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Archie Digital Exclusives are a series of comic book reprints by Archie Comics on their digital store for the various Archie Apps. The Sonic the Hedgehog comics have a variety of themed "books" in this series. Unlike printed media, the digital exclusives always vary in page number.

Publication Dates and Featured Stories[]

Sonic: Love Stinks (Febuary, 2012)

  • "Growing Pains!" - Part One (StH #28)
  • "Growing Pains!" - Part Two (StH #29)
  • "Home": Epilogue "Say You Will" (StH #134)
  • "Hero to Zero in no Time at All" (StH #150)

Sonic: Bunny Blast (April, 2012)

  • "Thicker Than Water" - Part One (StH #217)
  • "On the Run" - Part One: "All the Eggs in One Basket" (StH #205)
  • "Bunnie's Worst Nightmare" (StH #37)
  • "Treasure Team Tango" - Part 1: "The Salida" (SU #21)

Sonic: Fight Club (April, 2012)

  • "Otherside" - Part Two ("Cross-World Conflict!") (StH #194)
  • "Black and Blue and Red All Over" (StH #44)
  • "Thicker Than Water" - Part Two (StH #218)
  • "Home Invasion" - Part Two: Security Measures (StH #211)

Sonic: The Games - Classic (July 18, 2012)

  • "Sonic: Genesis" - Part One: In the Beginning... (StH #226)
  • "Tttriple Tttrouble!!!" (STT)
  • "Sonic Blast" (SBS)

Sonic: The Games - Millennium (August 8, 2012)

  • "The Chaos Factor" (StH #79)
    • Note: The first five pages of this story were excluded.
  • "All You Need Is A Bit Of Chaos" (StH #81)
    • Note: The last two pages of this story were excluded.
  • "Double-Crossed Circuits" (StH #82)
  • "Door to the Past" (StH #82)
    • Note: The last two pages of this story were excluded.

Sonic: The Games - Modern (August 29, 2012)

  • "High Stakes on the High Sea" (StH #180)

Sonic's Monster Mash-Up

  • "Tossed in Space" Parts 1 and 2: "Red Chaos" and "Hog & Superhog" (StH #126)
  • "Zone Wars: Giant Robotno" (SSS #12)
  • "Gorilla Warfare"-or-"The Apes of Wrath" (StH #17)
  • "A Friend in Deed" The Naugus Trilogy - Part Three (StH #66)

Cover Gallery[]

Background Information[]

  • Sonic: Love Stinks
    • The various pieces character art on the cover, except for Scourge and Fiona, are taken from SU#21 (Sonic and Amy) and StH#174 (Sally, Bunnie, and Antoine). The artwork of Scourge and Fiona is from the interior art of StH#190.
  • Sonic: Bunny Blast
    • Due to its Easter theme, the issue focuses on rabbit characters and Dr. Eggman.
  • Sonic: Fight Club
    • The illustrations of Sonic and Knuckles on the cover are taken from the cover of Sonic Select Book 3.
    • Sonic and Knuckles' health bars at the bottom of the cover are inspired by Sonic the Fighters.
    • The Sonic vs Knuckles logo is from Super Sonic vs Hyper Knuckles.
  • Sonic: The Games - Classic
    • The artwork of Sonic and Tails on the cover is from StH: #227.
    • Issue 226 is the only modern day issue to be printed in the collection, however it adapts the story of a classic game.
    • The Games - Classic focuses on games from 1991-1998.
    • The cover's use of the original Sonic logo is the first time it has been used since issue #77
  • Sonic: The Games - Millennium
    • The cover art comes from StH: #98.
    • "Door to the Past" features the same corrections (recoloring, edited text) that would later be used for the Archives reprinting.
    • The Games - Millennium focuses on the three Dreamcast games Sonic Adventure, Sonic Shuffle and Sonic Adventure 2, all of which where released throughout 1999-2001: the 2000 to 2001 period marked the beginning of the third Millenium, hence the collections name.
    • Like the Classics collection before it, this collection contains one story that was not released during the showcased era, although it adapts a game that was, this being SU#2.
  • Sonic: The Games - Modern
    • The cover is composed of official Sega art. The render of Eggman is new to the Archie series while the Sonic render was previously used for the convention variant cover of StH#226.
    • The Games - Modern focuses on games from 2005 to 2012.
  • Sonic's Monster Mash-Up!
    • The artwork of Sonic on the cover is from StH#143. The art of King Boom Boo and the other ghosts are, in a rare twist, from the cover of SX#14. Despite this, King Boom Boo doesn't appear in any of the featured stories (not having yet made his debut in the main Archieverse by this point).