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Anti-Knuckles with Anarchy Beryl

Anti-Knuckles with Anarchy Beryl

An Anarchy Beryl is a Moebius equivalent of a Chaos Emeralds in Mobius. Several of the gemstones were used to maintain the atmosphere and environment of the Sunken Island, guarded by Anti Knuckles. According to himself, Scourge the Hedgehog's throne was "stocked with Anarchy Beryl", which he used to transform into Super Scourge in order to combat the combined threat of Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, Shadow the Hedgehog, Silver the Hedgehog, Rob O' the Hedge, Metal Sonic and Rosy the Rascal. (StH: #44, #195)

Unlike the Mobius Prime counterparts, Anarchy Beryl provide a longer lasting super transformation and a bit more power. However, the downside is that they drain the power of the individual once their super transformation runs out, leaving them vulnerable. This was the case with Super Scourge, who was drained of his power once he de-transformed and became defenseless against Sonic, who proceeded to capture him. (StH: #196)

Background Information

  • The name comes from the stone 'beryl', a stone capable of many different colours (of which emerald is a specific type), and the word 'anarchy', which is a synonym of 'chaos' that also means 'lack of government', similar to the state of Anti Mobius before Scourge took over.
  • In the Mobius: X Years Later zone, there was a reference to the Anarchy Beryl Bomb, that was stored in the Castle Mobius Catacombs, along with other forbidden objects like King Shadow and E-107 Theta. (SU: #7)
  • The Anarchy Beryl got mentioned by Orbot in Sonic Forces: Rise of Infinite as Eggman was trying to name the Phantom Ruby.
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