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Knuckles the Echidna
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Date Published 

May 1999

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
Cover Colorist
  • Justin Freddy Gabrie
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Knuckles the Echidna Issue 26 was the twenty-sixth issue of the spin-off Knuckles the Echidna comic series.


Story One[]

The First Date: Part One of Three - "She Loves You… (and you know that can't be bad!)"

Vector, Espio and Mighty hang out in a mall in Echidnaopolis, talking about how much they miss Charmy when Espio accidentally mentions that their friend is engaged to Saffron Bee. Vector is dumbfounded, complaining about girls while his friends teasingly suggest that he'd be a good match for Julie-Su if she wasn't interested in Knuckles. Meanwhile, Julie shoots a picture of Knuckles, frustrated that he ditched her the other day. She decides that she needs a life outside of Knuckles but is upset that she can't talk to him about her feelings.

Meanwhile, Locke prepares breakfast for his son. Knuckles asks why boys and girls get together and explains his complicated relationship with Julie-Su. Locke realizes that Knuckles experienced the Soultouch and explains that it's a natural way of determining compatible couples, but without proper dedication relationships—like his own with Lara-Le—can still fall apart. Knuckles asks more questions, but Locke decides that Knuckles should reflect on his feelings before discussing things further.

In Echidnaopolis, Espio dares Vector to prove he's as good at dating as he implies by convincing any nearby girl to go on a date with him. Vector checks out a number of girls, but doesn't have any luck. Elsewhere, Julie-Su becomes self-conscious about her appearance and wanders around the city to try and cheer herself up. She mulls over how serious her life is and stares at a hat in a store window. An echidna who works at the store suggests that she try it on and flirts with her, asking her out to lunch.

Meanwhile, Archimedes talks to Knuckles about Julie-Su, explaining that Locke doesn't want to talk about love because he'd have to deal with the fact that Knuckles is growing up. He advises that Knuckles act on his own and they head out to find Julie-Su. Vector sits at a cafe, upset that he can't find a date. He talks to the swan waitress at the counter and immediately finds himself smitten. Elsewhere, in a bistro, Julie-Su is having lunch with her date when Knuckles and Archimedes teleport into the restaurant.

Story Two[]

"Friend in Need"

Mighty is surprised by a visitor in his den in Rocky Hill, who shows him an egg shaped stone that he is familiar with and asks for his assistance. Mighty isn't sure why he should help them, prompting them to also show him Ray the Flying Squirrel's collar. The visitor introduces herself as Nic the Weasel and refuses to tell him any more unless he assists her. Mighty, not seeing any other options, accepts her offer.

As they head out, Mighty thinks back several years ago when he was captured and taken to a slave labor camp by Dr. Robotnik's goons. While there, he met Ray, who was concerned about others despite his fearful nature. Sonic the Hedgehog appeared one day and explained that he was a "secret agent" sent to help them and ran off to scope out the area. Mighty thinks about how tricky things got when Sonic came back, but his thoughts are interrupted as they arrive at the camp. Mighty warns Nic that she better keep her end of the deal when they find Fiona Fox, whom Mighty is surprised to see alive.

Bonus Features[]

Pinup Pages/Activity Pages[]

Pro Art

Full page illustration of Hawking and Tobor jumping out of the Twilight Cage to attack Moritori Rex while Sonic and Knuckles fight Kragok and Dimitri as Legionnaires prepare to attack. Presented in black-and-white as a coloring page. Illustrated by Ken Penders.

Gag Strips[]

Off Panel

Knuckles finds Athair and asks what he's doing. Athair responds that he's commuting with the Ancient Walkers. Knuckles corrects him, explaining that he means communing. Athair grumpily tells Knuckles not to backtalk his elders and hops in a car with the Walkers. Written by Michael Gallagher, Pencils by Dave Manak, Inks by Harvey Mercadoocasio.


  • Julie-Su: "Oh, this is bad! I'm even talking to mutilated pictures now!"

  • Locke: "You okay, son? You look like something's on your mind!"
  • Knuckles: "I was wondering about why boys and girls get together."
  • Locke: "Umm… uh… why do you want to know?"

  • Vector: "Say, babe -- doing anything this weekend?"
  • Random Woman: "I'm studying to become a missionary!"
  • Vector: "How about going out the following weekend instead?"

Key Events[]

  • Espio announces Charmy's engagement to Saffron.
  • Locke discusses the Soultouch with Knuckles.
  • Espio dares Vector into successfully getting a date.
  • Nic the Weasel approaches Mighty with info concerning Ray the Squirrel.
  • Mighty reunites with Fiona Fox.

Background Information[]

  • This issue's cover is the first part of a three-part image.
  • This is the first issue of the series to feature more than one story.

Cameos & References[]

  • "She Loves You… (and you know that can't be bad!)" is named after the Beatles song She Loves You.


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