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Knuckles the Echidna
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Date Published 

May 1998

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
Cover Colorist
  • Justin Freddy Gabrie
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Knuckles the Echidna Issue 14 was the fourteenth issue of the spin-off Knuckles the Echidna comic series.


Story One[]

The Chaotix Caper: Part Two of Three - "A Tenuous Grip on Reality!"

While Charmy is struggling with his LSD overdose, he dreams of the past, remembering the day his family members prepared him for his Acknowledgment Ceremony to be recognized as the prince of the Golden Hive Colony. Charmy looks at himself in the mirror with his crown and smashes the headpiece on the ground; he runs away, not ready to accept the responsibilities of being a prince. He bumps into his butler, Jeepers, and the dream starts to distort into a nightmarish crowd around him.

At the Echidnaopolis hospital, a doctor speaks with Julie-Su and Constable Remington, telling them that the Chaotix will recover from their illness. Julie-Su doesn't understand why they were the only ones at the park who were affected. Remington suggests that the amounts of LSD were inconsistent between the portions of food served and that the individual metabolism of each Mobian effects how they respond to the contaminant. Seeking answers, the duo heads to Happyland Amusement Park to continue their investigation. 

At Happyland, Renfield the Rodent is in his office with Downtown Ebony Hare, Foxy Reynard and Blackjack. Ebony tells Renfield that his men have been using too much "special sauce" in their chili dogs, killing their customers instead of hooking them on LSD. Renfield assures them that he's happy with the level of "sauce" they're using and summons his bodyguard, Ripper T. Rodent, to force them out of his business. Blackjack knocks out Ripper with ease and Ebony forcefully demands that Renfield follow his orders.

Charmy's dreams of the past continue and he remembers a day where he ran from Saffron Bee to hang out with Mello. Charmy decides that he's going to run away to the Floating Island and makes Mello promise to keep his secret. He travels over the island and encounters Mighty for the first time. At the hospital, Mighty wakes up. With his decision making skills impaired by the LSD, he decides to get his blood circulating by lifting his bed and nurse over his head.

At the theme park, Renfield and Ebony notice on their security cameras that one of their workers is being questioned by Julie-Su and Remington. Renfield runs out of his office and stops them from questioning the worker. He manages to convince them that the chilli dog stand is fine, but they decide to continue their search. In Haven, Sabre and Locke are watching Knuckles fight the Bear Pack. Sabre is troubled by his raw power, but Locke believes Archimedes will help guide him. Instead, Sabre suggests that Locke would find a better tutor for Knuckles in his mirror.

At the hospital, Vector wakes up and frightens the nurse with his sharp teeth. A team of doctors rush in to deal with Charmy as he squirms in his sleep. Meanwhile, Helmut Von Stryker enters a taxi to have a talk with Harry. He demands that Harry rejoin the Dingo Regime, claiming that a soldier can't abandon his people. Soon after, Julie-Su and Remington hail Harry's cab. Remington makes a deal: if Harry takes them to the local thugs, he'll lend him a hand with his shady past. Harry drives them to Ebony Hare's hangout.

Ebony and Foxy are heading back to their hideout when Blackjack calls them, telling them about a girl who wanted to make a deal with them. Remington watches nearby from Harry's cab. Inside the building, their client is revealed to be Julie-Su. Ebony is wise to her ruse and refuses to let her leave, threatening to have Blackjack rough her up. Back in the taxi, Julie-Su's receiver stops transmitting to Remington, making him fear the worst. The gang take Julie-Su to the rooftop and throws her off.


  • Remington: "Guess our pigeon just made the scene!"
  • Harry: "Just remember our deal."
  • Remington: "The unpaid parking tickets will be squared away in the morning, Harry!"

Key Events[]

  • Knuckles defeats the Bear Pack.
  • Julie-Su and Constable Remington investigate the LSD crisis.

Background Information[]

  • This issue's cover is the second part of a three-part image.
  • This issue marks the first and last appearance of the Bear Pack until their apparent inclusion in the Efrika Dark Egg Legion in SU: #37.

Cameos & References[]

  • Mighty says "What's up doc?" to one of the echidna doctors, referencing Bugs Bunny.

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