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Akhlut the Orca
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Akhlut the Orca is one of the Egg Bosses of Dr. Eggman's Egg Army, specifically the unit attempting to take over the Great Blue Realm.


Menace of the Seas[]

Akhlut seems to have been at war with Tundra the Walrus and his men before joining the Eggman Empire. After becoming an Egg Boss, Akhlut went on to menacing the denizens of the world's Northern Oceans for some time prior to The Shattered World Crisis, leading his Egg Army in efforts to conquer the Great Blue Realm. His efforts were of particular concern to the underwater city of Meropis and it's rulers. However, he would eventually be called away from his aquatic campaign to join his fellow Egg Bosses on a mission to Eggmanland. Their task: reclaiming Eggman's Dark Gaia energy refinery from the Troll siblings Wendy and Walter Naugus and their allies, the Witchcarters. (StH: #261; SU: #83)

Akhlut was teamed up with Tundra, and was ordered to temporarily shut down the summoning spire inorder to cut off the Witchcarters' supply of Dark Gaia energy. However, Akhlut mocked Tundra for not protecting his family, leading to a fight between the two Egg Bosses. However, after Eggman gave him and Tundra a speech previously given by fellow Egg Boss Axel, the two Egg Bosses put aside their fight and completed their mission. Akhlut soon fought against the Naugus Twins for control over Eggmanland, and returned to his base after the mission. (SU: #84, SU: #85, SU: #86)




Akhlut uses a psychic attack against Tundra.


Post-Super Genesis Wave, Akhlut is now an anthropomorphic orca as opposed to a realistic one.

Background Information[]

  • Akhlut's name is based off of a spirit from Inuit mythology that could assume the form of a wolf or orca. [1]
  • Writer Ian Flynn confirmed on his forum that Akhlut is an Egg Boss post-Super Genesis Wave despite Tundra the Walrus taking over his former position. He has apparently been re-assigned to a new region, which is revealed to be Meropis and the "Great Blue Realm" in Issue 261.
  • Akhlut is one of three known Grandmasters from the old reality to be made into Egg Bosses in the new one, alongside Mordred Hood and Bride of the Conquering Storm.
  • According to Aleah Baker, Akhlut is 46 years old. [2]