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Original Sonic Miniseries
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Date Published 

February 1993

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Daryl Edelman
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic Miniseries Issue 3 was the fourth and final issue of the Original Sonic Miniseries.


Story One[]

"Sonic Flashback!" - Part One

Sonic is chased to the edge of a cliff by several Crabmeats and Dr. Robotnik smashes it. Sonic falls to the ground and passes out. He begins to dream of himself and Robotnik reminiscing about their time as little kids, living on Uncle Chuck's farm. In the flashback, Uncle Chuck is making a Magical Ring that helps Sonic get an extra boost of speed. Just as he finishes it, Sonic comes to tell him that little Robotnik was being mean. Chuck explains that Robotnik is an orphan and comes from a broken home and that he takes him to his barn every few weeks. He begs Sonic to try and get along with Robotnik. Sonic tells Chuck that he DID try, but all Robotnik wants to do is build little mechanical toys that obey him.

Sonic tries to make friends with Robotnik one more time, but fails to do so. Sonic decides to go and practice running while Uncle Chuck puts his tractor back in the barn. However, Robotnik stole some of the tractor's steering mechanism and brakes to make his robotic toys. Uncle Chuck's tractor runs out of control and runs into Robotnik. The collision knocks out both of them while Sonic notices and rushes over.

"Sonic Flashback!" - Part Two

Sonic is wondering how he'll get Chuck and Robotnik to a hospital in time when he remembers the ring his Uncle made him. Sonic takes the ring, puts both Robotnik and Uncle Chuck in a wheelbarrow, and dashes to the hospital. Sonic arrives at the emergency room and the doctor explains that he got them to the hospital just in time. Both Uncle Chuck and Robotnik recover, but Robotnik accuses Chuck of running him over.

One of Robotnik's toys explains that its master took the tractor's parts. Uncle Chuck sends Robotnik to his room as punishment. Sonic and Chuck make 100 rings while Robotnik constructs a machine out of household appliances to exact his revenge. Sonic thwarts the machine and Robotnik escapes. Sonic wakes up from his dream and Robotnik chases him with a flamethrower.

Story Two[]

"Why Ask Spy?" - Part One

Sonic is called by Sally, who wants to explain something serious. Boomer disguises himself as a robot and Sonic freaks out until they explain it was a small prank. Sally tells Sonic that Boomer created robotic lens and a metallic jaw to pose as one of Dr. Robotnik's robots. Boomer dresses Sonic up in the robotic attire and Sally hatches a plan.

Sonic chases Sally through the Great Forest when they run into Tails. Pretending to be under Dr. Robotnik's control, Sonic tells them that he isn't programmed to kill two living things and runs back to his "master". Tails thinks he saved Sally and starts handing out newspaper articles about it. Buzzbomber gives the newspaper to Robotnik, who doesn't care because Sonic is already working for him. Sonic lies to them, stating that he fell into a Roboticizer and is now a robot. Buzzbomber asks if he's REALLY a robot, prompting Robotnik to demand Sonic tell him the location of Knothole.

"Why Ask Spy?" - Part Two

Sonic is hesitating when the alarm goes off, buying him some time. Robotnik notices a problem at the crab compound and tries to send out a squadron of Buzzbombers. However, Sonic explains he can get there faster and runs off. Sally and Antoine are standing by a wall, waiting for Sonic to arrive. Once he does, he tries to stop, but his metallic jaw flies off him and bites Antoine's foot. Sally tells Sonic the plan is ready and he dashes into the crab compound.

To Sonic's surprise, he finds his Uncle Chuck inside the compound. Sonic tries to break Chuck out of the facility while Muttski, who has been Roboticized, tries to bite Sonic. Sonic runs out of the compound room and back to Robotnik. He puts his robot disguise on again and pretends to type in the location of Knothole on the missile launching computer. Instead, he types in the location of the Buzzbomber compound room, blowing it up. Robotnik realizes that Sonic was never a robot and the metal jaws bite Robotnik on the butt as Sonic runs away.


  • Robotnik: "Repeat after me, 'I hate hedgehogs!'"
  • Robot Toys: "I hedge hatehogs!"

  • Sally: "Oh, Tails! You saved me!"
  • Tails: "I did? errr...I mean -- I did!"
  • Sally: "Yes...and I know I can trust you to keep this little incident our secret...right?"
  • Tails: "Hmm...huh? Oh...sure!"

  • Tails: "Extra! Read all about it! Sonic goes mechanical! Tails saves princess from renegade robot! Networks vie for movie rights!"

Key Events[]

Background Information[]

  • Though Muttski is now a fully mechanical dog, Chuck's roboticized design is still his normal self with hypnotized eyes.
  • Sonic #57 references this issue in a flashback, this time showing Uncle Chuck as a mechanical Robian rather than the fleshy appearance he has in this issue.
  • This is the first issue to be drawn by Dave Manak.

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