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Original Sonic Miniseries
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Date Published 

January 1993

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Daryl Edelman
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic Miniseries Issue 2 was the third issue of the Original Sonic Miniseries.


Story One[]

"A Crowning Achievement" - Part One

Princess Sally calls Sonic the Hedgehog to discuss a special item in her father's jewelry box: the Crown of Acorns and the four Freedom Emeralds adorning it. Meanwhile, Antoine is training several mobians for his "army" against Dr. Robotnik. Sally asks Sonic to retrieve the family crown, but it's not in the jewelry box. They're shocked until Sonic suggests that the emeralds were stolen by one of Robotnik's spies, posing as one of Antoine's soldiers. They aren't certain who it is, so Sonic runs in a circle. He runs so fast that the rubber on his sneakers burn, creating smoke and triggering the smoke detectors. The smoke detectors set off the sprinkler system, causing one of the army men to rust and shiver, revealing him as a robotic spy. The robot explains he has scattered the emeralds and that he will explode. Sonic rushes him out of the base.

"A Crowning Achievement" - Part Two

Sally is crying, thinking Sonic is dead, and almost says she loved him. Sonic turns out to be alive, explaining he just barely managed to throw the robot out the entrance of the base before it blew up. He also states he saw a Robotnik blimp surrounded by Buzzbombers and Bat Brains. Sally sends Sonic and Antoine off to retrieve the emeralds. They inflate their own hot air balloon in just seconds by getting Antione to talk into it. Once they're up, they fly towards the blimp, only to be shot down by a buzzbomber. Antoine bails and Sonic destroys the robots by jumping on each one of them with a Sonic Spin and smashes into the blimp. Antoine catches Sonic in mid air, but along the way, they notice a SWATbot that was piloting the blimp. The SWATbot falls to the ground, falling apart and revealing a Freedom Emerald inside. Before the SWATbot dies, it explains to Sonic and Antoine that the Freedom Emeralds are in the air, land, sea and underground. While they already collected one of the Freedom Emeralds from the air, Sonic tosses it to Antoine and orders him to give it to Sally. Afterwards, Sonic dashes off to find the other ones.

"A Crowning Achievement" - Part Three

Tails is fishing in the lake when Sonic rushes into the water and accidently catches his foot in the fishing pole's string, and brings Tails under with him. Sonic assumes the next Freedom Emerald is in the underwater cave that he entered last month. Jaws ambushes the duo and chases them into the cave, where they find the second Freedom Emerald. Afterwards, Tails uses his waterproof marker to make a fake drawing of Sonic and himself cornered against the wall. Jaws foolishly bashes into the drawing, thinking it's the real Sonic and Tails. Sonic and Tails rush off, while Jaws lies on the lake floor.

"A Crowning Achievement" - Part Four

Sonic orders Tails to give the second Freedom Emerald to Sally. Shortly afterwards, he finds a SWATbot running with another Freedom Emerald. Sonic snatches the emerald, but falls through an underground trap. Sonic encounters Burrobot, who steals the Freedom Emerald off of him and drills through the wall, almost hitting Sonic. Sonic circles Burrobot, making him dizzy, and takes both of the emeralds. After hours of running, Sonic can't find the exit of the underground maze. Sonic finally realizes that he can just use a Sonic Spin to fly up to ground level. He pops through the floor of Boomer's workship, with the rest of the team cheering for Sonic. The Freedom Emeralds are put back in place on the crown and Sally claims that, with the crown retrieved, the team can finally stop Robotnik.

Bonus Features[]

Short Stories[]

"The Top 10 Reasons Why Sonic the Hedgehog is the Coolest Book Around"

Sonic lists off ten reasons why his book is great, from "addressing the environment" to containing no cholesterol.

"Fin Fans"

Sonic explains how his spines help him run and fight. Sally decides to use them as an impromptu bulletin board.

"Photo Finish"

The Knothole Freedom Fighters prepare to take a group photo. As Sonic starts to snap the picture, Sally points out he didn't set a timer. Sonic tells her there's no need, and runs into the shot before the camera's shutter opens to take the photo.


  • Sally: "Sonic -- I have something important to tell you!"
  • Sonic: "You mean the reason why you changed from a blonde to a brunette?"

  • Dr. Robotnik: "I've waited twenty-one pages for my big scene and what do I get?...Zippo! Nadda! Goose egg!"

Key Events[]

Background Information[]

  • Although not directly named, the robot pig disguised as a guard in this issue is likely an Auto Automaton.
  • The Crown of Acorns would come to play a significant role later in the series, but the Freedom Emeralds were retconned out of the crown's backstory in later stories.
  • Robotnik spends a whole page ranting that, across the other 21 pages, all he got was "a short cameo on a tiny screen."
  • The cave Sonic found the underwater emerald is the same cave from last issue.
  • This was the last issue of the miniseries to be drawn by Scott Shaw.


  • In "Photo Finish", Rotor's muzzle is miscolored purple.
  • Sonic's "Top Ten Reasons" story has no title.

Reprint History[]

All reprints of this issue omit all bonus features. The issue has been reprinted in the following places:

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