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Knuckles flying over the ruins of Albion while its new Echidna residents rebuild

Albion was one of the very first Mobian city-states to be created following the Xorda's destructive attack on the ancient world. Founded by the Echidnas as the birthplace of their civilization, Albion's development grew at an exponential rate. As the rest of the Mobian population began to develop, Albion chose a policy of isolationism as the rest of Mobius was still in a pre-civilized era. Albion was the pinnacle of development for thousands of years until its development stagnated. In recent Mobius history the Overlander and human populations developed technology on a similar scale. In 3236, Albion was completely destroyed by the Eggman Empire when its hidden location was provided by the rogue Dr. Finitevus and its defenses sabotaged. Its ruins became the home of many of the few surviving Echidnas, who were transported there by the new Enerjak. However, it was later left vacant after its inhabitants-including the invading New Megaopolis Dark Egg Legion-were banished to parts unknown by Thrash the Devil.


Creation and Early Development[]

Following the Xorda's attack on the planet millennia ago, the Gene Bombs used by the violent alien race resulted in the rapid evolution of the animal kingdom and the devolution of the homo sapiens species. Of the various Mobian races emerging, the Echidnas were the fastest to develop, learn and adapt, following the extinction of the Mobosaurs. Realizing this, the Echidnas came together and isolated themselves from the rest of the planet's population. They soon established the city of Albion off the coast of Mercia, where their development grew at an unparalleled rate. Two of the city's inhabitants took on an enduring role in the history of their people: the Chaos Force researcher Aurora-La and the original Enerjak. The pair were approached by the Ancient Walkers in their research, and were granted access to the Chaos Force in order to further their knowledge. Unfortunately, Enerjak was corrupted by his taste of power, and his former love-who shortened her name to Aurora-and the Ancient Walkers scattered his spirit across the Chaos Force. (StH: #124, #148, KtE: #12; CSE)


The Albion Knights of Aurora fighting during the Forgotten War

When the Mobian Mammoth Mogul had received nearly god-like powers, a result of a Chaos Emerald embedding itself in his chest, he formed the wizard caste known as the Order of Ixis to act as his loyal minions. Shortly thereafter he began his campaign of world domination. Despite the Order of Ixis' great powers, the well developed Echidnas of Albion posed a serious resistance. In the end, the Albion Knights of Aurora's technology proved superior, and the Order of Ixis was all but wiped out during the Forgotten War. Sadly, at least some of Albion's inhabitants resorted to horrible acts to secure their victory, such as mutating the Tasmanian Devils into mindless animals, possibly creating the Mutates, and the rise of another Enerjak. Albion even put aside its war with the Order for a time in order to deal with the last of these evils, dubbing Enerjak a greater threat. (StH: #163, SMM; SU: #43; SSSM: #2; CSE)

Thousands of years later, the Mobian Alexander realized that much could be accomplished if the various Mobian species began working together for a common goal. While he managed to unite the majority of the Mobian races, the Echidnas chose not to join as their development was still millennia ahead. By this point in time, Albion scientists had already enabled their astronauts to venture out into Mobius' orbit, as well as visit distant worlds within the solar system such as Saturn its moon Europa. (StH: #71, KtE: #12, #30)

Population Schism[]

"Driven by their need to strive for higher levels of achievement", a group of Echidnas left Albion to search for new adventures and a land to call their own. Those that left consisted of the warrior caste known as the Knuckles Clan, the high-tech caste the Nocturnus Clan, and a large group of scientists and intellectuals. Eventually the three factions split when they encountered the Felidae of the Mysterious Cat Country and the Knuckles Tribe and Nocturnus Clan insisted on fighting to conquer the land. The intellectuals went on to form the city of Echidnaopolis in the continent of Downunda, while the Knuckles Tribe was completely wiped out by Chaos. This destruction occurred after a grueling three way war between the two Echidna Tribes and the Felidae, and the Nocturnus ended up being exiled to the Twilight Cage. (StH: #82, KtE: #12, CSE)

Interactions with the rest of Mobius[]


The Lost Tribe walking to Albion

Following the population split, Albion primarily remained isolated just offshore of Eurish and hidden from the rest of Mobius. During the reign of Dr. Ivo Robotnik and subsequently Dr. Eggman, Albion used Rob O' the Hedge as their sentry in the Mercia region. This continued a long alliance between the Albionites and the royal family of Mercia, which also included sharing the secret of Little Planet. (StH: #89, KtE: #12, CSE)

When the High Council of Echidnaopolis voted to use the Chaos Emeralds to lift their city into the sky to avoid destruction by the White comet, a group of Echidnas led by Arakkis decided to remain on the surface of Mobius. This group, known as the Lost Tribe, later chose to search for the city of Albion and reunite with their brethren. For hundreds of years the Lost Tribe searched without success, suffering betrayal and abuse at the hands of other Mobian species. Some were even captured and roboticized by the forces of Dr. Robotnik. In 3235 however, under the leadership of Knuckles the Echidna and with help from Rob O' the Hedge, the Lost Tribe finally found Albion and were welcomed by High Councilor Gala-Na. (KtE: #10, #11, #12)

Albion - Before Destruction

Albion with Gala-Na

When Dr. Eggman took the place of the late Dr. Ivo Robotnik, the latter's enforcer over the Kingdom of Mercia, the High Sheriff, became active once again. He was subsequently captured and brought to Albion, where he was to be deactivated. Around that time, the Dark Legion had transported everyone off of Angel Island using the Quantum Beam, with only Knuckles remaining in the prime zone. Thus, Knuckles travelled to Albion to find out what happened to the Echidnas on Angel Island. He was also accompanied by Amy Rose, Bunnie Rabbot, Antoine D'Coolette and Rob O' the Hedge, as Antoine was searching to discovered what happened to his father—the High Sheriff. After arriving in Albion, it was discovered the Albion High Council had ordered the dismantling of the High Sheriff in the name of the greater good. However, the High Sheriff managed to break free of his captivity and began destroying Albion from within. Shortly afterwards he was stopped by Knuckles and brought back to Knothole by Antoine, Bunnie and Amy to restore his free will. (StH: #88, #89, #90, SSS: #14)


Knuckles overlooking Albion during his trip there to get answers

While in Albion, Knuckles underwent a rapid evolution, becoming the nearly-omnipotent Chaos Knuckles. The Albion Council under Gala-Na decided that with this amount of power Knuckles posed too much of a threat to the safety of the planet. They voted that Knuckles vast powers should be drained from him in order to ensure their safety. The brilliant Albion scientist Dr. Finitevus used his creation the Chaos Siphon Suit in an attempt to absorb Knuckles' vast power. This resulted in Knuckles only becoming more powerful and Finitevus becoming corrupted and altered by the Chaos radiation he did manage to absorb. (StH: #90, #182)

With the failure of the Chaos Siphon Suit, Gala-Na hired the bounty hunters Nic and Nack to capture Knuckles so they could once again attempt to drain him of his new powers. While the weasel siblings managed to capture him, the draining process was interrupted by Charmy Bee and Saffron, which allowed Knuckles to maintain his new powers. After a brief confrontation with Turbo Tails, Knuckles left Albion in search of answers to his evolution. (StH: #91, #93, #94, #96, #97, #99)

Destruction and Reconstruction[]


Finitevus watching Albion be destroyed by the Eggman Empire

As a result of Dr. Finitevus' own evolution when he used the Chaos Siphon Suit, he became powerful in the arts of Chaos powers and magic. His personality also changed—he now desired to cleanse the world of everything he saw to be evil. As a result, the Albion Council voted to have Dr. Finitevus euthanized. Using his creation, the Warp Ring, Dr. Finitevus managed to escape. Some time later, Dr. Finitevus provided the Eggman Empire with Albion's secret location, as well as sabotaged its defenses. The city was completely destroyed by Eggman's forces. (StH: #182)

When Knuckles became the Chaos-demigod Enerjak under the persuasion of Dr. Finitevius, one of his acts was to send the few surviving Echidnas of Angel Island to the ruins of Albion. From there, the Echidnas began to rebuild the city and their civilization under the leadership of the restored E.S.T. leader Remington and matriarch Lara-Le. (StH: #181, #186, CSE)

Attacked by Two Enemies[]

While rebuilding Albion, the survivors were attacked by Eggman's newest Death Egg, which dropped the New Megaopolis Dark Egg Legion and Metal Knuckles off before continuing on. Despite valiant efforts by the defenders under Remington, including survivors of the Lost Tribe, much of the city's populace was captured by the Legion before Team Fighters arrived to provide assistance. After a handful of battles, a reactivated security system rendered most of the city's inhabitants unconscious; they were thus left easy prey for Thrash the Devil, who used a super-charged Warp Ring to send all the Echidnas-Legionnaires and otherwise-to parts unknown.

Albion deserted

Albion deserted after Thrash's purging

Knuckles then arrived in the city and met up with Team Fighters, and the group engaged Thrash after learning of his actions. Metal Knuckles, who had been deactivated by a previous battle, was then taken over by the Krudzu Hybrid Hydra as it arrived on Albion in pursuit of Sonic. (StH: #241, #242, #243, #244)

The ruins of Albion remained a battleground as the heroes engaged Thrash and his Devil Dogs, and then the Hydra. Help arrived in the form of Shard the Metal Sonic, who helped defeat the Hydra and assisted Team Fighters in leaving for their next destination. Sadly, Albion was left empty, Knuckles and Thrash having departed as well, leaving only a handful of Devil Dogs behind.(StH: #245, #246)

Known Residents of Albion[]

  • Gala-Na (formerly; deceased)
  • Dr. Finitevus (formerly; fled after being sentenced to death)
  • Lara-Le (formerly; banished to unknown location)
  • Remington (formerly; banished to unknown location)
  • Wynmacher (formerly; banished to unknown location)
  • Komi-Ko (formerly; banished to unknown location)
  • Knecapeon Mace (formerly; banished to unknown location)
  • Yanar (formerly; either deceased or banished to unknown location)
  • Zax (formerly; either deceased or banished to unknown location)
  • Raynor (formerly; either deceased or banished to unknown location)
  • Aurora (formerly; ascended to the Virtual Zone)
  • Enerjak (formerly; scattered across the Chaos Force)

Background Information[]

  • In recent appearances, the comic has avoided using Albions name, referring to the city as simply "The Echidna Homeland" instead. This is due to the then ongoing legal battle between Archie Comics and former Sonic writer Ken Penders, who created the city.


The Archie Comics seem to very strongly imply that Albion is in fact the British Isles. On the map of Mobius provided in SSS #2, a large island off the coast of Mercia was shown, which is likely where Albion was located (as it was shown to be off the coast of Mercia in KtE #12). There are also numerous historical parallels between Albion and Great Britain, such as both reaching a state of industrialization and modernization before other regions of the world, the Albion population colonizing Downunda similar to Britain colonizing Australia, and Stone Henge-like formations being near Albion. Additionally, "Albion" is the ancient Greek name for Britain.

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