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Original Sonic Miniseries
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Date Published 

November 1992

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Daryl Edelman
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
Special Thanks

with a tip o' the sneaker to Paul Castiglia

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Archie Sonic Miniseries Issue 0 was the first issue of the Original Sonic Miniseries and the second comic released in the Archieverse. It was also the pilot issue of the overall series.


Story One[]

"Don't Cry for me Mobius!" - Part One

The first page

Sonic the Hedgehog runs away from Dr. Ivo Robotnik, who is trying to blast him with "mega-muck". Sonic is abruptly stopped by Caterkiller, but dodges Robotnik's attack again, causing Caterkiller to be hit by the mega-muck. Sonic then speeds away into the Great Forest, splashing the muck all over Robotnik as well.

Going down the Great Oak Slide, Sonic meets up with Princess Sally, Boomer, and Tails. Tails, admiring Sonic, asks him if he defeated any more robots. Sonic begins to brag, but is interrupted by Sally, who argues he may have left a trail for Robotnik to track him and locate their secret hideout. Sonic assures her his super speed prevented this. Antoine shows up and explains there is a leak in Knothole, which might allow Robotnik to locate them.

"Don't Cry for me Mobius!" - Part Two

Dr. Robotnik is sitting in his office with Buzzbomber and Crabmeat, when his monitor reveals a group of non-robots outside the Great Forest. Sonic and the others discover the leak to be caused by a group of trees "crying", as Robotnik had bulldozed many trees in the past in an attempt to locate the Great Forest. Robotnik then shows up with Buzzbomber and begins attacking.

Sonic quickly runs to a well and grabs a Power Ring, giving him extra strength and allowing him to destroy Robotnik's ship. Robotnik escapes while holding onto the back of Buzzbomber and flies away. The Knothole Freedom Fighters plant new trees to replace the ones Robotnik destroyed.

Story Two[]

"Oh No--Robo! No-Mo' Mobo!" - Part One

Sonic runs up to his Uncle Chuck and his dog, Muttski, in front of their chili dog stand. Chuck asks how Sonic's new shoes have been holding up. Sonic tells him they're fine, and Chuck replies he's been spending all of his profits buying him new shoes. Chuck receives an order for two hundred chili dogs and they both celebrate.

Chuck loads up the chili dogs in a wheelbarrow and Sonic goes to deliver them. After he leaves, Chuck and Muttski are apprehended by a SWATbot, and Robotnik reveals himself. When Sonic arrives in Robotropolis to deliver the chili dogs, Cluck answers the door. When Cluck leaves to supposedly get the money to pay for the chili dogs, he springs a trap, dropping a giant checker-colored ball on Sonic's head. Sonic manages to avoid it in the nick of time. Realizing it to have been a trap, Sonic rushes back to warn his uncle.

"Oh No--Robo! No-Mo' Mobo!" - Part Two

Sonic arrives back at his uncle's chili dog stand to find it being destroyed by SWATbots. He angrily asks what they did with his dog and uncle, and the SWATbots prepare to attack Sonic. After destroying the SWATbots, Sonic runs to Robotropolis to rescue his uncle. Once he arrives, Sally grabs him, informing him that a large number of Buzzbombers are patrolling the area. She then takes him to where Uncle Chuck, Muttski, and others are being held captive.

After Sally explains they have all been turned into robots to work in Robotnik's factories, Sonic charges in and tries to talk to Chuck, but his efforts are futile. When an army of SWATbots begins to attack, Sonic picks up Sally and runs off into the Great Forest with her so they can organize a counterattack.

Bonus Features[]

Pinup Pages[]

"The Royal Family Tree of Mobius"

Sally sobs over her family tree being chopped down by Robotnik, and Sonic swears revenge.

"Robotnik's Badniks!"

Dr. Robotnik shows off his assembly line of Badniks, including Caterkiller, Ball Hog, Jaws, Burrobot, Moto Bug, Orbinaut, Splats, Bat Brain, and Crabmeat.

"Sonic's Six* Speed Settings"

Sonic shows the reader his six levels of speed, as well as his "Sonic Spin" attack.

"Sneaker Peek!"

Sonic shows off the special sneakers his Uncle Chuck designed for him.


Sonic: "When I jump through this ring like a hula hoop, Robotnik's ball will loop the loop!"

SWATbot: "Attention fellow SWATbots! Hedgehog exhibiting violent tendencies! Terminate with extreme prejudice!"

Key Events[]

Background Information[]

  • Cluck makes one of his few appearances in this issue. He even had dialogue once.
  • Rotor is referred to as "Boomer", his nickname. In the Sonic: the Beginning and Sonic Archives Volume 0 reprints, his name was changed to Rotor.
  • This is the only issue where Sally has red-brown fur and yellow hair outside of a flashback. In KtE #29, it's said this was caused by accidental exposure to chemicals on a mission, although reprints recolored her appearance to match her present-day colors.
  • Robotnik's sclera are colored white in this issue. Every following issues features him with black sclera.
  • Plot points introduced in this issue, such as Sonic first meeting Sally after Robotnik took Uncle Chuck, Robotropolis being a collection of factories, and Robians being nearly identical to their organic forms were later retconned; thus rendering the story non-canon to a degree.
    • Some suggested explanations to these differences include either artistic license, or the possibility that Sonic was simply simplifying the story to the readers.
  • Sonic mentions his middle name is "Maurice". This is referenced again in Sonic the Hedgehog #53.
  • The Mega-Muck also appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog TV show.
  • This issue gives Robotnik the titles of: Supreme Dictator, Industrial Polluter, Meglomaniac, Corrupt Politician, Underhanded Reprobate, Rainforest Ravager, Puppy Kicker, Oil Spill Coordinator, Holiday Hater, and Insurance Salesman.
  • Robotnik's Slogan is: "Rights Violated While U Wait!".
  • On the cover, Robotnik's appearance is based on his videogame appearance.
  • The first page of this issue features a cast list of characters appearing in the story. Sonic the Hedgehog Issues #67 was the first to repeat this.
  • The underground base of the Freedom Fighters is similar to the one used by  a group of Mobian refugees in the Sonic the Hedgehog episode "Warp Sonic".

Reprint History[]

All reprints of this issue omit all bonus features. The issue has been reprinted in the following places:

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