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Archie Mega Man was an ongoing comic book series published by Archie Comics, featuring Capcom's video game character Mega Man. The comic takes part in the "Worlds Collide" and "Worlds Unite" crossover storylines with the Archie Sonic series. The series is currently on an indefinite hiatus as of December 2015, after 55 issues.

Only issues #24-27 and #50-52 are considered relevant to the Archie Sonic universe and thus shall be the only ones to have articles here. Certain details from other issues may also be mentioned when necessary, in which case references will be directed to articles from [Mega Man Knowledgebase]. Any info from before, between, or after the crossovers may be referenced under Archie Mega Man (AMM)


Part of the Crossovers[]

Related to the Crossovers[]

  • Archie Mega Man Issue 23
    • Mega Man's prelude to Worlds Collide. It shows Dr. Wily dissappearing into the Skull Egg Zone to set off the Genesis Wave with "Ivo". The issue ends with Mega Man and Break Man looking on as their world is engulfed in white. The second half of the issue is reprinted in FCBD 2013.
  • Archie Mega Man Issue 28
    • Mega Man's epilogue to Worlds Collide. The beginning of the issue starts with Mega Man's final dialogue in Worlds Collide and shows the Chaos Control's restoration of his world. Upon their return, Mega Man's damage from Break Man, prior to the Genesis Wave is undone. In addition, Mega Man's internal diagnostic scan reveals a few extra hours of missing memory space, Robot Masters Bomb Man, Guts Man and Cut Man are completely functional, and Break Man's damage to Mega City has been undone. Dr. Wily, meanwhile, has no recollection of the crossover and his video logs only detailed a plan involving Ra Moon with no mention of Dr. Eggman or the blue Chaos Emerald. He does, however, mention an unexplainable, violent urge to stomp a carton of eggs...
  • Dawn of X (#37-40) a storyline the events of which foreshadow the events of Worlds Unite.
    • Archie Mega Man Issue 38
      • When Xander Payne uses the Time Skimmer to topple forward in time, he gets brief glimpses of events set to occur in Mega Man's future. One such event includes Mega Man aiding Sonic in defeating Tails Man. This makes sense considering the second Genesis Wave simply made Earth 20XX jump forward in time rather than reset it, meaning that, from Mega Man's point of view, the events of the crossover are set to happen in the future.
      • Due to copyright reasons, Sonic and Tails Man's appearances are obscured. The two of them only appear in a single panel, where Sonic, as a spinning ball, hurtles towards a silhouetted Tails Man. Though Xander does comment about the fact that Sonic is a "giant, talking animal". Sonic's dialogue from the scene is also visible in the last panel.
    • Mega Man #40
      • Xander Payne is in custody after the ordeal mentioned above. In a manic state, he scrawls a bunch of pictures on the wall of his prison cell depicting everything he saw in his trip through time, including a scribbling of Sonic's head.
  • Mega Man #43 ("Legends of the Blue Bomber: Part 3 of 4")
    • Xander Payne (recently moved to a new cell) continues sketching pictures into his cell wall, including another sketch of Sonic's face. He mentions that Dr. Wily and everyone's reckoning will come and that worlds will collide again (The words "Worlds" and "Collide" are emphasized in bold).
  • Mega Man #49
    • Mega Man's prologue to Worlds Unite. As Dr. Wily is about to be given his first assignment by the mysterious Mr. X, a Genesis Portal pops up, and Sigma emerges from it. He then pulls Dr. Wily into the portal (leading directly into Sonic Universe #76).
  • Mega Man #53
    • The first issue to take place after Worlds Unite. Dr. Wily, with lingering memories of the crossover, manages to figure out that Dr. X is actually an aged Xander Payne. Xander explains that when he caused the timeline to reset at the end of Worlds Unite, he fell back into the time stream and landed 30 years into the past, where he'd continued to live ever since.


  • Archie Mega Man #42
    • While the contents of the issue itself bares no relation to the Sonic series, the issues variant cover is the second in a 3-part set of "Super Smash Variant" covers, alongside Sonic Universe #69 and Sonic the Hedgehog #266. All three covers where made to promote Mega Man and Sonic's inclusion in the fourth game in Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. series.

Characters and Concepts[]

Used in the Crossovers[]



Robot Masters[]


Not Used in Crossovers[]



  • X Corporation (appears in Mega Man issues just prior to Worlds Uinte)
    • Madam Y
  • Yellow Devil Robots (inspired the Chaos Devil, and the original appeared in an Off Panel with Tikal)
  • CWU-01P
  • Wily Machines (inspired the Egg-Wily Machine X
  • Mecha Dragon
  • Picopico-kun
  • Guts Tank
  • Ra Thor
  • Ra Devil
  • Kamegoro Maker
  • Doc Robot
  • Gamma
  • The Stardroids (mentioned)
    • Terra
    • Mercury
    • Venus
    • Mars
    • Jupiter
    • Uranus
    • Neptune
    • Pluto
  • Dark Moon
  • Sunstar
  • King (mentioned)


  • Titanium Park
  • Wily Castles/Bases (served as inspiration for the Wily Egg)




Background information[]

  • It's interesting to note that a considerable number of Mega Man game characters that had not yet made their debut in Archie's series made their first appearances during the first crossover.
  • The overall Mega Man comic series is written by Ian Flynn who also handles the current Sonic titles. The comic also shares several artists with the Sonic series, namely Ben Bates, Jamal Peppers, Matt Herms and Patrick Spaziante. It's worth noting that Spaziante also served as an artist on another American Mega Man comic released by Dreamwave. On several occasions, Spaziante has even inserted Mega Man into the backgrounds of some of his Sonic-related artwork as Easter Eggs (something he's been doing since even before Archie's Mega Man series began).

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