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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

Arakkis speaking before the High Council of Echidnaopolis

Arakkis was a holy man among the people of Echidnaopolis when the Echidnas still lived on the surface of Downunda. When the White Comet was approaching Mobius 600 years ago, Arakkis openly objected to the plan to raise the city and the surrounding landmass skyward to avoid the impact. He felt it was unnatural for Echidnas to live among the clouds and that they should find a new place to live on the surface where they belonged. Though the High Council sympathized with Arakkis' position, they could not support it and his proposition was denied. Arakkis did not give up, and then counter-proposed the idea to allow him and any others who believed as he did to leave the city of their own volition and resettle elsewhere. Once everyone who wanted to stay land-bound was gathered and evacuated, Echidnaopolis rose up out of the ground, just before the comet struck its former resting site, effectively severing their ties to their air-borne cousins and any lingering regrets about their decision. (KtE: #10)


Arakkis is contacted by the Ancient Walkers.

Afterwards, records of these Echidnas became lost over time and they were known simply in legend as the Lost Tribe. Arakkis started out leading these people in a nomadic manner as they had to constantly move from region to region due to either hostilities from the indigenous people or a lack of natural resources to support a prolonged stay. After their transports and technology broke down and the Lost Tribe became more agrarian-like nomads, Arakkis was approached one night by the Ancient Walkers. They chose him to be their spiritual representative and begin the journey of leading the Tribe to Albion, the ancestral homeland of all Echidnas. Following this revelation, Arakkis became the Tribe's first Mitre, leading his people with Ancient Walkers' guidance, until his death and the arrival of his successor who would be chosen by the Walkers themselves. (KtE: #10)

Arakkis's name is likely a reference to the planet Arrakis from the Dune series.