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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.
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Lien-Da showing the ancient tapestry to Sonic and Knuckles in 3237

The Ancient Tapestry was a mysterious and ancient weaved piece of art residing within the Hidden Palace on Angel Island. It was presumably thousands of years old, and thus was weaved before the Floating Island had lifted off from Mobius' surface. The Dark Legion first discovered the tapestry when they located the Hidden Palace in 3237. Somehow, the tapestry depicted Super Sonic battling against Dr. Eggman. When it was shown to Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna by Lien-Da, Knuckles wondered who could've weaved it. (StH: #139)

Background Information[]

  • The ancient tapestry was first seen in the video-game Sonic & Knuckles. The comic version appears identical to the game version, though with different colors.
  • Despite the tapestry depicting Super Sonic facing off against the final boss of Sonic & Knuckles, that battle never took place in the comics, rendering its purpose unknown.
    • A popular theory amongst fans suggests that Gerald Robotnik might have stumbled across the tapestry during his archeological expeditions, thus leading to the creation of Project Shadow.
    • Another theory suggests it might be depicting the finale of Worlds Collide, in which Eggman disrupts Super Sonic's attempt at restoring the Prime Zone.