launches Giant Borg and begins attacking the city of Robotropolis to find the resistance and crush it. The heroes quickly work out a plan: the Zone's native Sonic distracts Robotnik and leads him out of the city. Robotnik launches a hedgehog-seeking missile just as Zonic and the Prime Sonic teleport into Robotnik's cockpit. Both Sonics and Zonic gang up on Robotnik and pull him through the portal, leading the missile to the Giant Borg's cockpit and destroying it.

The group heads to the dungeons and grab Anti-Sonic so Zonic can take him to prison. In the No Zone, Zonic reports to his superiors in the Zone Cop Corps on his mission, showing them that the Underground Zone's Robotnik has been left to fight another day and that the Prime Sonic has returned home to his friends. Before he can leave his base, Anti-Sonic demands that he explain what happened in his home zone. Zonic informs him that Anti-Geoffrey has taken over the Anti-Freedom Fighters, causing Anti-Sonic to pass out in horror.

Bonus Features[]

Pinup Pages[]

"Special Pencilled Pin-Up"

Pinup pencil art of Sonic running up a skyscraper while robots in hovercrafts shoot at him. Art by Ron Lim.

Gag Strips[]

Off Panel

Sonic and Sabrina meet up outside of the Archie Comics Conference Room and talk about how their editors are discussing their crossover. Sonic mentions he'd love to be a fly on the wall and listen in on them. Sabrina casts a spell and grants his wish to Sonic's chagrin. Written by Michael Gallagher, Pencils by Dave Manak, Inks by Jim Amash.


  • Sabrina: "Ahem! Well, you see...I -- uh...I fictionalized your real name because I knew those mortals could never truly comprehend your unequaled glory, power, and beauty!"
  • Enchantra: "Well, when you put it that way...All is forgiven! Back to Westbridge you go!"
  • Salem: "Wow! So many animals! First, a hedgehog, then a squirrel, and just now, a lot of bull!"
  • Sabrina: "SHH!"

  • Sonic: "Like you say, business before pleasure...let's rock-n-roll!"
  • Sally: "But I...sort of...changed my...*sigh* Oh, all right..."
  • Sonic: "Yee-ha! Bring on the bad guys!"
  • Sally: "*tsk* Men!"
  • NICOLE: "I know...can't live with 'em, can't re-program their motherboards!"

Key Events[]

  • Robo-Robotnik hires Anti-Sonic to round up the pieces of the Giant Borg.
  • Evil Sonic accidentally gives the pieces to a different Dr. Robotnik.
  • The Underground Robotnik attacks with the Giant Borg but is defeated and the Giant Borg is destroyed.
  • The following events took place in the non-canon first story only:
    • Sabrina and Sally discover that Enchantra is the one possessing Sonic.
    • Enchantra relinquishes her control of Sonic after Sally threatens to bring all of Mobius' villains to the her realm.
    • Enchantra returns Sonic and Sally to Mobius, erasing their memories of these events in the process.

Background Information[]

  • In "Some Enchantra Evening", Dave Manak pencils every instance of Sonic in the story.
  • "Zone Wars: A Tale of Two Hedgehogs" serves as a tie-in to the TV Show Sonic Underground.
  • Although not directly seen, Evil Sonic's employer is Robo-Robotnik.

Cameos & References[]


  • "Some Enchantra Evening: Chapter Two" is titled "One Enchantra Evening" in the table of contents.
  • Sabrina is seen wearing an entirely different outfit than in the cliffhanger ending of Sabrina #28.
  • Queen Aleena's gown design differs from the cartoon, as the cartoon as her in a white dress with gold accessories to it while the comics depict her wearing a basic purple one.
  • Drago is miscolored in "Some Enchantra Evening"
  • Sleet and Dingo are miscolored in "Zone Wars: A Tale of Two Hedgehogs" compared to their Sonic Underground counterparts.

Reprint History[]

This issue's stories have been reprinted in the following places:

  • "Zone Wars: A Tale of Two Hedgehogs" was reprinted in Sonic Select Book 4
  • "Some Enchantra Evening" - Chapter Two was reprinted in Sonic Select Book 10

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