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Amy Rose Profile - Sonic Boom.jpg
Amy Rose
First Appearance

Sonic Boom #1

Biographical information


Physical description


  • Fur: Pink
  • Skin Color: Peach
  • Eyes: Green
  • Red and white dress with gold buttons
  • White gloves each with a gold ring
  • Red, purple, and white sneakers with gold buttons on top and grey soles
  • White sports tape around wrists and waist
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Super strength with Piko-Piko Hammer
  • High acrobatic skills and reflexes
  • Proficient EnerBeam wielder

Amy Rose (Sonic Boom) is the version of Amy Rose from the Sonic Boom Zone.


Amy’s history is basically similar to her counterpart’s, but there isn’t any knowledge behind that.


This Amy's personality is very close to her Prime Counterparts such as her crush on her realities Sonic and love for battle. However unlike her Prime Counterpart she is shown to have complete control of her temper only releasing it when fighting Eggman or his robots. She also a perfectionist, needing every little thing to be just right. She is also not as obsessive with her crush on Sonic as well and is shown to keep it secretive.

Background Information

  • It's possible that this version of Amy is slightly older than her Prime Counterpart due to being slightly taller and having a bit more feminine built, but no evidence exist to confirm this. In both the games and the series, Amy was voiced by Cindy Robinson.


Like other realities of Amy, she has a strong

Amy Rose from the animated series.

resembles to her Prime Counterpart. However this version of Amy is slightly taller and has a slightly more feminine body as well. Her clothing is altered as well.

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