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Amadeus Prower
First Appearance

Sonic Super Special #9

Final Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #235

Biographical information


  • General (formerly)
  • Commander


Physical description


  • Fur: Brown
  • Eyes: Light Blue
Political Alignment and Abilities

Skilled swordsman


Amadeus Prower was a Mobian fox and father of the famous Miles "Tails" Prower. Amadeus was a soldier and commander in the Royal Army during the Great War where he led numerous campaigns against the Overlanders, earning the title "conductor of the battlefield." Following the Great War, Amadeus was one of the many victims captured and roboticized by the traitor Dr. Ivo Robotnik. However, both he and his wife Rosemary Prower were transported off Mobius by the alien race known as the Bem, who de-roboticized Amadeus and took him and his wife back to their homeworld. Years later, Amadeus would make his way back to Mobius with the help of Sonic the Hedgehog. Once back on Mobius, Amadeus led a brief revolution against the Kingdom of Acorn in hopes of creating a democracy. As a result of his efforts and reconciliation with Elias Acorn, the Council of Acorn, and by extension the Republic of Acorn, was formed. Afterwards Amadeus abstained from further politics, instead remaining in military service, which included briefly replacing his old colleague Armand D'Coolette as commander of Fort Acorn before it fell to the Iron Dominion.


Veteran of the Great War

Born into a family with a magical heritage, Amadeus apparently did not take after the tradition, though his brother Merlin Prower did. He joined the military instead, and at some point met and fell in love with his future wife, Rosemary Prower. The two enjoyed games of wits, and had grand ideals for helping improve their home; sadly, war put these dreams on hold.(StH: #190, CSE)

Amadeus was one of the Kingdom of Acorn's finest generals during the Great War, earning the nickname "Conductor of the Battlefield" for his military brilliance. When the Overlanders besieged Mobotropolis during the Great War, Amadeus led the charge against the Overlander shelling positions, but their leader, Colin Kintobor, shot him in the eye, maiming him and leading to him wearing an eyepatch throughout the rest of his life. This act demonstrated the seriousness of the situation and gave the Mobians the motivation they needed to put up an effective fight. Later, Amadeus led a Special Forces Team comprised of Sir Charles Hedgehog, Jules Hedgehog, Bernadette Hedgehog and Sherman Walrus, where Amadeus aided in the rescue of a wounded Jules. Amadeus' military genius was also a major factor behind the kingdom maintaining a foothold in Mobotropolis even after the city was occupied by the Overlanders. (StH: #76, #77, CSE)

Robotnik's Coup

Amadeus captured01

Amadeus being captured by a SWATbot after discovering Julian's plans for a coup d'état

Shortly after the Great War ended, Amadeus was promoted to General and Second-in-Command of the Royal Army, as Julian Kintobor had been made Minister of Science. By this time, Amadeus was married and expecting a child with Rosemary Prower, and was thrilled at the idea of being a father. Heeding the call of duty, Amadeus was summoned to help Julian dismantle the War Ministry, but not before asking Sonic the Hedgehog, the only son of his comrades Jules and Bernie, to look after his wife while he was away (this resulted in the life-long friendship between Sonic and Amadeus's child). Amadeus was witness to Julian's experiments with the Roboticizer on an innocent Mobian. Attempting to stop him himself with a confiscated Overlander pistol, he had Julian dead-to-rights, but was snuck up upon by one of Julian's new "SWATbots", captured and roboticized. At the same time his son Miles Prower was born. (SSS: #9)

Shortly after his son's birth, Rosemary realized Amadeus was acting strange. She soon discovered that he had been roboticized, but before she could warn anyone of Julian Kintobor's sinister schemes, the roboticized Amaedus captured her and threw her into the roboticizer. Just before she was roboticized however, both were transported on board a Bem ship and taken back to the Bem homeworld of Argentium, where Amaedeus was de-roboticized. On Mobius, Amadeus and Rosemary were assumed to have been roboticized or killed during the rechristened Dr. Ivo Robotnik's military coup. Nevertheless, Sonic took Tails under his wing and became best friends par to Amadeus's last wishes. (StH: #129)

Time in Space and Return to Mobius

Amadeus & Rosemary

Tails watching a holo-recording from Amadeus and Rosemary

Now living on Argentium, Amadeus and his wife lived a life of relative comfort, totally unaware of the events transpiring on Mobius. It wasn't until 11 years later that Sonic, on an exodus in space, realized the truth. Though they initially planned to return to Mobius with Sonic, Amadeus and Rosemary were forced to remain due to not enough time, but not before making Sonic deliver a watch to Tails, which, when activated, displayed a holographic message to Tails from them, and Amadeus was finally able to express the love and encouragement to his young son he had never gotten a chance to. (StH: #129)

Amadeus and Rosemary narrowly survived the crossfire between the orbiting Xorda and Black Arms fleets, and lived in the ruins of Argentium for months before his brother; Merlin Prower, Sonic, Knuckles the Echidna and Tails himself arrived to rescue them. As Merlin prepared to launch them back to Mobius, Amadeus and Rosemary tearfully embraced Tails, who did the same. Upon arrival back on Mobius, Amadeus regained his rank of General of the Royal Army and accepted a place in King Elias Acorn's court, as he wished to use the ideas he had learned in space to improve life in Knothole. (StH: #170)


When Knothole was destroyed by Dr. Eggman's Egg Fleet and New Mobotropolis was established, Amadeus's tolerance for allowing the Kingdom of Acorn's faltering war on Eggman reached its end, and Amadeus led a civil war, with many supporting him, while more powerful Freedom Fighters remained loyal to the Acorns. This briefly landed him in prison, and when Elias confronted him over his reckless actions, Amadeus accused the House of Acorn of failing to measure up to the Freedom Fighters in the war against Eggman, which caused Elias' doubts about his abilities to rule the Kingdom to resurface. (StH: #178)

Amadeus and Elias Duke it Out

Amadeus and Elias fighting.

Amadeus was freed by Rosemary and Tails, leading to a battle between his son and Sonic as they found themselves on opposite sides and released all their pent up hostility towards each other. While Tails kept Sonic pinned in the prison, Amadeus and Rosemary headed to Castle Acorn to confront Elias. Elias refused to step down, resulting in a duel between him and Amadeus. The fight ended when Elias's sister, Princess Sally Acorn intervened, admonishing them both for their radical stances. Amadeus and Elias admitted their fault in clinging to extremes, and worked out a deal to instead create the Council of Acorn, electing six citizens to lead New Mobotropolis, with the king presiding as a seventh. This put an end to the potential civil war before any true damage was done. (StH: #179)

This change in government led to the formation of the Republic of Acorn. Amadeus, surprisingly, did not run for the elections of the council members, and instead returned to his duties as a General in the war against Eggman, having since settled his differences with the crown. (StH: #179, #190)

Later Career

Amadeus returned to military service, succeeding Armand as leader of the Mes Braves Battalion and commander of Fort Acorn; charged with protecting Mobius from those who would misuse the radioactive ruins of Robotropolis. Leading the battalion, Amadeus and his soldiers came under attack by the Iron King, and, despite a valiant resistance, they were swiftly defeated. Amadeus, not giving up easily, declared he would not fail Armand's memory, and challenged Iron King to battle, but his sword was broken instantly and left helpless. Amadeus was saved at the last second by Sonic, who was sent, along with Tails, by NICOLE to rescue Amadeus and his men. While Tails evacuated everyone from what was left of the Fort, Amadeus entrusted the matter of handling Iron King to Sonic, and then joined his men aboard the nanite-built transport, which was piloted by Tails, who he was happy to see. Amadeus was amazed that Tails could fly the transport so easily, and when Tails asked if his dad was okay, to which he replied that he just very impressed and very proud of his son. (StH: #207)

Amadeus' drop in rank from General to Commander of the Mes Braves Battalion may have been a result of a demotion for his attempted coup d'etat.

Passing through the rest of the Iron Dominion occupation and subsequent crises with no permanent harm, Amadeus would later repay his son's rescue in a fatherly fashion. At the behest of Amy Rose, he visited Tails in his hangar as his son was working to repair the Tornado, and asked him if he was okay given his long absence from home. The younger Fox, after vainly trying to distract himself from the near death of his friend Antoine D'Coolette, threw himself into his father's arms, asking his veteran father how he had dealt with such things. Tearfully, Amadeus counseled his son to take it slowly and try to keep moving forward. In response to his son's inquiry as to Rosemary' whereabouts, Amadeus responded that she was with the council, but that she would rather have been there for Tails. (StH: #235)


Amadeus possesses a fiery spirit, and is a dedicated patriot and hard-willed soldier. He considers himself "the sword of the people", eager to make sure that their rights are defended. He is also forward thinking, and determined to fix what doesn't work in his given system. While passionate, he is also volatile, and has let his temper get the best of him at times, though his heart is in the right place. He is also a loving and proud, if somewhat inexperienced, father, and a devoted husband. Somewhat aggressive, he tends to try achieving his goals through force rather than trying negotiation, at least until he is convinced that peaceful means are better.


Amadeus is a brown fox with a blue eye, the left being covered by an eye-patch due to being gouged by Colin. In initial appearances his design was essentially modeled after that of his son, Tails, albeit with a single tail; later on some effort was made to give him more distinction, such as the addition of bushy eyebrows. His colors of cream and brown matched that of Tails as they were in the SatAM cartoon; when Tails was altered to his game appearance of yellow-orange and white, his family retained their brown tone. However, in recent appearances Amadeus has shifted more towards orange, in part to help distinguish him from the Acorn family characters, while his hair remains brown.

He usually wears some uniform in theme with the typical Acorn attire; blue and red with gold epaulettes, despite some variations in detail. His footwear for a time were boots in blue and white, but later became the more standard brown/red.


Amadeus is a tactical genius and a skilled swordsman, though his strength and speed are fairly ordinary for a Mobian of his size.

Background Information


There have been a number of conflicting statements regarding Amadeus' rank. In SSS #9 it states he was made Second-in-Command since Julian Kintobor was made Minister of Science, suggesting he became a general. However, later in the issue Julian refers to him as "commander". When Amadeus returned to Mobius in StH #170, King Elias referred to him has "general", suggesting that was the rank he held before the coup. Later in StH #174 however Elias refers to him as "commander", though it may have been in the context of who led the Honor Guard for Antoine and Bunnie's wedding. In StH #178-#179 he is again called "general". In StH #207 is he called "commander". This website considers the following canon: Amadeus was a commander during the Great War, was promoted to general when it ended after Julian Kintobor became Minister of Science (Julian's remark was simply a mistake or meant as a derogatory insult, implying Amadeus was his subordinate) and maintained his rank of general until after his failed coup in ''StH #178 at which point he was demoted to commander and in charge of the Mes Braves Battalion at Fort Acorn. Elias' line in StH #174 likely implied he was commander of the Honor Guard, while still holding the overall rank of general.


  • Amadeus' fur color consists of different shades of brown, similar to those of Tails' original colors from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, which were maintained in the comic up until the late 90s with the release of Sonic Adventure. Strangely, although Tails' fur color eventually shifted into his more game-accurate orange and white tones, Amadeus, Rosemary and Merlin retained their brown tones.
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