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In the possible future timeline of Light Mobius, Angel Island continued to float undisturbed over Mobius. After the hardships it had faced 25 years prior, it had since returned to being a pristine home for the native Echidna's and various other Mobian species. In the altered version of the timeline it served as the seat of power for the Kingdom of Acorn as the capital was relocated to the island's city of Portal.

Altered Timeline (Mobius: 25 Years Later)[]

When Shadow the Hedgehog took over due to timeline alterations by Sonic the Hedgehog, the world capital of Mobius was moved to the city of Portal. There, King Shadow and Queen Sally ruled from Castle Mobius, at least until Knuckles the Echidna and Lara-Su's coup d'etat in 3262 (25 years after 3237). (StH: #167)

Mobius: 30 Years Later (3267)[]

After Shadow's defeat, Sonic was coronated as the new king of Mobius, with the capital still in Portal. Five years later, Manik and Sonia Acorn reappeared in the series, living with King Sonic and Queen Sally in Castle Acorn. Since Sonic and Sally were taking a night off to relax due to a celebration the following day. (SU: #5)


In the future, Angel Island is highly modernized and its largest city, Portal, can be described as a metropolis, with a large population and a monorail system. (StH: #167)

Cities and Locations[]

Altered Timeline

  • Portal, largest city and official capital of Mobius
  • Castle Mobius, castle from which the king and queen rule Mobius
  • Guardian Tower, building where current or future Guardians train

Unaltered Timeline

Notable Residents[]