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The subject of this article appeared after the Super Genesis Wave.

An Amphibious Vehicle is a motorized form of transportation that can work underwater and on land.


Search for the Pirate Princess[]

Echo the Dolphin commandeered an Amphibious Vehicle from Meropis Tourism in order to search for the missing Princess Undina, who was being held ransom by pirates. After finding out that the pirate kidnappers are sailing around an island known as "the Knives", Echo and the Chaotix use the vehicle to travel across the sea floor to go there. Charmy begins to worry about glass windows breaking and drowning. Although Espio tells him that they'll probably get crushed by the pressure first. Echo tells them the car is perfectly safe, as it has it's own pressurization field and there are Air Charms in the glove box. Not much later, Echo accidentally hits Razor the Shark with the vehicle and gets out with Vector to investigate. After some commotion, everyone gets into the car when a pirate submarine appears. Echo tries to start the car, but is too late and the sub abducts the vehicle with all those inside it. (SU: #91, #92)