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Original Sonic Miniseries
Publication Details


Date Published 

December 1992

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Daryl Edelman
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic Miniseries Issue 1 was the second issue of the Original Sonic Miniseries.


Story One[]

"Run, Sally, Run!" - Part One

Sonic and Tails are out for a run, when they encounter Sally Acorn. Sally appears to be in a foul mood and won't explain why she's upset. Sonic believes Antoine has something to do with it and confronts him. Antoine shows them that Sally made a Royal Proclamation to see Dr. Robotnik about King Acorn. Sonic, Tails, and Antoine think Sally's gone crazy and go after her, only to find her talking with Buzzbomber.

Sally stops Sonic from attacking the robot, slamming him into the ground, and demands to be left alone. Buzzbomber takes her to Robotropolis, where she is dropped through a chimney into Robotnik's lair. Sally claims Robotnik broke the terms of their agreement, but he pays her no mind and orders his robots to throw her into a Roboticizer as she calls for Sonic's help.

"Run, Sally, Run!" - Part Two

Sally is about to be thrown into the roboticizer by Robotnik's SWATbots until Sonic comes to her aid. Robotnik tries to fire his Atomic Ray Gun at Sonic, only to find that Antoine and Tails had already swiped it. After bashing Robotnik's Roboticizer, the three Freedom Fighters escort an exasperated Sally back to the Great Forest.

When they arrive, Boomer asks if Sally has completed her mission. Sonic is confused until Boomer explains that Sally's boot was modified to jam and analyze the roboticzer, and that they could have potentially altered the machine to deroboticize any robotic mobians, including Sonic's Uncle Chuck, his dog Muttski, and Sally's father. Furious, Sally storms off to her room while the team reflects on their foolish mistake.

Story Two[]

"Something Fishy"

Sonic is out fishing one morning when he catches a robotic fish named Jaws. Jaws eats Sonic's fishing pole and the dock, causing Sonic to fall in the water. Jaws goes to an underwater cave; Sonic follows him only to be caught in a fishing net. Jaws takes Sonic into the cave and threatens to put him into an underwater roboticizer. Meanwhile, Tails and Boomer go out to meet with Sonic, only to find him gone...and the dock as well.

Boomer quickly realizes that Sonic is in trouble, and fetches the bathysphere he's been working on. Back underwater, Sonic is almost thrown into the roboticizer, but he breaks away with a Sonic spin. The spin uses up all his breath, and he nearly drowns until Boomer fires a torpedo at Jaws. The torpedo left behind some big air bubbles for Sonic to get some additional air. Sonic destroys the underwater roboticizer, and runs off with his friends to get some chilli dogs for lunch.

Bonus Features[]

Pinup Pages[]

"The Good, The Bad, ...and the Muttski!!"

The Knothole Freedom Fighters face off against Dr. Robotnik, a SWATbot, and a number of badniks while Muttski lies in the middle.

Short Stories[]

"Silent Running"

Sonic, playing baseball with Boomer, explains that being super fast can be annoying at times. He manages to steal third base before Boomer can even hear the sound of Sonic's bat hitting the baseball.

"Equal Time!"

Boomer talks about things that are slower than Sonic, like snails, the mail, and Congress deciding to pass anti-pollution laws.

"Ground Rule Double"

Sonic plays a game of tennis by himself, volleying the ball back and forth so fast he appears to be in two places at once.

Sonic's Photo Album

Sonic looks through his photo album, but he's missing in every picture because he's always running out of the frame.


  • Sally: "Robotnik! This isn't how we agreed to meet! You broke your promise!"
  • Robotnik: "Machines can't make or break promises, your highness...But you'll understand that better after I've turned you into a robot!"

  • Jaws: "Well, well! look what the catfish dragged in! Gurgle your prayers, Hedgehog!!"

Key Events[]

  • Sonic rescues Sally from Robotnik's captivity before she is roboticized.

Background Information[]

  • Although Bunnie Rabbot did not join the cast until Sonic the Hedgehog #3, she's featured in the "The Good, The Bad, and the Muttski!!" pin-up poster. Her colors in this pinup are different from her final design.
  • In this issue and all issues until StH: #15, Sally is pink with black hair. KtE: #29 explains the change to her color scheme.
  • When Sally is about to be thrown into the roboticizer, there is a tag on it saying "Made in Robotropolis. Assembled in Mexico".

Cameos & References[]

  • The "TWOsday" pun Sonic makes when saving Sally is a reference to the marketing for the Genesis version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, which was released on November 24, 1992 (which was a Tuesday).


  • In this story, Sonic is able to swim. This is retconned in later issues.
  • The single page story featuring Sonic's photo album has no title.

Reprint History[]

All reprints of this issue omit all bonus features. The issue has been reprinted in the following places:

"Something Fishy" was reprinted in the February/March and April/May 1993 issues of Sega Visions.

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