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Archie & Friends: A Halloween Tale
Publication Details
Date Published 

September 1998

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Patrick Spaziante
  • Ken Penders
  • Patrick Spaziante
  • Dan DeCarlo
  • Ken Penders
  • Jeff Powell
  • Frank Gagliardo
  • Justin Gabrie
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
Special Thanks

to Nelson Riberio and Lou Maldonado

First Appearances
Only Appearance

Archie & Friends: A Halloween Tale was a promotional comic released for Halloween. The book was a mass-crossover between Archie Comics' biggest titles being published at the time, including the Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna series.


"A Festival Of Fantasy"[]

In Halley's Comics comic book store, a young boy named Stevie catches Sabrina browsing through some comics, completely shocked that a girl is reading comics. She quickly mentions that she's looking for Sonic and Knuckles comics. He thinks that she's just buying them for someone else, but she blows that off, too, gushing about how cool Knuckles is. However, in doing so, she accidentally recites a spell that her cat Salem mentioned, transporting Stevie and herself to Robotropolis. There, they find Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna facing down Dr. Ivo Robotnik, where the scientist is threatening to kill Tails should he not surrender. However, both Sonic and Knuckles think the universally lost Sabrina and kid are Overlanders, leading Sonic to deal with Robotnik while Knuckles confronts the two.

When Knuckles does so, Sabrina decides to fix things by getting them home. However, she accidentally drags Sonic and Knuckles with her. Even worse, Sabrina remembers that she was going to a Halloween party being thrown by Cheryl Blossom and she was racing this way. Sabrina fixes this by taking Stevie and dressing the two of them in costumes, passing Sonic and Knuckles off as the same. Sabrina is able to pass off the trio and arrive in Cheryl's fancy mansion, where various figures are attending the party, including Archie and his friends and Josie and the Pussycats. However, Sonic and Knuckles are not liking the party at all and it gets even more hairy when Reggie confronts the duo, wanting to see who they were under the costume before Archie is able to pull him away.

With things heating up, Sabrina gets a hold of Salem and alerts him of what's going on. However, when she reveals that she brought Sonic and Knuckles in, Salem teleports to the house... just in time to spot Dr. Robotnik walking out the house. Sonic and Knuckles spot him and jump him, only to reveal it's Jughead in costume. Salem finally teleports the Mobians away and Sabrina erases everyone's memory of them even being there, except for Stevie's. In the end, it was revealed that Stevie was right about one aspect -- she was buying the comics for Salem.

Background Information[]

  • The comic contains a major continuity error -- Dr. Robotnik shows up in the story, but Archie Sonic Super Special Issue 7, which takes place after Robotnik's death, is referenced as well. This, along with fourth wall breaking, renders this story non-canon.
  • The comic Sabrina shows Stevie is SSS: #7.
  • Astal, Spaz's signature cameo character, appears on a poster in Halley's Comics, as does Charlie from the video game Street Fighter Alpha.
  • Various Archie employees and freelancers can be seen mingling with the other Archie and Red Circle characters in the two page spread of Cheryl's party. Cyclops of Marvel Comic's X-Men can be seen here, too.
    • ShadowHawk, Particle and Dr. Ian Droid, major characters in Super Special #7, are also present. The "bobbing for comics" panels mentions a kid getting a ShadowHawk comic while another hopes to get one of The Lost Ones, which Particle and Dr. Droid were part of.
  • Sonic would later encounter Sabrina again in a two part crossover story printed in Sabrina the Teenage Witch #28 and Sonic Super Special #10.

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