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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.
Original Continuity

Amy Rose Profile
Amy Rose the Hedgehog
Biographical information

11 (Born on day 186, 3226) Age = * 11 (chronologicaly)

  • 17 (physically)
Physical description
  • Green and white shirt (formerly)
  • Yellow skirt (formerly)
  • Blue shoes (formerly)
  • Red dress and boots
  • White gloves
  • Gold rings
  • Red hairband
  • Piko-Piko Hammer
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Martial arts
  • Use of Piko Piko hammer
  • Tarot Card reading
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One day I'll be the prettiest, most powerful, and over-all best Freedom Fighter ever!

–Amy's proclamation, StH: #172

Amy Rose is a young, carefree Mobian Hedgehog who has had a crush on Sonic the Hedgehog for years. Originally starting out as just one of Sonic's most devoted young admirers, she would mature into one of his most trusted allies and after proving herself she became a member of the Freedom Fighters who have sworn to protect the world from the evil scientist, Dr. Eggman and his Eggman Empire. Her loyalty to her friends and team is without question and her improving skills have assured her importance to the Freedom Fighters' cause. She is currently part of Team Fighters and the leader of the occasionally activated Team Rose.


Early Life[]

Amy Rose's origins lie in the Kingdom of Mercia, a separate kingdom across the sea in Eurish. Amy was born into a noble house, but her parents soon renounced their wealth to improve welfare and to help the poor and sick. When Dr. Ivo Robotnik took over and placed the High Sheriff as his Sub-Boss in charge of Mercia, Amy's parents fell victim to the Roboticizer. Her cousin Rob looked after her in his uncle's stead, and in the meantime stories reached Mercia of a heroic blue hedgehog named Sonic the Hedgehog, prompting Amy to begin writing letters to him. Conditions continued to grow worse, however, and thus Rob sent Amy off to Knothole Village. Her escort was captured and she was briefly imprisoned in the Collison Chaos Zone only to be rescued by her hero, Sonic, and taken to Knothole. There she lived for some time, while her cousin became the leader of the Mercian branch of Freedom Fighters known as the Crazy Kritter Freedom Fighters. (StH: #58, #112, CSE)

Sonic's Number One Fan[]


A young Amy Rose begging Sally to let her join the Freedom Fighters

While living in Knothole, Amy became Sonic's "biggest fan", even wanting to marry him one day. Amy tried to become a part of the Freedom Fighters early on but was denied by Sally Acorn. Amy accused Sally of the reason so she "won't get closer to Sonic" however the true reason was that Amy was far too young at the time and did not have the experience like Tails had. (StH: #142)

Over time, Amy constantly sent fan mail to Sonic, hoping to get his attention. Unfortunately, Dr. Ivo Robotnik found this mail and sent his newest creation, Metal Sonic, to kidnap the young hedgehog. He then took her hostage to lure Sonic to the Collison Chaos Zone, which he did. Sonic's best friend, Tails, was also kidnapped and held hostage with Amy. But Sonic defeated Metal Sonic and rescued both, resulting in Amy wanting to marry him even more. When Sonic had been put in prison for treason after being accused of allowing himself to be roboticized, Amy naturally protested against it. During Sonic's trial, Antoine humourously "badgered" Amy for trying to get a badger to join her Sonic Fan Club. (StH: #25, #40)

After the death of Robotnik, Amy returned to Mobotropolis with the rest of the Freedom Fighters. Once there, she discovered an old book about the famous historian Kirby, which she showed Dulcy. Later, she brought Tails to that part of the city, and the two discovered Kirby's grandson Jeremiah in a library. Both Amy and Tails spent the next few hours learning about the Great War as Sir Charles Hedgehog read them passages from the books. (StH: #50, #65, #71, #72, #73, #74)

When Sonic and the other Freedom Fighters took a space shuttle to investigate the mysterious satellites that had been causing numerous planetary disturbances, Amy stayed with Nate Morgan to watch them off and wished for their safe return. Following this, Amy was evacuated from Mobotropolis to Knothole when Dr. Eggman's armies of Shadowbots invaded the city, but not before she and Nate saved John and Jane Doe from being captured. The night after the exodus from Mobotropolis, Amy and others listened to Jules and Bernadette Hedgehog tell some other Great War stories over a camp fire. (StH: #74, #75, #77, #78)

Becoming a Teenager[]


Amy's transformation into a 16-year-old after using the Ring of Acorns

As Nate Morgan and the Freedom Fighters prepared to venture to the Hidden City of the Ancients, Amy wondered if she could join them as well. But Sonic and the others protested, saying Amy was much too young. Amy, sad at not being old enough, wandered around Knothole until she found the magical Ring of Acorns and touched it, wishing to be older. The ring granted her wish and although she aged physically, she still had the mind of a ten year old. Additionally, she gained limited magical abilities by absorbing the ring's energy, including the power to summon her magical Pico Pico Hammer from thin air. After this, Amy once again requested to join the Freedom Fighters, but was denied again by Sonic, who told her having an older body wasn't enough; she still had the mentality of a ten year old, and lacked any combat experience. But Nate, wishing to examine her, thought that she might as well come along. (StH: #79, #80, CSE)

When the group arrived at Station Square, Amy marvelled at its glory and, while exploring, encountered a Flicky being attacked by two of Dr. Eggman's E-100 Alpha robots. Amy tried to save it, but the robots kidnapped her and brought her back to Eggman's Egg Carrier. But when E-102 Gamma checked on Amy in her cell, she was the last piece of the puzzle to giving Gamma sentience, and so he freed her. Later, Sonic, who had also come with Tails to save Amy, battled Gamma and was about to deliver the final blow when Amy stopped him, saying how Gamma helped her. Sonic agreed to not destroy Gamma, who then evacuated the ship along with Amy and Tails. Amy had later helped Sonic and the other Freedom Fighters battle Perfect Chaos. (StH: #80, #81, #82, #83, #84, SSS: #13)

After the Chaos incident, Amy returned to Knothole with the rest of the Freedom Fighters, but left soon after with Bunnie and Antoine, as he was eager to find his father and had been temporarily relieved of active duty due to an injury sustained while in Station Square. Following Sonic's information of Armand D'Coolette's last known location, they traveled back to Amy's homeland of Mercia, but were soon confronted by her cousin Rob who was deeply suspicious of Antoine's likeness to the High Sheriff. Amy attempted to reason with Rob whom she had not seen in years, however the situation turned worse when she tried to explain her change in appearance through the Ring of Acorns, provoking Rob to accuse Antoine and Bunnie of bewitching her. At that moment, Knuckles of all people appeared out of nowhere and backed up Antoine, as he had been listening to entire exchange. Seeing that the two were in search of missing people that were important to them, Amy, Bunnie, and Rob went with them to the city of Albion as the most likely place to seek answers. Once there, Amy and the others were not greeted quite as warmly as Knuckles due to not being Echidnas, but made the best of the situation as they were provided with rooms for the time being. Later that night, an explosion occurred in a building that Knuckles was in, and so Amy and the others disguised themselves as firemen in order to find him. There they discovered Knuckles had somehow undergone an engineered evolution into a living Chaos Emerald: Chaos Knuckles- and also found Antoine's missing father- Roboticized, but quite active and violent. Seeing as the Albion High Council head, Gala-Na, was too focused on the threat he represented to not help Antoine save his father, Chaos Knuckles then teleported everyone out of Albion- Bunnie and Antoine back to their ship with a subdued High Sheriff, Knuckles himself to the Golden Hive Colony, and Amy and Rob back to Deerwood Forest. (StH: #88, #89, #90)

Amy continued to stay with her cousin and his wife and son for awhile, catching up on what happened since they had last been together while also training to become more agile. Eventually, Amy decided to head back to the Kingdom of Knothole, and Rob came along to see her return safely. They actually arrived just as the Arachne launched an attack on Castle Acorn and joined in the fight until Sally ordered everyone to stop so she could give the Sword of Acorns to the Arachne in order to be free of the Source of All's influence. Rob stayed a bit longer afterwards as he thought Antoine's father, the former High Sheriff of Mercia, was still evil, but learned the General had indeed turned around, much to the joy of Amy, Antoine, and Bunnie Rabbot. With that, Amy bid her cousin a tearful farewell as he returned home to his family. Amy was also present during the Mobian's counterattack against the Xorda and attended Sonic's funeral in tears as a result of his "sacrifice" to save everyone. (StH: #111, #125)

Freedom Fighter[]


Amy is made a Freedom Fighter.

A year later when Sonic returned to Mobius, Amy was awarded a medal and became a Freedom Fighter by Sally after assisting in the defence of Fort Acorn. Sally thanked her for her service to help the Freedom Fighters, and Amy was overwhelmed by happiness that one of her wishes finally came true. (StH: #132, #133, #142)

Amy, now an official Freedom Fighter, helped the heroes of Mobius even more, with such examples as fighting the Metal Sonic Troopers, though she was absent during a subsequent battle with Mammoth Mogul and Ixis Naugus. Amy also showed jealousy towards Fiona Fox, who was Sonic's girlfriend at the time. When Tails told Amy that Fiona was cheating on Sonic with Scourge the Hedgehog, she instantly attacked the treacherous fox. But Sonic was able to calm down Amy before talking to Fiona about whether or not she really was cheating on him for Scourge, which is when the green hedgehog arrived. Sonic fought Scourge and Fiona, and when Amy and Tails decided to help, the diabolical couple fled. Amy was also present when Antoine proposed to Bunnie and was the flower girl for their wedding. (StH: #157, #158, #159, #162, #163, #164, #172, #173, #174)

Amy in training

Amy training with Julie-Su.

After Sonic and Sally's breakup, Amy has begun to show her love for the hedgehog once again. After the death of Tommy Turtle, Amy sought out combat training from the former Dark Legion soldier Julie-Su. When Julie explained that Amy should want this training to better herself rather than to impress Sonic, Amy replied that she did want to better herself - so that no one else will be more worthy of Sonic's affection than she. (StH: #172)

A while later, Dr. Eggman's Egg Fleet attacked and destroyed Knothole and captured everyone except for Amy, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. While initially distraught, she immediately took part in the rescue mission; with her Piko-Piko hammer, she and Knuckles destroyed the Egg Grapes and freed several captives. She, along with the other Mobians, was soon teleported to New Mobotropolis. After the escape she was shown supporting Rotor, whose back was injured during the initial attack. She then helped the other Freedom Fighters and Chaotix battle the Egg Beater which they were able to destroy. (StH: #175, #176, #177)

When Enerjak arrived at New Mobotropolis, Amy joined the Chaotix and Freedom Fighter's attack. Some time after the Enerjak crisis had come to an end she assisted Sally in defeating Nack the Weasel and help her rescue Sonic from Mammoth Mogul. (StH: #182, #188)

Fighting the Suppression Squad[]


Amy and Shadow put the pressure on Rosy the Rascal

After arriving back at Freedom HQ, the Suppression Squad invaded Mobius Prime, and Amy went after Patch while the other Freedom Fighters battled the rest of the group. Later, Amy was chosen to accompany Sonic to Moebius to help find assistance against the Suppression Squad. (StH: #189)

Upon arrival, Sonic and Amy were attacked by Buns Rabbot in her Omega Care Unit. Fortunatly they were saved by the timely arrival of Anti Robotnik. Buns apologised as she thought Sonic was Scourge because she couldn't see colours too well in her suit. They later went outside to discuss the situation, after Ivo gave Amy a warm welcome to the Anti Mobius, Kintobor revealed that Scourge had stolen the Globe Posts he created to travel to other zones to find new medical techniques to help Buns. Amy suggested that Kintobor could make more Omega Care Units to defeat the Suppression Squad, but he refused to build an army. Buns jokingly said that they should try and recruit "you-know-who." Kintobor said that it was out of the question as she is far too dangerous. Amy pleaded with Kintobor to tell them who he was talking about to help. He grudgingly revealed information about Rosy the Rascal and how she hates Scourge. Kintobor tried to delay them by making sure they were in perfect condition for their journey, but they soon headed to Castle Acorn where Rosy was likely to be. They attempted to convince Rosy to join them, but she proceeded to attack them. (StH: #193)

Buns and Amy fended off Rosy while Sonic went back to Mobius for assistance. However, the Freedom Fighters and Suppression Squad were too busy fighting off Scourge the Hedgehog, with Scourge's "allies" having betrayed him. Amy then shouted at Sonic to hurry back to Mobius, before Rosy went any more crazier. After Sonic was sent back to Moebius with Scourge by Boomer and Miles, he realized Amy and Buns had already been defeated by Rosy the Rascal. (StH: #194)

Amy went to check on Buns who had enough power to get to Dr. Kintobor's tower, and told her to give Rosy a good butt kicking from her. The fight was interrupted when Shadow arrived using Chaos Control. Metal Sonic arrived later followed by Silver and Rob o' the Hedge. Amy greeted her cousin Rob, and later joined in the combined attack against Scourge. However, Scourge turned the tables on everyone, using the Anarchy Beryl in his throne to transform into Super Scourge. But thanks to the quick thinking of Sonic, Super Scourge was quickly defeated after some assistance from the Freedom Fighters and Suppression Squad. (StH: #195, #196)

Final Battle With Eggman[]

Amy later assisted in capturing a piece of land outside the Eggdome for the Freedom Fighters to set up camp and make ready for their final battle with Eggman. The next day Amy helped break into the complex by knocking Sonic in through a hole made by Bunnie and Mighty. Amy later helped fight the Dark Egg Legion, however, they could only go so far as a barricade, Espio said was meant for Sonic to spin dash through, blocked their path. Sonic took the challenge with Amy giving him a kiss and saying good luck before he left. After Bunnie and Mighty finished taking down the barricade, Amy and the Freedom Fighters entered to find Eggman had been defeated. Amy and Tails then praise Sonic as they all headed back to New Mobotropolis to celebrate. (StH: #198, #199, #200)

Iron Invasion and Aftermath[]


Amy shows Jun Kun why it's not good to make her mad.

The celebration took the form of Mina Mongoose and her band the Forget Me Knots singing at New Mobotropolis, which Amy attended while swooning at Sonic from afar. Before Mina could sing however, Monkey Khan struck the stage with lightning and called them selfish for celebrating while the rest of the world was in turmoil. Amy then watched as Khan explained to Sonic, Sally, Antoine and King Elias about how the Iron Dominion had usurped the Eggman Empire and Sonic and he then went off to investigate the remains of New Megaopolis. Shortly after their return, the Iron Queen herself appeared accompanied by Snively and took control of Bunnie D'Coolette, who attacked her fellow Freedom Fighters with her cybernetics, including Amy. She then helped an injured Tails get to the hospital. She later participated in an attack on the Iron Dominion forces, tag teaming with Antoine in an attack on the Iron King, damaging his armor. Not long afterwards, as the Iron Dominion invaded New Mobotropolis with the aid of a reprogrammed NICOLE, Amy came to the aid of Monkey Khan as he was attacked by the Iron King, surprising both ally and enemy with her strength before sending Khan on his way so she could face the King alone. (StH: #201, #203, #206, #208)

After Sonic, Sally, Tails, and Monkey Khan left for the Dragon Kingdom, Amy and Antoine fought off the Yagyu and Dark Egg Legion. When they became surrounded by them, Geoffrey St. John intervened, taking out the villains with several arrows and a flash of light. Amy then showed Geoffrey and Antoine a secret bunker, through a tree stump. After some chatter, NICOLE greeted the heroes with her Iron persona. and informed them of a public Legionization that was about to take place. Amy explained to Geoffrey the basics of becoming a cyborg slave to the Dark Egg Legion and lead their party to the New Mobotropolis Coliseum where it was being held. Once at the Coliseum, Amy was not about to take Geoffrey's tactics of sneaking around and boldly charged out into the open where she destroyed the operating table before Rotor could worked upon. She then found herself forced to confront Jun Kun again when he took Geoffrey by surprise and attempted to smash him, only for Amy to intervene at the last moment and stop him in the midst of bringing down his Tremor Mace. Their deadlock continued until Sonic, just returned from the Dragon Kingdom, knocked Jun Kun off his feet, prompting Amy to embrace him tearfully. She joined the other Freedom Fighters in their subsequent battle with the Iron King, and after his defeat attacked the Iron Queen as she attempted to escape in a mechanical Dragon. With victory achieved, she embraced Sonic joyfully. (StH: #209, #210, #211)

With that threat dealt with, Amy assumed the duty of protecting New Mobotropolis from harm, allowing her fellow Freedom Fighters the opportunity to go their seperate ways about various tasks. She later had lunch with Princess Sally at Chuck's Chili Dogs and happily greeted Antoine, Bunnie and Tails back from their trip. (StH: #213, #216)

Sol Sisters[]

When Vanilla the Rabbit and her daughter Cream radioed for help from the invasion of Snively and his Drill Mech to destroy and absorb the energy of their Chao Garden, Amy came to the Southern Baronies via Warp Ring to assist the pair. With Cream lending a hand (or rather her ears), she flew Amy up to the top of the Mech and destroyed it with her hammer, inadvertantly destroying the Rabbit's house and the Chao Garden in the process. Amy offered to let them stay with her until NICOLE could use her nanites to create them a new house and Chao Garden, causing Amy to make a new best friend in Cream. (StH: #217).


Due to a clash of tempers, Amy and Blaze get off on a rough start.

Later, when Amy was showing both Vanilla and Cream around Freedom HQ, NICOLE called out from the lab to see if anyone was around. She explained that she had been tracking an odd energy signal for a few days but had been unable to pinpoint its location, and so Amy elected to investigate, bringing Nicole in her handheld computer form. Excited, Cream asked to accompany her, and after Amy assured Vanilla it would simply be a short trip out into the forest, she was allowed to go with Amy. Outside, Cream remarked that it was a shame that Freedom HQ was located in such an "ugly" area, and Amy explained that it used to be beautiful - but the region had been burned to the ground during the Destruction of Knothole. She tried to point out where her home used to be, and Cream apologized for bringing up such a painful topic, though Amy brushed it off. Soon, Cream's chao Cheese pointed out something shiny; thinking it to be the source of the energy signal, Amy went after it, only to be held back by a plume of flame. Blaze the Cat appeared, saying that if they were searching for Sol Emeralds as well, they ought to back off. Amy, indignant, demanded to know who Blaze was, but the cat only issued another warning. Annoyed by this confrontation, Amy pulled out her Piko Piko Hammer, and despite Cream's protests, the two ended up fighting. However, when Amy mentioned Sonic the Hedgehog, Blaze stopped, recognizing the name. Blaze explained that Sonic had helped her in the past, and Amy realized who Blaze was, Sonic having told her of his past encounter with the cat. Cream soon interjected, telling the two that the shiny object Cheese had spotted had turned out to be nothing more than a broken glass bottle. Amy and Blaze were both mortified to have been fighting over something so insignificant, and Blaze apologized and began to leave. However, now knowing that she was acquainted with Sonic, Amy and Cream insisted on helping Blaze seek her Sol Emerald. Blaze was dubious (especially as they'd just been fighting moments ago) but Amy insisted. The group made its way into the Great Forest, attempting to use Nicole to follow the weak energy signal, and they soon ran into Rouge the Bat, who offered to assist them in the search. Amy was hostile towards Rouge, not trusting her, but the bat joined the group regardless. They tracked the signal to a deep, root-filled ravine that was bridged by a large, brittle fallen tree. Rouge offered to fly Blaze down while Amy insisted she wanted to fly with Cream, which delighted the younger girl. As they descended, a large branch broke off from the tree and threatened to strike them; Amy kept her cool and prepared to have Cream help her use her hammer to destroy it, but Blaze burned the branch to weaken it and Rouge broke it apart with a spinning kick, impressing Amy and Cream. At the bottom of the ravine, they found a large ball of roots that formed a rough cave of sorts, and inside was the Sol Emerald in a broken capsule. Nicole noted that the capsule was likely responsible for making the energy signal so tricky to track. Elated, Blaze apologized for her lack of trust earlier and offered her thanks; Amy begrudgingly shook hands with Rouge and also apologized for not trusting her. Rouge breezily brushed this off; with a grin, she revealed that she planned to steal the Sol Emerald anyway. She knocked Amy away and went after the Emerald, and Blaze, enraged, thought she had been manipulated the entire time; she was then surprised when both Amy and Cream confronted the bat and demand she give the Emerald to Blaze. Rouge tried to escape, only to nearly be flattened by Amy's hammer. She complimented Amy's skill, but said that only meant she wouldn't go easy on her, and again, Amy was knocked away. Rouge's escape was again prevented by Blaze's flames, and Rouge feigned helplessness - until Shadow the Hedgehog and E-123 Omega arrived to back her up. (SU: #21)

A fight broke out, and Amy lunged at Rouge, forcing her to drop the Sol Emerald and starting a complicated scramble for the gem; eventually, Cheese the Chao escaped with it out into the woods. Not willing to leave without a prize, Rouge tried to force the grey Sol Emerald from Blaze instead, but when Shadow attempted to use it to initiate Chaos Control, it instead exploded in a ring of flames, allowing Team Rose to recover the gem and flee. Amy ordered Cream to fly on ahead and meet up with Cheese while she and Blaze climbed out of the ravine; however, when they got back to the surface, they found Cream, Cheese and the emerald being held by Team Hooligan. Amy demanded they free Cream; spotting her, Bean the Dynamite declared "Hey! It's Shouty Hammer McPain!" and Nack the Weasel, recalling his last encounter with Amy, was visibly shaken. The group attempted to flee on Nack's bike, and while Amy started to give chase, Blaze, using her fire powers, beat her to it; by the time Amy (carrying Cheese on her head) caught up to them, Blaze had saved Cream and sent the goons flying. However, they soon realized the Sol Emerald wasn't around. Amy attempted to catch up to Nack again, intending to take back the emerald, but she was forced to duck as shots were fired from behind; Team Dark had recovered and was again demanding the emerald. Amy tried to tell them that they no longer had it, but was cut short when Shadow kicked her. While Blaze and Cream attempted to hide from Omega and Team Hooligan used the opportunity to sneak away, Amy was engaged in battle with Shadow, using her hammer. She told him to "fight like a man" when he teleported to avoid her strikes and when he knocked her hammer from her grip, she still attempted to fight; however, he used her own weapon to knock her out. When she awoke, Team Dark had defeated her entire team; despite Shadow's insistence she stay down, she groggily informed them that Nack and the others had taken off with the emerald. While Rouge mused about recovering the emerald from them, Blaze began to stir; disoriented, she told them with anger and desperation that they had to stop attempting to take the emerald away; without it, her world would die. (SU: #22)

As it was realized that Team Hooligan was now escaping with the Emerald, Amy was able to get both groups to stop arguing and proposed that they work together to catch up, rather than continue fighting and lose the trail. When Shadow went to get transport for them, Amy followed and asked how he knew Blaze and upon hearing his explanation, confronted him over his duty as a protector of Mobius and whether or not it extended to other worlds as well. While Shadow dodged her questions, saying he would do what he had to, Amy remained confident he would do the right thing in the end. Eventually they traveled via Shadow's bike (provided by G.U.N.), with Amy seated right behind Rouge in the driver’s seat. Amy found it amusing that Shadow had this bike when he was as fast as Sonic, and had a teasing exchange about it with him and Rouge. When Blaze collapsed from sudden pain, Amy was worried that something had happened to her. Upon being reassured and hearing Blaze knew the jewel’s location, Amy and Shadow helped her up, and she ordered Shadow to carry to carry the princess and Rouge to continue on. The two groups eventually caught up to Team Hooligan, only to find them now fighting the Babylon Rogues for the Emerald, with Amy unaware that she had caught Storm’s eye. (SU: #23)

Amy suggested their teams could still work together, but wasn't surprised when Rouge betrayed them yet again, and a four-way battle for the Sol Emerald erupted. Amy began fighting practically by herself, not realizing Nack snuck up behind her, eager for a shot at revenge from their last encounter, only to be saved by Cream and Cheese. Finding Blaze, they were shielded by a wall of flame her flames, and she apologized to Amy and Cream for dragging them into this mess. Despite being told to get to safety, they both insisted on helping her and they rejoined the battle with renewed determination. While Amy convinced Shadow to their side and to do the right thing, she was eventually able to get the Emerald into Blaze’s hands. Realizing the battle was pointless at this rate, Amy again persuaded Rouge to work with them, and the two groups corralled the other teams together with Amy chasing Nack into the bunch. Blaze then re-ignited one of Bean's bombs, causing it to explode on them, and both Teams Hooligan & Babylon retreated. Amy then braced for another fight when Rouge once again tried to take the gem, but Shadow and Omega forced her to back off and the two teams bid farewell. Amy remarked that Shadow was not Sonic, but still reliable. Blaze then shook Amy's hand, commending her on her bravery, and left for her home. Back at Freedom HQ, Amy listened sheepishly as Cream related their entire adventure to a shaken Vanilla, and she admitted that Cream did very well and had the makings of a Freedom Fighter. It was at that point that she suddenly smacked her head, exclaiming that she had stupidly left NICOLE in the root cavern. (SU: #24)

Chaos for the Crown[]

Upon learning that Geoffrey St. John had seemingly betrayed Sonic, Amy was shocked; however, things seemed quiet for weeks afterward. When Sonic and Sally attempted to take their minds off their recent concerns with a date, they found themselves instead being harassed by concerned citizens (whose fears and anxieties had been amplified in secret as part of Ixis Naugus and Geoffrey's plans). Amy soon intervened for the couple, telling the citizens that Sonic and Sally, as heroes who have done more for the people than anyone else, deserved at least one night of peace and quiet. Sonic and Sally thanked her and went on their way, and when one of the citizens showed confusion over Amy's actions, she explained that she believed that Sonic would be hers one day -- but for the time being, she just wanted him to be happy. (StH: #222)

Geoffrey later resurfaced and his betrayal became more clear; he was helping Ixis Naugus in a bid for the crown he believed rightfully belonged to him. The Freedom Fighters, Amy included, saw this as a threat and attempted to apprehend the skunk, only to find he had a few tricks up his sleeve; Amy, deciding that St. John was no longer capable of honesty, attacked, only to be viciously thrown aside. St. John was eventually convinced to back down for the time being; however, everything came to a halt when the Death Egg suddenly emerged in the sky. (StH: #223, #224)

Finding themselves with a common enemy and an extreme threat, the issue with Naugus and Geoffrey was temporarily dropped as the two sides decided to mount an assault on the Death Egg. Amy was assigned to the Freedom Fighter Special along with Antoine, Bunnie, and Geoffrey; sitting in the back with the skunk, she assured him that she'd be keeping an eye on his actions. Those in the Freedom Fighter Special were unable to do much but fly around and trade shots with the Death Egg. (StH: #225)

Genesis and Aftermath[]

Amy breathed a slow, calming sigh. She had to clear her mind before using her cards. When she felt ready, she shuffled the deck, then picked and placed a card on the grass in front of her. One by one, she selected and arranged the cards until the pattern was complete. Amy studied each card closely; where it fell in the pattern, whether it was right-side-up or upside-down, and what each card meant in relation to each other. As she studied them a smile grew, and by the end she jumped up and cheered. According to the cards, she was fated to meet the famous hero Sonic the Hedgehog. They were fated to meet in a magical place she was familiar with, and she knew of nowhere more magical than Little Planet. They would meet soon, and she could hardly wait. The bit that implied there would be "two Sonics" was a little weird, but she did not care since they were just cards. She was excited over being able to meet Sonic for the first time. Amy twirled happily - then steadied herself. All this excitement was getting to her; her vision was beginning to white-out. She sat in the grass again as the white blurriness filled her vision. (FCDS: #6)

Amy blinked away the haze. For a moment she was very confused. She wondered where her seat came from and why she was strapped in as well as when her cute little blouse and skirt had been replaced with a dress and boots. Slowly, things began to come back to her. The hum filling her ears was the sound of the Freedom Fighter Special's engines. Her Piko Piko Hammer was across her lap, ready to be swung at the nearest badnik - or traitor. Geoffrey St. John was seated across from her, his eyes glassy and his body lax. She was guarding him as much as she was joining the mission against the Death Egg, which she momentarily forgot about. She wondered if her momentary lapse of attention had been a spell he cast on her. She decided to rule that out for the time being; Geoffrey seemed to be coming around himself. In fact, the Freedom Fighter Special was flying very smoothly considering just moments ago they had been weaving between beams of deadly laser-fire. Amy peered towards the cockpit and could see Bunnie and Antoine beginning to stir. She called to them, asking if everything was all right up there. Bunnie called back that she thought so, and Amy saw her reach for Antoine and say something that she could not make out over the drone of the engines. Amy roughly prodded Geoffrey's boot with the handle of her hammer and warned him that he better not be up to something. Geoffrey gave her an impatient glare, and told her that he did not know what she was talking about. She sarcastically accepted his response and told him that Ixis Wizards are all about tricky stuff, but he retorted that he was an apprentice and that all he had was his meager wind magic. She then said that regardless, the quarters were pretty tight and hefted her hammer while giving him a warning glare, further stating that she would not miss. Geoffrey rolled his eyes but said nothing. The Freedom Fighter Special lurched to the side, and a moment later Amy heard the hiss of laser-fire resume outside. She wrung the handle of her hammer in anticipation - and in worry, for Sonic and Sally had infiltrated the Death Egg a little while ago and they had not checked back in. While she had the utmost confidence in her friends, she could not shake the feeling something terrible was about to happen. (FCDS: #6)


Amy after escaping the wreckage of the FFS.

A massive laser was fired, clipping the plane and forcing it into an emergency landing. Amy had to use her Piko Piko Hammer to free herself and the others from the wreckage. When they caught up with Sonic and Tails, they learned that Sally had been roboticized and was still aboard the Death Egg. A battered Sonic insisted on immediately setting out to save her, but Amy, distraught, pointed out that he was in no condition to fight and pleaded for him to wait. Eventually realizing that she and the others were right, Sonic reluctantly decided to stay and recover. When they returned to the city, they saw with horror that it had been attacked as well; Amy wondered why Nicole wasn't repairing the damage and observed the odd crystallization of parts of the surroundings. She then went to Vanilla, attempting to get an update on what had happened. With shock, Amy and Sonic then realized that the populace was cheering for Ixis Naugus, who had protected them during the Death Egg's attack. (StH: #231)

At the people's behest, Naugus became king, and his attention was directed to an injured Bunnie by Amy. She and her fellow Freedom Fighters-and Naugus himself-were shocked when Naugus' attempt to undo the crystallization spell he had cast on Bunnie resulted in her return to a fully organic form. An irate Sonic asked Amy and Tails to update the Council of Acorn on what had transpired aboard the Death Egg, and rushed off despite Amy and Tails reminding him that they were unaware of the full events that had transpired. Shortly thereafter, Amy would join in defending the city from the invading Battle Bird Armada. She and the other Freedom Fighters were in attendance at the trial of Geoffrey, where he was found guilty of treason only to be pardoned by Naugus. Shortly thereafter, the Freedom Fighters served as an escort to Elias as he made his way out of the city, only to be attacked by Eggman's forces under Metal Sonic and the newly modified Mecha Sally. Though Elias and his family made it through safely, Amy and her teammates suffered a heavy blow as Antoine was severely injured by an exploding Metal Sonic. (StH: #232, #233, #234, SU: #35)

Joining Team Fighters[]

With Antoine in a coma from his injuries, Amy tried to distract herself from her own feelings by helping the other Freedom Fighters. While going to visit Tails, she met his father Amadeus Prower, and recommended that he approach his son instead of her. She then paid a visit to Sonic's house, breaking down in a conversation with his parents Jules and Bernadette Hedgehog when he refused to answer his door. Overhearing Amy's hurt, Sonic determined to be kinder to her in the future. Amy and Tails later learned that Bunnie had left the city, and told Sonic the news in Freedom HQ only to be informed that he was already aware of it. Hopelessly, Sonic declared that the Freedom Fighters were finished, but Amy and Tails were able to rally their friend from his sense of defeat. Rotor then joined them and revealed that the council had voted to exile NICOLE. The remnants of the Freedom Fighters then resolved to reorganize their team, a proposal which Rotor and Sonic took before the council. Amy became a member of Team Fighters, with the special mission of pursuing the Death Egg and rescuing Sally, along with Sonic, Tails, and T-Pup. Rotor became the leader of the new Team Freedom, which was intended to defend New Mobotropolis. Amy and her team went to work immediately, defeating Eggman's forces in Furville. (StH: #235, #236)

Team Fighters' pursuit of the Death Egg led them to Soumerca, where they learned that the situation was dire. Grand Chief Lupe of the Wolf Pack Nation and Queen Hathor of the Felidae had been abducted, and each nation blamed the other for it. With the assistance of Wolf Pack twins Leeta and Lyco, Amy and her teammates deduced that the true culprit was in fact Mecha Sally, and set out to rescue the captured leaders. They encountered an escaped Hathor, who led them to the Soumerca Dark Egg Legion base. After battling Grandmasters Drago Wolf and Razorklaw, the team succeeded in freeing the trapped leaders. Following Eggman yet again, they were forced to break off pursuit in order to stop an invasion of Feral Forest, where Elias and his family had relocated. Encountering Mecha Sally, Amy realized that the Robian had been sent to kill her own brother, and quickly intercepted her. The pair faced off, with Mecha Sally accusing Amy of wanting to eliminate her so that she could have Sonic to herself. Amy denied the accusations, and Tails quickly intervened, reminding Amy that Mecha Sally's words were coming from Robotnik's programming, not the real Sally. The two were forced to break off their battle with their enslaved comrade as she set fire to nearby buildings and called in Egg Swats to distract them. As they completed mop-up of the invaders, Amy radioed New Mobotropolis to warn them of the Death Egg's approach. (StH: #237, #238, #239, #240)

Amy and her teammates continued to pursue the Death Egg, following it the coast of Amy's homeland of Mercia. After engaging several flying Egg Swats, they were forced to deal with a surprising threat: the Krudzu Hybrid Hydra combined with a model of Titan Metal Sonic. However, the trio managed to defeat the beast with a tag-team move, Amy adding impetus to Sonic's Spin-Dash by hitting him with her hammer. Tails' missiles followed the attack, defeating the automaton and knocking it into the ocean. However, Amy was then the first to notice a shocking sight below: the smoking ruins of Albion, which the Death Egg had already attacked. As they moved to aid the besieged Echidnas, they were engaged by a group of Egg Swats riding Turtloids. Amy quickly dispatched one with her hammer, taking over its vehicle, while the rest were destroyed by Tails and the Tornado, allowing the group to proceed to Albion. (StH: #241, #242)

As they approached Albion, the trio were attacked by Metal Knuckles, one of the latest models in Eggman's Metal Series. The robotic Echidna put up quite a fight, but Amy managed to stop the fight by knocking it away with her hammer. Crash-landing in the city, the trio made their way into the interior, whee they soon ran into Eggman's land force: the former New Megaopolis Dark Egg Legion. Amy and her friends soon joined up with the Echidna resistance forces under Remington, who informed them of the city's status. When he announced their intentions to evacuate the city and travel to mainland Mercia in search of asylum, Amy vouched for her cousin Rob's generosity. First, however, the united group set out to free a number of prisoners held by the Legion. This led to a large-scale battle outside the Legion's base, in which Team Fighters once again engaged Metal Knuckles. A reactivated defense system in the city overloaded during the battle, knocking everyone out shortly before Thrash the Devil arrived. Thrash came upon Amy and her teammates, and laid their unconscious forms aside before turning his attention to the Echidnas. Shortly thereafter, Knuckles arrived and awakened the trio, who recounted recent events and then learned from Knuckles that the city was empty of Echidnas. Teaming up to search, they ran into Thrash just as the Tasmanian Devil finished banishing the last Echidnas through a super-charged Warp Ring. Determined not to let him get away with this heinous act, Amy joined her teammates in engaging Thrash and his Devil Dog pack.(StH: #243, #244)

When the Devil Dogs proved problematic to the group's efforts to subdue Thrash, Sonic called upon Amy and Tails to perform a tornado generating move to hold the Mobini at bay. Amy was initially uneasy, having not had Sonic and Tails' experience in the maneuver, but with Sonic's encouragement stirring up her determination to impress him, she pulled it off. They succeeded in trapping the Devil Dogs in a pen, though Amy briefly felt sick after ceasing her spinning. Unfortunately, just as she was helping Tails to retrieve the Warp Ring from the defeated Thrash, Metal Knuckles returned as the new host of the Krudzu Hybrid Hydra and ensnared the pair with cybernetic vines. Despite being weakened by their previous battle, Amy and her teammates battled bravely, even as Knuckles left to pursue Thrash. Freed by Sonic, Amy joined her teammates in facing the Krudzu even as it transformed into a towering mechanical monster. However, unexpected help then arrived in the form of Shard the Metal Sonic, the same Metal Sonic variant whom Sonic had raced to free Amy from previously.(StH: #245)

Believing that Eggman had resurrected her old kidnapper, Amy joined her teammates in attacking him, despite his efforts to persuade them that he was on their side. The Krudzu put a halt to the battle by seizing Shard and Sonic, who agreed to work together to stop the mutual threat. As the two super-fast allies took off with the Krudzu in tow, Tails and Amy tried to figure out a way to stop the evolved robotic plant, and Tails decided to approach Thrash's Devil Dogs. When Sonic and Shard came back around, Amy was ready, and used her hammer to launch the Hydra through several buildings just before it was set upon by the Devil Dogs. With Sonic, Shard, and Tails completing the process of dismemberment, the final blow was left to Amy, who crushed the Metal Knuckles head and left the Hydra as a tiny, powerless sprig. After Sonic turned it over to Shard so that it could be researched for use as a means of De-Roboticizing Sally, Amy took a moment to mourn the ruined Albion, her missing teammates, and the unfortunate Knuckles. Sonic took her in a comforting embrace, assuring her that they would find a means of making everything right, and perhaps even rescuing the Echidnas using the Krudzu. With that done, the team boarded the Tornado-its repairs completed with Shard's help-and took off for the Northern Tundra. (StH: #246)

Amy didn't react well to the cold weather, and continued to be cold even after borrowing winter clothes from Erma Ermine of the Arctic Freedom Fighters. Sonic even teased her over the matter as the combined teams prepared to attack the Northern Tundra Dark Egg Legion bunker where the Death Egg had landed, earning her ire over the matter. The group soon made their way into the facility, only to be joined by Silver. Despite Sonic's initial resistance to let the time traveler hang around, the group eventually agreed to hear him out. When Silver revealed that he had determined that Sally was the traitor, Amy and Sonic tried to attack him out of rage at the accusation, and Amy was only stopped by Augustus the Polar Bear's quick action. Silver then explained that he had come to help save Sally, having determined that it was her actions as Mecha Sally that led to the Freedom Fighters' downfall, not anything done of her own free will. The team agreed to let him join, though Amy questioned how Silver had learned where they were, and was informed unconvincingly that it was due to his psychic abilities. The expanded team continued on, ending up in a showdown with several of Akhlut's Orca before running into their mission objective, Mecha Sally. Amy was briefly stunned by the Robian, and in going to the side of a stunned Sonic was targeted by her enslaved teammate. Silver's intervention saved the two Hedgehogs, but before they could celebrate, a second Genesis Wave struck. (StH: #247)

Fighting for Two Worlds[]

See also Rose Woman.

Following the effects of the second Genesis Wave, Amy was part of a group of Mobians-along with Knuckles, Tails, and Shadow-who were captured by Metal Sonic and his newest ally, Bass. The four were delivered to Dr. Eggman and his new partner, Dr. Wily, who had created Bass. All of them were then transformed into an evil new group of robots known as the Roboticized Masters, with Amy becoming Rose Woman. She and her new teammates-Knuckles Man, Tails Man, and Shadow Man-were then sent to Wily's world to rob the Mega City bank. While there, they were engaged by Proto Man, whom Rose Woman and Knuckles Man easily managed to overcome. However, Rose Woman was then attacked by Proto Man's brother, Mega Man, who grabbed the other Robot Master and got them both away from Rose Woman's attacks. After a brief battle, the Roboticized Masters escaped back to Mobius before escaping to the Skull Egg Zone without Tails Man. The trio made their way to the Wily Egg, where they presented their prize-one of the Chaos Emeralds-to the two doctors. (StH: #248, SU: #51, MM: #24)

Rose Woman and her fellow Roboticized Masters-which had expanded to include Vector Man, Charmy Man, Espio Man, Blaze Woman, and Silver Man-were later deployed against Sonic and Mega Man's new formed team, which also included Tails, Proto Man, and Rush. After briefly fighting the heroes, Rose Woman and all of her companions but the Chaotix were called off to pursue an escaping Proto Man, whom Dr. Eggman deemed a significant threat due to his goal of rescuing Dr. Light. Eventually, Rose Woman and Knuckles Man were left as the only Roboticized Masters remaining, and were called away from their pursuit of Proto Man to engage Sonic and Mega Man. Ordered to terminate the heroes by any means necessary, Rose Woman activated her own self-destruct feature, but was restored to normal thanks to Mega Man's efforts. After getting over the effects of her transformation to normal, Amy embraced Sonic tearfully, feeling horrible over her enslaved attack on him. The pair subsequently left to look for Shadow, whom-at least in the "new" reality back on Mobius-Amy had previously mistaken for Sonic, something that Sonic had apparently repeatedly teased her about. (SU: #52, MM: #26)

Rose Woman Turns Into Amy

Amy is returned to normal.

Soon enough, Amy joined in an epic battle at the Wily Egg between the band of heroes and a massive army of Robot Masters created by the evil doctors. She engaged Wave Man but was then set upon by Splash Woman, Aqua Man, and Pump Man, whose water powers proved too much even for her hammer prowess. She was lifted away from that battle by Tails, but unfortunately the Fox was likewise being menaced by several air-themed Masters: Tornado Man, Gyro Man, and Wind Man. Escaping that confrontation, she watched admiringly as Sonic proved his superior speed to Quick Man, blowing her hero a kiss as he went by. She then watched tearfully with Proto Man as Sonic, Tails, Mega Man, and Rush took off to board the Wily Egg, only to be attacked by Spring Man. When Tails returned wounded, she watched over him as their party was slowly but surely surrounded by the enemy army. Fighting with determination against such foes as Star Man, she and her allies then received a welcome surprise: reinforcements in the form of the Light Labs Robot Masters. Bolstered by this force, Amy and her teammates continued to battle, until all of them stopped to watch as the Super Genesis Wave washed across both their worlds. Super Sonic subsequently attempted to restore their world to normal, but his efforts were disrupted by Dr. Eggman. (StH: #250, #251, MM: #27, SU: #54)

Post-Super Genesis Wave[]

See: Amy's Post-SGW article

In a peculiar turn of events, the Super Genesis Wave had placed Amy, along with Cream and Cheese, in the Sol Zone. With their memories of their home world mysteriously clouded, the three helped Blaze and Marine in tracking down the last Sol Emerald. When their adventure came to an end, the girls returned home to the realization that the Prime Zone had been irriversibly altered by the Super Genesis Wave. With memories of her old life slowly being replaced by ones of her new life, Amy settled into her new normal, and continued to help the Knothole Freedom Fighters in battling evil... (SU: #55, StH: #256)


Amy's main method of offense is her Piko Piko Hammer. It is a very large magical hammer capable of delivering extremely strong blows - its strength was even enough to stand up to the Iron King. Over time, Amy has become extremely skilled with her hammer and uses it for defense as well as offense, as she was able to use it to disperse flames thrown at her by Blaze with just a wave. Amy can summon her hammer by wishing for it, as she absorbed the Ring of Acorns and, thus, its power. The extent of her wish-granting power, however, is unknown. Like Sonic and Tails, she is also capable of spinning at super speed and generating a small tornado, although her inexperience with the technique early on left her with motion sickness. (CSE)

In the reality created by the first Genesis Wave, Amy possessed some mystical skill with tarot card reading, reinforcing previous hints at her magical ability displayed in the unaltered reality where she meditated in an effort to increase her fighting power.


Sonic the Hedgehog[]

Dear Sonic--You're my hero! I love it when you kick Robo-butt! Enclosed is my photo.

xxxoo-Amy Rose

–One of Amy's early fan letters to Sonic, StH: #25


Amy and Sonic going to dinner.

Amy is incredibly smitten with Sonic and is extremely protective and supportive of him. While Sonic seems to avoid encouraging her obsessive behavior and romantic advances, he does not like her in the same way. However, at times he's shown to be flirtatious towards her, and he does obviously care for her - though he acts in a similar way to most woman he's close to. In any case, it at least shows that he views her as a woman and not a girl.

While Amy believes that she and Sonic are destined to be together eventually, she is presently content to just see him happy.


Amy was at first presented as a "fan-girl" who would do anything to get Sonic's attention. Her caring nature seems to have given her the ability to talk almost anybody out of destruction. Due to being extremely protective of her friends, Amy can be extremely aggressive towards the enemies of the Freedom Fighters. She's brave, bold and decisive, though this sometimes leads to her acting without thinking things through. Despite her aggressive and sometimes single-minded tendencies, Amy has a very good heart; she's always willing to help others, she never gives up, and she's one of the most optimistic and cheery members of the Freedom Fighters. She is also a bit of a ditz, like Dulcy the Dragon, but not as much so.


Amy Rose

Amy Rose the Hedgehog with her Piko Piko Hammer.

Amy is a pink hedgehog with green eyes. Unlike many other hedgehog characters, her spines are not spiky in appearance (though they were when she was younger) but rather are curved and stylized, somewhat resembling a bob cut. Her eyes have on occasion been miscoloured blue and purple.

As a child, Amy's appearance was generally based upon her look in the earlier games, such as Sonic CD and Sonic the Fighters. At the time she wore an orange/yellow ruffled or pleated skirt, a white shirt with puffed green sleeves (sometimes colored entirely green), red, pink, or blue running shoes, white gloves, and a hairband.

When she was redesigned for the games, Amy's comic appearance changed to reflect that. As a teen, she wears a short red dress with white trim, tall red boots with a white cuff and stripe, a red hairband and gloves with gold cuffs. Her Piko Piko Hammer is generally yellow and red, though at times it's been drawn more akin to a sledgehammer and colored as metallic. For Bunnie and Antoine's wedding she wore a red gown, and while searching for Sol Emeralds she carried a brown cross-body bag.

During Team Fighters' mission in the tundra, Amy wore a red and white coat similar in style to her dress, though fully enclosed with long sleeves and two draw-strings hanging from the collar with white pom poms decorating them. She also wore a pair of black pants, which were miscolored red at one point, while retaining her usual gloves and boots.

Background Information[]

  • In a scrapped story line by writer Karl Bollers, Amy and Sonic were to become a couple after Sally and Sonic's breakup. Later on, Fiona would have developed romantic feelings for Sonic, and she would become a rival of Amy to win over Sonic's heart. However, this concept was never put to use; instead Sonic and Fiona paired up, which led to Amy being jealous, though she later discovered that Fiona was actually involved with Scourge the Hedgehog.
  • In her Data File in StH #112 her eye color is incorrectly listed as blue, although the illustration shows them to be green. Along this line, the letters page once mistakenly claimed her eyes to be hazel.
    • Also, in earlier Adventure issues, Amy's eyes were mistakenly colored purple. This, however, was later fixed.
  • In StH #142 it mistakenly stated that Amy used Sonic's One Billionth Power Ring to increase her age, when in fact she used the Ring of Acorns.
  • In StH #245, Amy's spinning move is reminiscent of her "Tornado Hammer" technique from Sonic Heroes.
  • Because Amy's cousin, King Rob'o the Hedge, is a king, it is possible that Amy is royalty.
  • This version of Amy Rose was mentioned in ScrewAttack's Death Battle with her fight with Ramona Flowers of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Both her connection to Rob 'o the Hedge and her fight with the Iron King were both used in her biography as well as her desire to be a Freedom Fighter. This was only done due to the fact that the program combines all variations of the character as long as it doesn't make them too overpowered.

Age Controversy[]

  • The age of Amy is often one of controversy. When she first appeared in StH #25 she appeared to be extremely young. However, according to her Sega Data File from StH #112, Amy would have been 9 years of age at that point, which makes her actual age 11, as two years have since gone by on Mobius. Current head writer Ian Flynn has stated her biological age is closer to sixteen. However, Amy used the Ring of Acorns to make her body sixteen years of age in issue StH #79 (when the year was 3236), which makes her biological age 17 as the year 3237 was displayed in StH #157.
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