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Akhlut was the Grandmaster of the Northern Tundra Dark Egg Legion and adversary of the Arctic Freedom Fighters, as well as the Walrus Herd. In 3237, he and his chapter attempted to take control of the Walrus Herd's minds, but were stopped by the combined efforts of Sonic the Hedgehog, Rotor Walrus, Silver the Hedgehog, and the Arctic Freedom Fighters.


Battle for the Tundra[]

During the Second Robotnik War, Akhlut and the rest of the Northern Tundra DEL managed to brainwash the Walrus Herd using a Psionic Emitter, which was placed in a Totem Base that had both surface and underwater sections. When Sonic and the Arctic Freedom Fighters arrived at the base to free the herd, Augustus, Flip, and Sealia all went underwater to destroy that section of the base. But Akhlut and several other Orcas immediately attacked them, Akhlut using his psychic powers to attack all three's minds, then using a focused psychic blast to send Augustus flying all the way back up to the surface. During this fight, Akhlut explained how the struggle between the Orcas and Walruses for control of the Northern Tundra was "as old as the tides", and how the Orcas had helped both Dr. Ivo Robotnik and Dr. Eggman in the past by using their sonar to confuse the Walruses, leaving them prone to mind control. Akhlut also proudly boasted that with the Northern Tundra under Eggman's control, he could rule the Northern Seas and the herd would remain the Orcas' slaves forever. However, Akhlut's plans were stopped when Rotor and Silver broke into the Totem Base, and Silver used a psionic neural interface to permanently free the Walruses from the Orcas' control. This also generated a psychic wave that hit Akhlut and the rest of the Legion, causing them to flee in confusion while bumping into each other. (StH: #215, #216)

New Orders[]

Akhlut Orders

Akhlut orders his Legion to attack Silver.

Akhlut, along with the other Grandmasters, were teleported to the Death Egg Mark 2 after Snively contacted the Grandmasters, saying that the Death Egg had fallen. Of course, this was not the case, for Eggman, along with Orbot and Cubot, told the Grandmasters and what Snively said was false and that they need to keep a lookout for Eggman's lackey. Some time later, Akhlut and his chapter received the Death Egg at their Egg Bunker in the tundra, where they began repairing and resupplying it. They would then engage in battle with the Arctic Freedom Fighters, Sonic, and Silver again when the psychic accidentally gave away their position in an underwater tunnel. Breaching the structure, Akhlut was attacked by Sonic and his friend Tails, only to recognize Silver's powers as the force that had forever broken his pod's control over the Walrus Herd. He then attacked the Hedgehog and his charges, only to be struck a heavy blow by Augustus. Following the team up into the underbelly of the Death Egg, he attacked Silver again before alerting the Egg Swat security forces of the intrusion. However, he and his pod-along with the rest of the planet-were then caught in the path of the second Genesis Wave. (StH: #247, SU: #37)


Akhlut is ruthless and power-hungry, wanting to conquer the Northern Tundra by any means necessary-including using mind control to force the Walrus Herd into becoming his pawns. Akhlut also takes great pride in his powers and plans, explaining both in great detail to his enemies. Along with his pride Akhlut also appears to far more braver than some of the other Grandmasters, rather like Mordred Hood, in that he openly criticizes Eggman for being unable to keep Snively in line though he did fall silent when directly threatened to "fly back into the ocean".


Presumably--like other Orca--Akhlut has a sonar, which can be used to "confuse" other creatures such as the Walruses, making them easy to control. Akhlut also demonstrated the ability to combine sonar and psychic energies, possibly due to his cybernetic enhancements. This allows him to create "psychic explosions" of sorts that can cause great pain to his foes' minds. He can also focus the explosions into psychic blasts that are capable of sending others flying.

Akhlut's tail, fin, eyes and flippers have been replaced with cybernetic implants, as well as a powerful "psychic/sonar-amplifier" covering most of his forehead. Apart from boosting his sonar, Akhlut's cybernetics may also increase his strength or speed proportional to a normal Orca. His tail can also extend a great distance, and the Grandmaster uses it to whip his foes around underwater.


Akhlut appears as a killer whale, though with a number of cybernetic alterations. He appears to have red eyes, although the presence of metal frames around them may indicate some time of lenses. His dorsal, pectoral, and tail fins have all been replaced with cybernetic version, and a large band of metal sits behind his dorsal fin on his back. He also has a psionic emitter on his forehead, which appears as a circular, metal device with a large green surface that appears to be glass at the center. This device is also connected to his eye frames by metal bridges.

Background Information[]

  • Akhlut's name is based off of a spirit from Inuit mythology that could assume the form of a wolf or orca. [1]
  • Based off of his psychic abilities, brainwashing plot and appearance, Akhlut is similar to the Voxai, most notably the Overmind.
  • The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia mistakenly calls him Akhult twice, and Issue 261 refers to him as Ahkult.